The guests of the annual meeting of business leaders, the enthusiasm and change of Zhang Yunlan, the president of Cool Cloud Blue

2018 Business Leaders New Year Forum Participant Series Report 13

Zhang Yunlan, President of CoolTeam Blue, has confirmed participation Attend the “New Change and New Beginnings & Mdash;— 2018 Business Leaders New Year Forum hosted by the Business Media Group. On the afternoon of January 25, 2018, she will deliver a keynote speech at the “New Business Ecology”.

In 2009, after the 80s, Zhang Yunlan took over the leader of the Red Collar Group from his father Zhang. At that time, no one thought of this weak prostitute, which would make a major change in a 14-year-old old-fashioned clothing company.

However, eight years later, the Red Collar realized the internal reconstruction of re-hematopoietic, and in the clothing industry, during the winter, the sales for the fifth consecutive year achieved more than 100% growth, and the profit rate reached More than 25%.

“ I have thought about becoming the boss of the clothing industry. Say goodbye to the green, cool special cloud blue (red collar) Zhang Yunlan’s talk is firm and domineering.

From a prostitute to a new president

If you don’t take over, Zhang Yunlan may have lived this life: after graduating from a doctor’s degree, he will teach at a research institute or university and work for himself or Running a small store according to their own interests, two people live a relatively simple life belonging to young people.

However, this road has been far from this “in my career planning, and even the girl who once wanted to learn the chef profession is getting farther and farther.”

At the beginning, Zhang Yunlan, like most family business heirs, put his or her preferences before the succession choice. So, after returning from Columbia University in Canada, she went to work for a foreign-invested company in Shanghai. The labels of the father, the returnees, the husband, the husband, the white-collar workers, the Birkin bag, the big-name private clothes and other labels brought her a lot of aura, which made her life extraordinarily wonderful.

At the same time, the father Zhang, who created the Red-collar empire, encountered a threshold in his career. On the one hand, the traditional clothing industry with low cost and low profit is not sustainable. How to get rid of the industry’s inherent high inventory and low value-added dilemma is imminent; on the other hand, professional managers hired with high salaries do not seem to be compatible with the red-collar genes, making the integration of traditional production industries and the Internet difficult.

“ The break is the key to survival. Zhang, who was once extremely disgusted with family business and focused on cultivating professional managers, began to look to his children.

Zhang Yunlan remembers the dilemma of his father’s first long talk in 2005. This has a strong sense of responsibility for the whole family and career, and always stands up when the family members encounter difficulties. “The pillars and pillars, for the first time, show a tired and helpless look in front of the daughter, which makes Zhang Yunlan inevitably Hearty. She had to bite the bullet and promised her father’s request to take over.

Back to the business, Zhang Yunlan did not disclose his identity to the public. She started with a customs broker and was responsible for customs clearance, inspections, documentary and international business negotiations. After one year, take over the marketing center. Since then, it has been sent to the production workshop. In the three years of the rotation of the Red Army’s various grassroots posts, Zhang Yunlan has been conscientious and meticulous. Even in the two months before the expected date of birth, they are sticking to the front line.

With thousands of day and night efforts, Zhang Yunlan finally passed the test of the key departments in the end of 2008, and was pushed to the position of the president by his father. However, due to his responsibilities, Zhang did not decentralize his rights in the first place, but he had observed his daughter for several months. In March 2009, Zhang Yunlan became the president of the group.

& ldquo;The second startup of the longhorn goat

After the successful breakout, Zhang Yunlan did not move on the old foundation of the old father, but took a group of young people to start a new stove. Trying to build a C2M personalized customization platform that users can design and order in real time, and the individual directly faces the manufacturer.

But this is a “secondary entrepreneurial move”, the industry is not optimistic, even many employees feel risky. Zhang Yunlan is still “uninhibited” and reformed drastically.

In the first year of her presidency, she cut off one-third of franchisees. This seemingly reckless move quickly caused an uproar, and the franchisee ran to Zhang Yunlan’s office to argue with her, and even went to find a proxy complaint. Also in that year, the red collar performance fell by 50%.

At this critical moment, Father Zhang’s agent showed an amazing “tolerance”. Putting the company up and down to the daughter’s “destroyed all the bottoms, and regardless of the old minister’s opposition, support the daughter to introduce Internet marketing talents, cut off all the push team.

From the support of his father’s real money, Zhang Yunlan has the motivation to move forward. However, there were still many executives who could not see the prospects of Zhang Yunlan’s custom-made route. They were very cautious, and many of them did not want to change.

Zhang Yunlan remembers that it was a veteran who looked at himself and brought the biggest trouble to the team. “Once, we had a meeting to explain the way the new model works, and then listened to everyone’s opinions, but he was silent, followed by a silence, silently refused to communicate and refused to accept. Zhang Yunlan tried to hold back his tears and rushed to the bathroom all the way. “I told myself that I had to break through this barrier, then wiped my tears, made up my makeup, and continued the meeting.

At the companyThe longer the time, the more Zhang Yunlan feels that he is like a long-horned goat. The gentle appearance is full of brave and extremely lethal energy. Many employees have also found out the temper of the president, and often worry about the boss who is not very big and thin. It is said that at the time of the summary, there was a male employee and Zhang Yunlan who looked at each other. The male employee’s eyes were dodging, probably nervous, and the legs did not tremble.

Similarly, it is this star-like attitude that makes the company look new and the company’s system is more and more like “iron law.” For example, the salary of an employee cannot be delayed. If there is, the person in charge of the relevant person is expelled —— this is a rule that has been practiced. Although I have never heard that someone actually left, the employees related to it They are cautiously obeying.

I want to be a big sky, and I am doing it on the ground.

Anyone who is familiar with Zhang Yunlan knows that this young female entrepreneur will always attend the meeting when she speaks. A bit as a start. In fact, this is the habit that everyone has a red collar. They are keen to observe whether other people’s clothes fit, and further think about the red collar & ldquo; the most suitable is the best clothing production concept.

& ldquo; The fit, the word in front of the entrepreneurs in the clothing industry, may not be worth a trip. But in the eyes of Zhang Yunlan, this is the ultimate mystery of the red-collar sword for decades.

Based on an in-depth analysis of more than 2 million custom customer data over the past decade, Red Collar invented a 5-minute measurement The body method of 19 points of the human body. In addition, it also took the lead in integrating the industrialization logic of 3D printing in the United States with the logic of intelligent production in German Industry 4.0, and finally realized the scale of customized clothing.

In the industry, this series of custom production processes, known as Red Collar Suit Personalization (RCMTM), contains more than 20 subsystems, all driven by data, and every change in data will Simultaneously drive the synchronization changes of 9666 data.

More and more red-collar workers are really feeling the impact of corporate reform. They can’t help but feel like this. “Now everyone is a designer, and every suit is a story. From their clothes, you can guess what kind of people are behind them, and even what kind of mood to wear.

Technical difficulties are overcome, and the promotion problem is coming again. In order to actively expand overseas business, Zhang Yunlan took his own products and fabrics in several major cities in the United States, sweeping the streets and knocking on the door. After several years of hard work, the company now has 90% of its orders from overseas…

Subsequently, Zhang Yunlan began to test the domestic market, with the focus on the C-end of C2M. The Magic Factory App on the mobile phone and the Pad side is online, and consumers can make a one-click appointment to tailor the clothes. Stores with customized and tailor-made functions are also being opened in Beijing, Shanghai and Qingdao. This means that the Red Collar custom business is truly consumer-oriented through O2O. With industrial efficiency and the elimination of middlemen, the price of red-collar custom clothing is only 10% to 30% of the peers. The key point is that the red collar did not pay for the traffic, but relied on word of mouth and round-the-clock mode announcements, which quickly became popular in the first-tier cities, and the domestic market accounted for 30%.

As the biggest contributor to this change, Zhang Yunlan only scored 60 points for his performance. In the eyes of this perfect-looking female president, he has to constantly explore and keep trying.

Red collar is far away, cool special attack

Beginning in 2013, the apparel industry’s unsalable stocks, store closures, e-commerce shocks, and so on, so many people pessimistically estimate all the stock plus It can’t be sold for three years.

Red collar has become an exception to the lamentation. It relies on early accumulation, rushing in the Internet environment, and occupying the market high ground with the performance of designing and producing 2,000 completely different personalized products every day. . In the past two years, the old tailor has become one of the business circles in the past two years. In the interpretation of the life and thoughts of the device, one of the incarnation lights on the eve of the Internet industry.

After inheritance and innovation, Zhang Yunlan set sail again and explored ways to regenerate enterprises. Under the existing business model, Zhang Yunlan reorganized and reorganized the organizational structure and processes of the enterprise, cut off 80% of the middle managers, and implemented a flat organization that de-department, de-leadership, and bureaucratization. structure.

This change is named in the Red Collar. The core of the theory is to focus on the needs of consumers. Without profit, it cannot meet the needs of consumers. Projects, departments and functions do not exist. Necessary; point-to-point, end-to-end, remove the central link, directly hit consumer demand, and maximize efficiency.

Guo Guangchang, chairman of Fosun Group, recognized the transformation of this small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprise, and in the year of 2015, he invested $3 billion to promote the strategic investment of both parties. In addition, more than 10,000 companies including Haier, Huawei, and Ali have also come to the door, and they are trying to find a path to learn from the red collar.

Red Collar has undoubtedly provided a “breakthrough route” for China’s manufacturing industry. The soft route: combines large-scale, flexible, rapid response and cost control to provide customized customized products to the market. Victory wins in the market; there is a need in the market, the factory is direct.

At present, through the output of source point data engineering, the red-collar model has been implanted in more than 60 companies in more than 20 industries. Focus on the “red-collar of the Internet + industrial model” has also realized a new industrial system with “customization as the core”.

In 2017, the red collar officially changed its name to “Cool Cloud Blue”. As a point-to-point questioner, Zhang’s agent’s speech is difficult to conceal his daughter’s appreciation. “Cool is me, representing the transformation and innovation of the past and the current enterprise. Yunlan is my daughter and represents the future. The genes for the transformation and innovation of Coole Blue have been passed down between the two generations. The future development of the company needs to be grasped by the daughter. This is her responsibility and cannot be pushed.

Author: Wang Hao

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