The bathroom design is unreasonable, it is to find trouble in the future life.

Regardless of the overall decoration style of your home, the budget, the two most frequently used locations: kitchen and bathroom, you must be well equipped! If the design is unreasonable, the quality of the main material or electrical appliance or even a screw will bring endless trouble to the life behind! Do not believe, look over! See you in the middle of the move?
1. The bathroom uses light-colored tiles

What is the most common garbage in the bathroom? Hair, hair, hair! (Important things say three times)

Bathing, combing, always falling a lot, dark hair on the light ground is particularly obvious and dazzling! Sometimes I combed my hair in the morning and didn’t have time to clean up. Looking back, I saw that the hairs were lying quietly on the ground. The tangles of Virgo would make people have to go crazy and clean!

So the lobby restaurant has a light-colored floor, and there is nowhere to escape from the darker dust. The corresponding thing is that the bathroom should not be light-colored tiles! Who uses who regrets, really!

2, small family do not buy double towel rack

First, only the bathroom used by the couple, do not buy a double towel rack, you may feel double when buying It’s good-looking, and there are two more towels that can be hung, but it’s not the case. The towels for different purposes can’t be hung together, which means that two towels are hanging on one towel rack. A rod is not needed, or a pole is practical.

3, the shower area is not made moisture-proof treatment

After the renovation, I saw the shower area to be 1.8 meters high waterproof and moisture-proof treatment, but I don’t know wow before! It’s just that the back of the bathroom is the second bedroom. After a long time, I feel the back is damp.

The correct construction is like this:

4, the place where the shower gel can be placed can be designed as an alcove

The place is recommended to be a niche, the niche is load-bearing, and it is moisture-proof and practical!

The cabinet of the bathroom can be customized to the cabinet company, but the metal feet are suspended below, otherwise the water will not be repaired afterwards, and it is convenient to clean. The bathroom must be waterproof, including the ground and walls. The size of the washbasin and faucet should be matched.

5, the above counter basin is not practical.

The upper basin is separated from the lower cabinet by two parts. The junction at the middle is more likely to accumulate dust. It is very troublesome to clean. Moreover, since the basin and the lower cabinet below are not integrated, it is easy to cause water leakage in the middle joint portion.

6, the bathroom does not have a small kitchen treasure, there is no reserved socket

Do not think about having a water heater, do not put a small kitchen treasure to the bathroom. Because I wash my face in the winter, I have to wait for the hot water for a while, watching the cold water rushing away, the waste is still not used, it will only make you feel bad! Therefore, the bathroom decoration must reserve sockets, and then do not regret it like installing a small kitchen treasure.

7, hole spacing and toilet mismatch

The consequence of this is that the toilet can not be against the wall, always feel weak. If you are buying a toilet first, then the hole spacing is set according to the specifications of your toilet. If it is the first hole pitch, then when you buy the toilet, you should pick it according to the reserved hole distance.

8, the bathroom slope is too small

When the slope is too small, the shower will be easy to get out when the water is slightly larger, and it will not be cleaned for a long time. The floor drain is pulling over. Very annoying, is there any!

9, bathroom heating equipment is cheap to buy a noisy card!

The bathroom of the home sister was convenient for the sake of the time. The heater and integrated ceiling were packaged and bought at the ceiling. A miscellaneous brand was not noticed at the time. The result is always bad, especially if the winter bath is broken, it is really painful! Therefore, the ceiling can be bought cheaply, but the electrical appliance must buy a big brand, and the quality is good.

10, the edge of the corner for the angle

One word: ugly! Two: very ugly! Three words: very ugly.

Regardless of the high-end selection of your tile, plus the edge strip, then the whole LOW is over, and the country style is strong. Really, it’s beautiful to grind the 45-degree angle!

11, shower curtain is actually not good

Too many people say that the shower room is exploding, but the choice of big brands will not, that kind Even if the glass with the explosion-proof membrane is broken, it is also a whole piece, and it will not cause any harm to the body. The shower curtain, when you take a shower, is easy to stick to your body. It will feel cold and very tasteless in winter!
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