Singer Zeng Yaxin’s new song “I haven’t loved enough” MV is about to go online

MV stills and heroes

People’s Enterprise Network Shenzhen News: Recently, the Chinese singer Zeng Yaxin’s new song “Not yet enough” MV was successfully filmed in Shenzhen. It is reported that the song “I haven’t loved enough” is composed by Ms. Meng Lan (Meng Yulan), the founder of Menglan Original Music Studio, composed by Wang Lanzhe, the music producer of Menglan Original Music Studio, and the international film and television culture media of Shenzhen Blueprint. Produced the product.

MV shooting scene

It is understood that the story is told in a thunderstorm night A girl is drunk and remembers the joys and sorrows of her boyfriend. When the university just graduated, the two lived together, and the girl was convinced of the boy’s ability. In the three years together, the boy gave great help both mentally and economically. The boys are young and frivolous, their ambitions are difficult to reach, and they are hitting the wall. In addition, the public opinion has caused the boy’s self-esteem to be seriously injured, and the inner emotional entanglement has expanded rapidly, so that the young people who love each other have to embark on the journey of running things…

Singer Zeng Yaxin

Zeng Yaxin, born in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, with his own music in 2010 He loved to enter the Soho Bar in Lhasa in 2012 as a stage director and singer. In the same year, he signed a singer at the Red Pavilion in Lhasa, a singer at the Barbie Theatre in Lhasa, and a singer at the first coffee shop in Lhasa. In 2013, it was approved by the Bar Association, and was awarded the title of Pure Beauty Female Singer. In 2018, it signed a contract to Shenzhen Blueprint International Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd.

(left) singer Zeng Yaxin (middle) lyricist Meng Lan (Meng Yulan) (right) actor

The reporter also learned that after the filming of the music MV, the film of the original story of the song will be prepared. (Articles and images are from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact delete!)

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