The carpet filled the warm winter home with warmth.

1Wear the glass

The thermal conductivity of the glass is large, so there is a lot of heat in the room through the glass, which is passed to the outside and wasted. Therefore, everyone can seal the window. At the same time, the transparent plastic film is nailed to the outdoor window frame, and a new air insulation layer is added, so that the light is not affected, and the room temperature can be increased by 3-5 °C.

2Change to thick curtains

In the cold season, it is best to change the thick curtains. The selection criteria of the curtains should be thick and super long. Warm and deep, cotton or flannel and other warm materials, this kind of curtain can not only have the effect of wind blocking, but also a certain dustproof and soundproofing effect, which can make people feel warmer.

3 Let the sun shine directly into the house

Let the sun shine directly into the house, not only to keep the indoor air fresh, but also to raise the temperature inside the room .

4 Flooring carpets

Select a warm carpet, but many people are easy to clean and maintain because the carpet is easy to absorb bacteria dust. Just keep it out, and choose to clean the cleaned floor and tiles, but when the winter arrives, the home will look cold. If you want to warm up at home, you can’t get away from the furry carpet.

5Sprinkle on the ground to adjust the room temperature

The winter climate is too dry, often sprinkle some water into the room, not only maintain a certain air temperature, but also make indoors The temperature rises by 1∽2°C. Because under normal circumstances, the temperature at the top of the room is much higher than the temperature on the floor of the room, and the sprinkling of water can cause the hot air at the top of the room to flow to the ground, so the room temperature rises slightly, and the air in the room is warm and fresh.

6Warm windshield

In the spacious and empty space or in front of the window, small furniture and soft screens can be placed to prevent the cold wind from driving straight in. Using small furniture such as bookcases as partitions will not be visually awkward, but will allow sunlight to spill into every corner.
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