The Battle of Hodeida intensified 14 million people in Yemen are on the verge of famine

The Yemeni government forces approached the central area of ​​the Red Sea port city of Hodeida with the support of Saudi Arabia-led multinational coalition forces. Abdul Malik & Sdot, one of Hussein’s anti-government leaders, Hussein on the 7th acknowledged the disparity in power between the two sides, but vowed not to surrender.

On the same day, more than 30 international aid organizations issued a joint statement calling for an immediate ceasefire between the warring parties because 14 million people in the Middle East are “on the verge of famine”.

[Intensive Airstrike]

US Secretary of State Mike & Sdot; Pompeo, Secretary of Defense James & Sdot; Matisse last week called on Yemeni warring parties to reach a ceasefire agreement within 30 days, but The war around the control of the Netherlands has not stopped, and it has become more intense recently.

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