The ceramic industry is welcoming new policies. How can companies build brand recognition?

The word “brand” recently in ceramic friends The circle became a hot word for the screen. The reason is that on May 2, 2017, the State Council approved the National Development and Reform Commission’s “Request for the Establishment of “China Brand Day”” and agreed that since May 2017, it will be established as “China Brand Day” on May 10 each year. To this end, focusing on the “China Brand Day”, the major ceramic brands took advantage of the marketing, the forums and industry awards organized by the media and associations about the “brand” to take turns. Undoubtedly, the establishment of the China Brand Day is a national value and recognition of the value of the national “brand” construction from a strategic perspective.

   Since then, everyone has thought that ceramic tiles are a very low-profile category. There is no market share in the industry that can reach 1%. The industry oligarchs have not yet appeared. For many people, there is still a chance to enter. However, as the retail channels of the terminal market in the past few years have encountered the whole installation, the Internet home improvement, and the online e-commerce looting, the chaos of “not promoting or not selling” has become more and more serious.

   On the one hand, with the popularity of the mobile Internet, the convenience and speed of access to information by consumers is like a double-edged sword, bringing new opportunities and challenges to the development of the ceramic industry. Consumers are breaking the traditional “big brand” complex and identifying High-profile brands have become more popular. To this end, building brand recognition has become the only way for our current ceramic brand to reshape and transform.

   Enterprises have already taken the lead in this area. When it comes to antique bricks, they will think of Jinyitao and mango; when it comes to marble, they will think of Jane; when asked about modern plain bricks, they will think of Owenlai; search for large-plate marble tiles. The Asian slab marble, which is endorsed by Gu Tianle, is the earliest louder and louder slogan. It is already in the big home field, and the whole house customization has been strategized.

   What is brand recognition? ?

   The English original meaning of the brand is “branding”. It was previously used by people to mark their own live animals and distinguish them from other people’s private property.

  brand Recognition is the second stage of brand development. It is through the establishment of brand characteristics and personality that people can see a symbol or know through certain information that this is your product. Brand recognition is the intangible asset of the brand.

  Now Many companies establish brand recognition by giving their own brands brand names, logos, style positioning, etc., and distinguish themselves from other brands.

  Shaping brand recognition What are the benefits for the brand?

&emsp ;  brand recognition is the identification symbol that the brand provides to consumers, the label that distinguishes itself from the competing products, and the grasper of grasping consumer cognition.

   In the fierce market competition, the popularity of inkjet technology, the homogenization of ceramic products is becoming more and more serious, and the significance of brand recognition is extraordinary. On the one hand, it can be quickly recognized by consumers in homogenized products, and on the other hand, it can quickly occupy the user’s mind due to its characteristics. Moreover, brand recognition is a correct and clear detector for brand positioning. Accurate group promotion makes it easier to obtain marketing communication advantages in specific areas, and interacts with consumers’ deep links to expand brand influence.

New brand or transformation brand in the ceramic industry.

  How to build brand recognition?

&emsp ;  With the ceramic industry’s savage rapid growth in the past 30 years and now slowing down the reshuffle, the number of brands in the ceramic industry is growing, and the brand is everywhere, then how to create the brand identity that is the easiest to occupy the consumer group’s mind, how to Tell others that you are different, and this kind of difference must be what everyone likes.

   Summary and learning, the author summarizes the following path to build brand recognition, only to throw bricks and jade!

  Differential positioning

  Differentiated positioning, Jane Ceramics gave us a good demonstration and learning specimens! In the long-term promotion and price war caused by the long-term deepening of product homogenization in the ceramic industry, brand differentiation is one of the ways out of the predicament. How to combine the advantages and disadvantages of the brand and the differentiated positioning of the industry situation, can combine the following three points:

  1, product differentiation positioning;

  2, user differentiated positioning;

  3, differentiated positioning of business models.

  The above three points are intertwined and have a synergistic effect. Combined with the current consumption upgrade, the consumer individual rises in the market trend, The core of differentiated positioning has been centered around “products” to “users”, and “user thinking” has become the key in differentiated positioning. For this reason, although ceramic products are difficult to avoid as homogenization of paving and decorative materials. However, we can dig deep into the differences that can be cut in from the study of the consumer group’s demand for space decoration style, the functional requirements of space paving materials, and the service requirements in the tile purchase process.

  Focus on Magnification Advantage Source

   Some people say that differentiated positioning is opening up a blue ocean market, but now it can be said that no market is no one to enter, You can only see whether there is an oligopoly in the market, and whether there is still a market share in the time window of entry. The business sea is a red sea. Can you break through the Red Sea, only focus on all brand resources and enlarge your brand? Advantages, building an operating system that strengthens and amplifies the brand’s advantages as a breakthrough tool is a good strategy.

  Manager Peter Drucker said: “No company can do everything, even if there is enough money, it will never have enough Talents. The meaning of this sentence is: to do the most competitive advantage.

  In brand operation, we need to establish a convex lens-like focusing system to concentrate the limited resources to generate huge competitive energy. After calculation, ordinary product producers If the profit is 15%, then integrating all resources to focus on production, marginal profit can usually reach 60% to 70%. Focus not only improves the advantages of products participating in competition, but also makes the effect of operation and promotion more obvious in the later period. The cost of promotion is wasted.

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