Singapore Chinese textbooks are popular overseas and are recognized by Southeast Asia and the United States.

Singapore Chinese textbooks are popular overseas in Southeast Asia and the United States

Chen Li (left) and Lin Yuling: Singapore Chinese textbooks have the potential to enter more Chinese markets (photo by Zheng Mingda)

According to Singapore’s “Lianhe Zaobao”, Singapore’s mathematics textbooks have been widely recognized around the world. In recent years, local Chinese textbooks have also been used by schools in more countries and regions. In addition to the pioneering Indonesian market, some American schools now use Singapore’s elementary school Chinese textbooks.

Marshall Cavendish is currently the only publisher of local primary and secondary school textbooks. Lin Yuling, general manager of the Asia-language publishing and publishing director of Mingchuang Education, said in an interview that after the 32-year ban on Chinese education in Indonesia in 2000, local Chinese textbooks gradually entered the local market. With the rise of China and the upsurge of learning Chinese in many areas, Singapore’s Chinese textbooks are now being promoted to schools in the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and the United States. Not only that, Mingchuang Education also sells Chinese textbooks in Singapore to international schools in China, Hong Kong and Macau.

In addition to Chinese textbooks, local Tamil textbooks have recently been successfully exported to the United States.

Content is easy to understand for overseas Chinese or non-Chinese.

Lin Yuling said that local native textbooks are popular in foreign countries for several reasons, among which One of them is that Singapore teaches its mother tongue in a second language. The content of the primary school textbook is plain and easy to understand, and is more in line with the learning needs of the third or fourth generation Chinese or non-Chinese who grow in these areas. “In addition, the content of the Singapore textbook is lively and vivid. It is based on learning the language and is very suitable for students who study the second language. & rdquo;

As the economic value of Chinese language is increasingly bullish, more people of different ages are interested in learning Chinese. Now Chinese B for local middle school students and special textbooks for non-Chinese middle school students are also available in foreign countries. market.

Lin Yuling said: “The market for Chinese B has more potential. Students in many countries are different from us. They do not use the Chinese environment. They learn from the beginning, so the mother tongue B is more suitable for them. . ”

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