The design of the coffee shop concept in Tanglou Cafe

Designer Innarch developed and designed a wonderful cafe in Kosovo. Tanglou Cafe, what is the way to name this cafe. Completed in 2013, this interior design uses 1365 of the finest plywood pieces to create a warm impression, classic design.

In addition, this art cafe combines traditional interior design with contemporary. Located in the crowd, this special café will give you a different feeling than other cafes, where you have met. Everything here is made of wood and has a darker tan. Every piece of furniture and style makes careful arrangements. The interior design concept of the most striking café is the separation of art walls. It is laid down from the top like a coffee sack. Chandelier-shaped coffee beans are hung on wooden ceilings. Although they have been built up as decorations.
Every corner makes the interior of the cafe blend in creating high quality coffee and harmony. Customers can not only taste the pleasant coffee taste, but also impress the mixture of interior design of the cafe, in a pleasant free.

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