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According to the white paper, Beijing has become a moderately aging city. The number of elderly people aged 60 and over has increased from 2.629 million in 2012 to 3.33 million in 2017, with an average daily increase of more than 500 people. Compared with mature foreign markets, the domestic old-fashioned home market has always shown a market trend of high potential but has been tepid. The market capacity is constantly expanding, why is the old home market not holding back? The reporter visited the industry and the home market and learned that this issue is mainly about the understanding of the concept of “good old home”.

The size of the professional old-fashioned home market is not enough

As stated in the “Acoustic Enlightenment”, “clouds against the rain, snow against the wind, evening photos against the clear sky”, according to the convention In recent years, the hot children’s home market corresponds to the “advanced home” market. From the perspective of the big environment, the “two-child era” also corresponds to the “aging trend”. The same is true for the big environment, but the “old home” is not like the children’s home, but it has been rising at a conceptual stage. When visiting the well-known home stores in Beijing, the reporter found that very few merchants played the “old-age home” signboards. Even the conceptual products only stayed at the level of “functional sofas” in random interviews. Among the many salespersons in the store, 80% have not heard of the words “good old home” or “old furniture”, and even some sales people have sent a good laugh when they heard reporters’ questions. Mr. Yang, a sales manager who has been engaged in sales in the home industry for more than 10 years, analyzed that the concept of “advanced home” was proposed in the Beijing market ten years ago, even before the trend of “aging”, but no one has been really Going to take him as the main business, because it is more different from “children’s home” in the marginalization and blurring of demand. “Let’s say, for example, every child’s body is very weak and needs protection, but not every old man’s body is weak and may be better than young people. For example, almost every child likes cartoons. Patterns, but not every old man likes Beijing opera, and may like European and American operas.” Mr. Yang said that “the risk is too great. If you start doing it, you will know that you will lose money. Who will open this head”.

Aging home demand spring rain

During the visit, the reporter found that although the respondents did not catch the concept of “proper home”, they generally said that “we have one The product (several models) is quite suitable for the elderly.” Adaptation to the ageing group is generally not reflected in a concept, but is “zero-falling into dust”, which is dispersed into all aspects of household products. Compared with the concept of “advanced home”, “pan-friendly old home” “It is more suitable for the environment of the Beijing market and even the national market.” First, from the perspective of home style, some Chinese-style furniture has maintained a lot of “adequate elements” in the design. At the same time, it also takes into account the factors of differentiation. Some “new Chinese-style” design selling points attract the attention of the aging consumers. “Market It is very strange that young people are more and more fond of old ages, and older people are more and more fond of younger ones. “A Chinese furniture store’s practitioners laughed. Second, from the safety of home, there are many “adult homes” on the market. In children’s home products, in fact, the safety is also on the benchmark children’s home, the purpose is to consider the elderly in the consumer family; third, from the perspective of environmental protection, many home furnishing companies in order to consider the needs of the elderly group, improve The environmental standards of products, in other words, environmentally-friendly home products are more easily recognized by the elderly.

Aging home product trend service upgrade

In recent years, the home market is in the main service card, making a full article on advanced technology and service details, targeting the aging group The “adequate service” will be the general trend of the market. Some home improvement enterprises are welcome to provide warm-hearted services for the elderly in the old house renovation service. Standardized services and scientific process management can also repay the old age group. The creative inspiration of the excellent home improvement companies and designers for the ageing group may be more popular than the tens of thousands of concept furniture products.
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