The ‘facade’ of the home must be chosen

Home and wooden door styles must be the same

As the ‘facade’ of the home, whether it is the entrance door or the interior door, the shape of the wooden door Must be consistent with the style of the home, the style and style of each door must also correspond.

Style division: The most common styles of wooden doors are Chinese style, European style and simple style. If the decoration of the home is European style, then the wooden door is also selected with curved and vortex. Wooden doors with simple lines; if it is a simple style home, try to choose wooden doors with horizontal and vertical lines and simple decoration; Chinese style has Chinese elements added to the online style compared with European style. Carvings, totems, etc. are common in Chinese wooden doors. Style.

Space division: The doors used in the home are mainly divided into: the main door of the household and the entrance door of each space. For the main door of the household, because it is the first impression of the home, it needs to be from the perspective of aesthetics and practicality. The strong and heavy is the main point of the main door. Different wooden doors are used for different spaces. The bedroom and study have a thick and simple wooden door to give a sense of tranquility. The kitchen has a wooden door with glass, which is easy to clean, and the push-pull design is also convenient for daily use. Product quality must pass

When selecting the wooden door, pay attention to the quality. When selecting, you should see the style and color, touch the surface by hand, check the certificate and check the qualifications, and compare the goods to find the benefits.

Look at the style and color: After determining the style of the home decoration, you can choose the style of the portal. If the style of the home decoration is smooth and clean, the wooden door can choose a simple and elegant style; if the style of the home decoration is simple and concise, the wooden door should choose a unique style. If the style of the home decoration is classical and elegant, the wooden door can be chosen to be thick and elegant.

Touch feel: After considering the style and color, you can easily evaluate the process and quality of the product through hand touch. The first is the hand touch, the hand touches the door frame, the panel and the corner, no scratching, the surface is fine; the second is the metering, standing on the measuring surface of the door to see the painted surface of the door, if there is no unevenness The waves are good.

View certificate: When selecting a wooden door, you can determine the quality of the product through three aspects. First, choose a manufacturer with a good brand reputation. Secondly, you can measure the quality of the product by checking the relevant qualifications of the manufacturer and comparing the relevant industry standards. Before the installation, pay attention to the internal materials of the door lock hole and check the final.

Compared with three products: Each product has its production cost. If the price of wooden door is lower than the cost limit, the quality is also doubtful. Generally speaking, the production cost of solid wood door is about 3,000 yuan. If the wooden door is much lower or higher than this price, it needs to be reconsidered, so you can take a few more shops when you buy, and do the shopping.

Wooden door selection common mistakes

When the wooden door selection process often encounters such misunderstandings, most of the misunderstandings are made by consumers inadvertently. Therefore, these common mistakes must be recognized before selecting wooden doors.

Wooden doors should buy pure solid wood: As we all know, solid wood doors use precious wood as the door core. The finished products are not easy to be deformed, resistant to corrosion and wear, but the price is relatively expensive. Compared with solid wood doors, the high cost performance of solid wood composite doors has become the best choice for consumers. Solid wood composite door is also called solid wood molding door. Compared with wooden door, its shape is more diverse. The high-grade solid wood composite door feels smooth, soft and durable, and has good soundproofing effect.

Invisible hinges are more beautiful: the most important hardware accessories in wooden doors are hinges. Some invisible hinges on the market are fitted with hinges inside the door leaf. The surface looks really good, but this design It is impossible to detect when the hinge breaks, and it is easy to cause the door panel to fall suddenly.

Colorful and vibrant: In order to match the personality of the home decoration, the choice of bright, high-brightness doors, but in fact it may be harmful to the human body. Long-term life in bright colors is easy to cause visual fatigue, leading to disorders of nerve function, body temperature, blood pressure and so on. The survey shows that young people prefer brighter decorations in their homes, but if they are used too much, they are easily unacceptable to the body. This kind of light pollution can make people’s eyes fatigue, and severe cases can cause damage to the cornea and iris.
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