The bathroom market is vast, and the smart bathroom becomes a “cash tree”

In recent years, smart home has become the “sweet” in the eyes of real estate developers, and smart bathroom is a “cash tree.” At present, real estate developers are making new selling points through functionally upgraded sanitary products. Vanke, China Resources, Fangxing, Yanlord, Huayuan and other real estate companies have also begun to “transplant” smart sanitary products into their high-end hotels and residential projects. . However, it is not the ultimate goal for real estate developers to sell their houses, but to acquire new business opportunities in big data through smart spaces.

Home improvement bathroom and property market are twins Relationship

Zhu Jia, President of Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa, said that the home improvement bathroom and the property market are twins. relationship. As far as housing is concerned, if developers want to improve the quality of their homes, they must choose better home improvement and sanitary products. If they are commercial buildings, they will choose greener water-saving if they consider higher energy and environmental protection requirements. Bathroom products. “In recent years, some commercial real estate companies have taken the initiative to use our water-saving products in order to complete the LEED certification.” Yan Jiaming said.

In 2016, Kohler China lowered its sales growth rate to 10% due to the decline in the growth rate of the real estate market. Despite the decline in B2B business volume, Kohler’s B2C business volume has slowly increased with the upgrade of housing and the growth of new O2O home improvement channels. In the B2B business, the number of hotels is decreasing, and the proportion of hardcover homes is rising.

Smart bathroom into developer boutique project Outstanding selling points

In the home improvement industry, the share of the bathroom is not the biggest, but the consumer The market that is most concerned. According to statistics from Ali, the total market for the home improvement industry in 2015 was about 5 trillion yuan, of which the bathroom market was 250 billion. According to the monitoring of the China Building Decoration Association’s kitchen and bathroom engineering committee, smart sanitary ware is the first hot spot in the home building materials industry in 2015, which has led to an increase in the attention of the entire sanitary industry.

Gui Feng Real Estate Purchasing Manager Gao Yan said that smart bathroom products can be used in the developer’s boutique projects and become a prominent selling point. A real estate agent in Shenzhen told the Economic Observer: “The total price of ordinary hardcover rooms and smart homes will be 300,000-500,000, but the latter is clearly superior in sales performance.” p>

Li Wei, vice president of marketing department of Kohler (China) Investment Co., Ltd., revealed that Kohler is currently conducting research and development analysis on big data in sanitary products. Kohler’s understanding of product intelligence development is mainly in three aspects: intelligent control, intelligent identification and online entertainment and social interaction. In addition to these three functions, the big data that Kohler is currently developing is smarter. For example, using the information left by the user in the bathroom, the physical condition is analyzed, and the user’s health diagnosis or prompt is given in real time through the APP.

Using Smart Bathroom Big Data Mining New Business Opportunities

Smart bathroom is more than just introducing a few smart bathtubs and toilets. From the hardware point of view, it involves The hardware also contains many sensors and control switches, which are set up in combination with different scenarios to achieve association between nodes. Big data is the only way to achieve it. When hardware is connected to the cloud, it will generate live data, so that it can always be interconnected. After the data is interconnected, it will generate new value and change social life.

Data shows that by 2020, one Chinese average household produces data equivalent to half a national library’s information reserves. . In the era of big data, everyone is a contributor to data. With the big data platform, bathroom manufacturers can better understand the consumer’s habits and improve the experience. Based on the corresponding analysis on the basis of big data, it can improve the user experience more specifically and explore new business opportunities.

Because of the potential of big data, more and more housing companies are beginning to transform in this direction. The industry believes that in the era of smart homes, the cooperation between bathroom companies and housing companies can go further, the key is the integration and sharing of big data. The user data held by the property company can find new application scenarios on the smart bathroom. At the same time, roomThe property management fee and the return of product sales can also supplement the hardware cost required for smart bathroom, thus reducing the threshold of smart bathroom use and accelerating the popularity of smart bathroom. (Editor/Li Yan)


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