Smart toilets are easy to use when you buy them home.

But the smart toilet is a household wading appliance whose product structure is more complicated than the average household appliance. While giving us a quality of life, we also need our usual careful maintenance.

When we start to focus on the environment at home and gradually turn to health, hygiene and comfort, we are able to arrange quality life. For example, change one to your home smart toilet, the ultimate in toilets can significantly improve the quality of our lives.

But smarttoiletas a household wading appliance, its products The structure is more complicated than ordinary household appliances. While it brings us a quality of life, we also need our usual careful maintenance.

Power off

This is the first and most important step in maintenance. Intelligent toilets are electrical products, so be sure to cut off the power before cleaning, so as to avoid electrical safety accidents.

Do not wash with water

Smart toilets need to keep the bathroom dry and ventilated during daily use. It is strictly forbidden to rinse or spray directly with water. Otherwise, it will easily cause damage to the electrical components of the product, and it will be very troublesome to repair.

Clean cover

The seat cover of the smart toilet is equipped with a damping descent function to prevent the sound from being too loud when the cover is lowered, which affects rest. Therefore, after the toilet is used, the cover will be slowly closed with a gentle push, and if the force is too strong, it will easily affect the function and life of the toilet cover.

Cleaning the toilet

The toilet ceramic body is recommended to be descaled and cleaned every half month. Use a proper amount of toilet to pour into the toilet water seal (water trap) for about 15 minutes, then rinse with the toilet brush.


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