The California gun case dereliction police police sent to the forensic department

China News Service, November 9th, according to a report by the Central News Agency, a bar in Thousand Oaks, California, was shot late on the 7th, and Ron Helus, the police officer who rushed to the scene to save the first time, was unfortunate. Dereliction of duty. On the 8th local time, the body of Helus was sent to the forensic department, and the people were greeted along the way.

According to reports, at 11:20 local time on the 7th, local time, the Thousand Oaks “Boundary Line” was shot, and Helus and a California highway patrol arrived at the scene. Entered from the front door within 4 minutes, and immediately exchanged fire with the gangsters.

When the police force arrived, Helus had already shot several times and was sent to the local hospital and died. After 15 minutes, the second batch of police forces arrived and the gunshots had stopped.

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