The end of the year is coming soon.

After nearly three decades of development, the flooring industry has gradually matured. Nowadays, under the influence of a series of internal and external factors, the development of the industry seems to be somewhat sluggish. Even in the traditional sales season, many flooring companies can no longer meet the previous sales expectations. However, from the huge need of the urbanization market, the flooring industry still has a broad market development space, and how to maximize the market opportunities, enterprises also need to give full play to their subjective initiative.

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Floor market as a whole The situation is better

At this time, it is in the peak season of sales of gold, nine silver and ten. According to the current market situation, the overall situation of the flooring market is good. In the shopping center or close to the shopping center. In the store, due to the large passenger traffic on holidays, the demand for buyers to replace the floor is more obvious. The sales data of the floor companies show that this may be the peak of various festivals in the fourth quarter, and everyone has higher demand for dressing the floor ‘facade’. The data of another first-line company shows that solid wood products are the main sales force of Golden Week, which is closely related to the increase of people’s attention to environmental factors.

What will happen to the flooring market at the end of the year? Some relevant industry insiders said that the sales of the National Day were not as good as expected. In addition to the bad weather, the floor market has now entered the stage of rational consumption, and it is now difficult to rely solely on activities and Festivals to stimulate consumption, but, ‘Guangzhou Building Compared with the same period of last year, the volume and price have risen. Although it may not directly bring a direct response to the flooring market, it is at least a signal of stable market. Therefore, the floor market at the end of the year is expected to continue to maintain a warming trend.’

Floor companies must pay attention to product cost performance at the end of the year.

At present, time is approaching the end of the year, and for most companies, it is currently At the end of the year, the preparations for the rushing crown were in full swing. At the end of the year, the attitudes of all merchants have been more positive, which will further bring the sales situation in the market. How much will the promotion at the end of the year? Many people in the industry believe that at least not In the National Day period. ‘In addition to the slightly better custom industry, many floor companies have a relatively large gap in the first half of the year. Therefore, we must redouble our efforts in the second half of the year to make up for it.’ Industry insiders said, ‘There will be a lot of strength at the end of the year. The promotion measures launched ‘.

But some experts reminded that if it is a brand enterprise, it is best not to use the ‘blood-blooding’ way of profit. In the eyes of the industry, the profit is now Every well-known company The key indicators for evaluation, we will try our best to ensure that the profit does not fall as a precondition, and the number of enterprises that are going on is now less and less. It is an important weapon for flooring companies to win the market by insisting on providing consumers with cost-effective products.

Despite the improvement in product sales, flooring companies are constantly seeking to break through, but in the actual development process, the most important thing for flooring companies is the cost performance of the products, only in the products. At the source, the control can be achieved in order to achieve the desired development effect in the follow-up promotion activities.

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