Simple residence in Kyoto, Japan

GarageTerraceHouseis a simple residence located in Kyoto, Japan, by YoshiakiYamashitaArchitects&AssociatesDesigned. This single-story wooden structure was built for a couple of people who are car enthusiasts and want a space where their vehicles can be visually displayed indoors.
The architect placed the garage in the center of the building, allowing the owner to see the space from the kitchen and the main living area. In addition, the homeowner can choose to convert the space into an internal courtyard. A separate garden area is located on the other side of the bedroom and bathroom.
Although the building is single-storey, the double-height ceiling allows plenty of natural light to enter the space while also providing privacy. Log ceilings and Structural elements such as concrete pedestals are exposed, creating an industrial sense and a bare aesthetic.

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