The bathroom did not check these. The renovation was equal to the white renovation.

  Buy a second-hand house to erase the mark of others;

  The house is too old to reload;

  The way the home looks a bit tired, you need to change a new look;


   whatever the reason, the house Renovation requires more attention than the renovation of new homes. Renovation is not a simple matter of repainting the surface. Renovation is a safety check on the entire house to identify potential problems. So what should you pay attention to when renovating the bathroom?

  The most important thing in the renovation of the bathroom is hydropower inspection

  If the house is older, be sure to watch Whether the water pipeline is still using the galvanized pipe that has been eliminated.

  Check if the waterway is matching the new bathroom layout.

  Check if the water pipe is aging or rusting.

  Must take 24-48 hours for the bathroom The water storage side leakage test , to check the waterproof ability of the bathroom, if the water leaks, it is necessary to redo the waterproof project.

   The original circuit of the bathroom should be able to see if it can withstand the electricity demand of existing home appliances. Especially in the bathroom, smart toilets, bathroom cabinets, etc. have been introduced.

   In fact, Xiaobian still wants to suggest that no matter whether the original circuit can withstand the power demand, the circuit of the bathroom is best re-routed when renovating, after all, the circuit is related to household safety hazards. And it’s best to replace all the wires, and aging wires or aluminum wires can cause fires.

 Check for the “concealed project” in the bathroom

   According to the construction master, if there is a quality problem in the home decoration 80 % is caused by improper construction of “concealed works”. Therefore, the concealed works of the bathroom must not be ignored.

  Checking the “concealed work” of the bathroom requires ventilation The pipes, lines, and equipment of facilities such as warm air outlets should be sealed. , and the insulation and resistance of electrical appliances should be tested. Check that the connection of each circuit is not firm, the joints meet the current standards, and the “concealed engineering” problem that may be left in the bathroom is completely solved.

 Do you need to replace the doors and windows of the bathroom?

  This can be divided into three situations:

   First, if the decoration style changes too much, the doors and windows are incompatible with the new style. That is still changing!

  Second, if the original doors and windows remain intact, the style is very like, then repainting should not waste money.

   The third door window is peeled, deformed, cracked, etc., it is necessary to consider re-newing.

  Does the bathroom appliances need to be replaced?

  Electrical appliances have a lifespan.

  The safe life of the electric water heater is 8 years, and the safety hazards caused by the service life include “explosion accidents, Electric shock and electric shock accidents, product spontaneous combustion accidents.”

  The life of the washing machine is 10 years. Overage may cause problems such as water leakage, electric leakage, and body heat.

  The toilet has a service life of 8 years, and the aging toilet may burst or even explode.

   However, most of the renovations will generally choose to buy new appliances to replace. The most tangled one should be whether the toilet buys a normal or smart toilet or can directly purchase a smart toilet cover directly on the original basis.

  If you want to try the intelligent toilet, you are a little worried about whether you will get used to it, or if the ordinary toilet in your home has just changed for a few years, you can choose to try it. The smart toilet cover is affordable and can experience the function of a smart toilet.

  Renovation is equivalent to a one-time solution to home security risks, so it is not possible to simply refresh the surface. Refurbishment inspection of the bathroom, you should not ignore the various inspectionsCheck it out!


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