Summer cleaning and maintenance of carpets have a coup

1. It is best to vacuum the carpet once a week. At present, the vacuum cleaner has three kinds of vacuuming methods: pure suction type, tapping rod type and brush type rotating type, which are suitable for the carpet with tight piles; For carpets, only vacuum cleaners with suction function can be used.

2, dry cloth paper to remove stains

For stains caused by beverages such as coffee, cola or juice, you need to use a dry cloth as soon as possible, or pick up the paper with your hand paper; Then, immediately go to the kitchen to take the vinegar and damp the dry cloth and wipe it on the stain, gently and carefully. In this way, the stain can be removed.

3, in the furniture legs contact the carpet, should be placed in the cushion or often move the furniture; in the severely worn parts, in addition to the use of the cover to protect, but also the position can be used. Since the surface of the carpet is easy to accumulate dust, the best way to maintain the high-grade carpet is to use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the hair in the direction of the hair, so that the carpet can be kept clean.

4, the last push when using the vacuum cleaner should be carried out in the direction of the pile. It is worth noting that when cleaning, do not use tools with sharp teeth or rough edges, which will damage the carpet surface fibers. If there is a mane on the carpet, wipe it with a clean towel and soak it in a hot water, comb it straight with a comb, and iron it with a wet cloth on the iron pad to restore the original shape.

5, add 4 cups of vinegar in 4 warm water, soaked in a towel, wringed and wiped. Vinegar not only prevents the carpet from discoloring or fading, but also eliminates the pet’s odor (soda is also deodorizing). After wiping, leave it in a well-ventilated place to air dry. When the carpet dust removal method is used to clean the carpet, it is possible to sprinkle some salt first, which has the function of suppressing the flying of dust. Because salt can absorb dust, even small dust can be cleaned up. At the same time, it can make the carpet more durable, and often keep the color bright.

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