Singapore university students lie flatly "save funeral" Professor: Learn to face death

Site map (Source: Straits Times)

Overseas Network November 11th Recently, Singapore Nanyang Technological University students are lying on the campus collectively for themselves. Funeral”. The event was initiated by a psychology professor at the school to provide students with a better experience of “death” and face death.

According to a report by Malaysia’s China Daily on the 11th, last month, Nanyang Technological University of Singapore conducted an activity to “make a funeral for itself”. The event was initiated by the school’s psychology assistant professor Andy & Sdot; He (Dr & Sdot; Andy Ho) for 13 weeks.

The venue of the event is located in the foyer of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences of Nanyang Technological University. Walking through the entrance hall, it seems to be trapped in a white ocean. The ground is neatly arranged in a row of 38 bodies with white cloth. The main body and eulogy are placed on the side.

Site map (Source: Straits Times)

The funeral simulation process is a “drill-through experience” that lasts 30 minutes each time. The students who participated in the school simply laid a layer of cloth in front of the entrance hall of the Humanities College. They assumed that they were lying on the ground in death, and then let the people around them cover the white cloth that symbolizes death and listen to them quietly. “Deletion” is the sadness and eulogy of the people around you.

Professor He, who initiated this experience, believes that in traditional Asian society, the problem of death seems to be “taboo” and is often not mentioned. Professor He hopes that through this activity, students will bring their own learning and sentiments back to their families or communities, conduct discussions about death with their loved ones, and help those who have lost loved ones.

Professor He also said that in some respects, “simulating death” can more intuitively feel and participate in this topic from the spiritual level, which is impossible to obtain in daily learning. Therefore, this simulation will be written into the participants’ syllabus.

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