Steel and silver “engineering distribution” adapts to the new era and promotes the high-quality development of the construction industry in the central region

On June 29, 2018, 2018 China & middot; Hubei Construction, jointly organized by Hubei Construction Industry Association, Hubei Construction Industry Association Steel Structure Branch, Hubei Provincial Building Energy Conservation Association, Hubei Ready-mixed Concrete Association, and Centennial Building The exchange meeting of enterprise material supply and demand mode was held in Wuhan. The meeting invited experts from the Construction Industry Association of Hubei Province, Qiu Haigu, Chairman of the Hubei Provincial Building Energy Conservation Association, Luo Kezuo, Centennial Building & Steel and Silver E-commerce Chairman Zhu Junhong and other experts and entrepreneurs, as well as e-commerce platform representatives, Construction contractors and various types of building materials supply units have conducted in-depth discussions on the supply and demand model and procurement model of engineering materials. How to make the construction industry in the central region develop better, develop business for various enterprises, reduce costs, and create an open, transparent and reasonable value system for the industrial chain, supply chain and service chain, which became the focus of this discussion.

Steel and silver e-commerce was invited as a supply chain service platform for the steel industry, and the manager of the supply chain finance division Xu Jianjian mentioned in the meeting that the construction industry in the central region itself has a unique development space, its own advantages and a good environment. Taking Hubei as the representative, Hubei’s own engineering projects are large in scale and development opportunities are superimposed. The construction industry has a natural endowment, and well-known enterprises are gathered and professional categories are complete. The central region has always been an important map in the national layout of steel, silver and e-commerce. At present, the steel and silver e-commerce provider’s flower distribution service has participated in the construction of infrastructure, people’s livelihood and culture projects in the central region, including the Zhengzhou Airport shantytown. 2 District 3 Standard, Zhengzhou Museum Project, Wuhan Beihu Wastewater Treatment Plant and its affiliated civil engineering projects, Jingdezhen Royal Kiln Museum and other projects. With abundant upstream steel plant resources and 40 service stations nationwide, the platform provides comprehensive and reliable integrated services from fund support, material procurement, goods distribution to quality assurance and after-sales service, and solves the last mile delivery problem of construction enterprises in the central region.

The construction industry is a basic industry with many related industries, strong driving ability, large employment capacity and high contribution. It plays a vital role in promoting national economic and social development, new urbanization in the central region, and new urban construction. On April 10, 2018, Hubei Province issued the “Twenty Opinions of the Provincial People’s Government on Promoting the Reform and Development of the Construction Industry of the Province” (E Zhengfa [2018] No. 14), and implemented the Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics And the spirit of the 19th Party Congress will effectively promote the quality transformation, efficiency transformation and power transformation of Hubei construction industry. As the leading enterprise of steel e-commerce, steel and silver e-commerce will provide power support for the new urbanization construction and sustainable development of green building industry with the expansion of its supply chain services in downstream terminals. At present, the steel and silver “Your flower project distribution service has been fully promoted from the pilot demonstration project to the regional development. Next, it will further participate in the national “One Belt and One Road” construction project to help the high-quality development of the construction industry in the central region.

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