The design of the University of Vienna Library and Learning Centre was announced

The University of Vienna Library and Learning Center building project recently won the British Architects European Award from the Royal Society. The project was designed and built by architect Zaha · Hadid, who detailed the design details of the interior public spaces, libraries, offices, research areas and exterior walls of the building.

This project serves as a public learning place and gathering space for the University of Vienna, so lighting plays a central role in the project. The Arup lighting design was adopted from the design stage of the concept stage. Throughout the architectural scheme, it is emphasized that different buildings should have their own different functions, as well as the construction of dynamic projects from the internal public space of lighting design to the library, office, research area and external. Lighting designer Arup said: “This project is lighting in the strengthening of landmarks and strengthening or redefining the image and brand, in this case, it is very suitable for the university campus. & rdquo;
The project covers an area of ​​42,000 square meters, and the overall design is in the form of a cube with both oblique and vertical elevations. In terms of the interior, these straight edges turn into curves and fluids that make the entire building light, perspective and connection. The structure includes the material, the shape and form of the exterior wall construction and light emphasis, and the distinguishing colors of the different uses of the building.

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