Sincerely and sincerely! Mikadi successfully signed a contract with Ms. Tang Shan, Hebei

On March 20th, Ms. Tang Tang of Hebei Tangshan and his family successfully signed a cooperation agreement with the Mikadi brand in Tangshan, and decided to join the Mikadi parent-child water park brand.

With the addition of Ms. Tang, all Mikadi people expressed their warm welcome. It is worth mentioning that Ms. Tang did not visit the Mikadi brand operation headquarters, but only in the process of telephone consultation and understanding, the Mikadi brand manager’s sincere attitude and related information in the operation of the Mikadi brand. Impressed by word of mouth and successful store cases, I finally decided to join the Mikadi brand.

The second Mikkadi market research staff also went to Tangshan, Hebei Province, and finally succeeded in helping Ms. Tang to join the Mikadi parent-child water park brand. Thanks to Ms. Tang for her heavy trust and thanks to all Mikadi people for their sincere and sincere dedication. In the end, I also wish that Ms. Tang’s Mikadi Parent-child Water Education Park will be opened in Tangshan, Hebei Province as scheduled, and will shine with you, and Mikadi will walk with you!

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