Superconducting insulating glass makes the home warmer

The recently announced vacuum super-glazed glass has an incredible new grade of R12-R13 insulation. For those of us who have nothing about R, we just need to know that this is an incredible insulation value for glass. Typical insulation bricks and plaster walls usually have an R12 rating, and glass tends to get an R1 or R2. This means that this new vacuum glass can be used as an insulating wall. The same principle can be used as a vacuum thermos bottle, which basically eliminates heat transfer.

Using the vacuum hot water bottle of the same principle, the two sheets of glass are vacuum-sealed to form a thin 0.25 mm space between 10-4 。. The main mode of this vacuum heat transfer – conduction and convection, reduces heat loss through radiation. The glass panel is not flat, at 0.26 to 0.43 inches, and can be used for reinforcement with an additional insulation value of R 1-R 5 .

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