Stone can not only be paved or decorated

The interior decoration stone is constantly being updated, and all kinds of high-quality stone have become the new aesthetic concept of rich space decoration under the ingenuity of interior designers. Wall stone has attracted the attention of consumers, and has become the new favorite of the decoration industry – cultural stone.

In fact, this kind of stone itself does not have any cultural meaning. Its most attractive feature is that the color pattern can maintain the natural stone appearance. The change of color and color can show the connotation and artistry of stone material. In line with the cultural concept that people admire nature and return to nature, people collectively call this kind of stone a “cultural stone.” The wall decorated with this stone, the paved floor, the wall view made, etc., can indeed reveal a cultural charm and natural atmosphere.

There are two types of cultural stones distributed in the market: one is sedimentary sandstone and the other is hard slate. Cultural stone is not as gorgeous as marble, not as bright as granite, but it is necessary to create a small mountain landscape, or to lay a place where the local culture is located. Moreover, the cultural stone is cheap, the specifications are diverse, the inlaying operation is convenient, and it can reflect the personality of the decorator, so it is increasingly popular with people.

In the interior decoration, the cultural stone is mainly used in the decoration living room. This should take into account the area inside the hall, light and other factors. The general experience is that large-area halls can be used with larger slabs or irregular splicing. As for the whole wall surface paving, or partial decoration, you can choose according to your wishes. For example, in the past, people’s TV walls were generally the same as other walls, and people often chose TV walls to be different from other walls in the living room. The TV walls were individually designed and decorated.
Using rough texture of Baroque culture stone inlay, functionally speaking, cultural stone can absorb sound, avoiding the influence of sound on other living rooms, from the decorative effect point of view, it highlights the exquisite sense of metal of electrical products, forming a kind Strong contrast of texture, very modern. There are two shelves placed next to the owner’s beloved artwork, embellished with the elegance of the owner.
The use of cultural stone, not too much, so often counterproductive, smaller rooms, when decorating the wall, you can choose some small size, light color, flat, so that not only from the visual Widening the room can also create a natural atmosphere. Of course, when using cultural stone, it should be cleverly laid out and matched.
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