Tallinn Building

The skyline of Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik, is always so magnificent and beautiful, where buildings are scarce and you can see the skyline wherever you stand, that is the theme of the city, except The skyline is azure to the dazzling sky, in the distance between the white and grey mountains, like Beijing on the beautiful sky board, and any building here is the first element to blend in.

And the Turninn building is so large in design that it’s easy to make it The city looks awkward. Here, carefully consider giving positive details. The building is wrapped in the skin of a unique curtain wall. It is the vertical indentation of the glass surface of the pit. It seems to be randomly scattered on the surface of the building.
1.5 m & time; 3.5 m solid glass components and can open the trough glass panel, the geographical environment that contributes to the level of construction also helps to reduce the overall size of the building. As well as the use of passive ventilation, these unique openable troughs, along with concealed roller blinds mounted on the ceiling, help to create a flat and majestic façade.
If from the surrounding mountains, the building can appear solid but can also be invisible; it reflects the clouds, water and camouflage, the mountains in the distance. It can appear light and transparent, igniting from the inside, allowing the user to see the buildings and the city and mountains.

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