The 16th killer reduces the life of the wooden floor

The wooden floor is delicate and needs people’s care and care. Even if a lot of attention is paid, the floor often suffers various damages. In fact, as long as more attention is paid to the details and potential killers of the floor life are eliminated in time, the floor can be extended for a long time.

1, rain shower

The wooden floor is inherently water-repellent. If it rains, the surface of the floor will be discolored, cracked and so on. Be careful to prevent rain.

2, air conditioning, humidifier

Long-term use of air conditioning, indoor air will become abnormally dry, the floor is prone to expansion and contraction, resulting in floor gaps and sound.

3, accumulated water

after the surface area of ​​the water, if not treated in time, will cause the floor to change color, water and cracks. Wipe in time to keep dry.

4, white turbid

After the water drops to the floor, the surface of the floor will turn white. This is because the durability of the floor wax is not good, the floor wax is peeled off from the floor surface, and a diffuse reflection phenomenon occurs.

5, oil pollution

After the floor oil stains, if not treated in time, will produce oil stains and discoloration. Wipe with a cleanser, water, etc., and then wax.

6, fan heater

If the floor is blown to the hot air for a long time, the surface coating will crack, and the floor will shrink to create a gap. Pads should be placed on the floor for protection.

7, pets

pet excrement will cause alkaline corrosion of wood, causing discoloration and stains on the floor.

8, pharmacy

If the floor is stained with chemicals, should be wiped with detergent / water. After wiping, the surface gloss of the floor will be reduced, and the wax should be repaired in time.

9, chair

In order to minimize depressions and scratches, to maintain the appearance of the floor for a long time, it is recommended to put a cushion on the chair foot or put a foot pad under the chair.

10, floor wax

to choose the appropriate floor wax. Before waxing, first in the corner of the room or other unobtrusive places, a small area trial on the floor, confirm that there is no problem, then start full waxing.

11, detergent

Never use an alkaline cleaner. The ingredients in the wood react chemically with the alkaline material, causing the floor to become visible or stained. Wipe with a wrung rag after using the cleaner.

12, Condensation

It is recommended to use a dew-proof toilet. After condensation, the water will immerse into the joints and grooves of the floor, causing discoloration and stains.

13, heavy objects

Under the heavy objects such as piano, refrigerator, etc., the mat should be placed to protect the floor, prevent the local load from being too large and cause the floor to be sunken and scratched.

14, electric blankets

After the electric blanket has excessive heat conduction to the floor, it will cause the floor surface to be painted and cracked. Pads should be placed between the electric blanket and the floor for protection. It is recommended to use the floor heating floor of Toyo Taix.

15, daylight

After direct sunlight, ultraviolet rays will cause cracks on the surface of the floor. Use curtains or blinds to block and avoid direct sunlight.

16, ventilation

The newly renovated house will emit formaldehyde, irritating eyes or odor from the decoration materials and furniture, pay attention to ventilation and ventilation, pay attention to the knot Do not drip the water droplets on the floor after exposure

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