Several considerations before the purchase of led lamps

The current lamps are basically led, and the advantages of such lamps are environmental protection and energy saving. However, the use of such led lamps in the previous period, if you do not pay attention to maintenance, it is also easy to damage, only pay attention to the maintenance of the lamps, in order to extend the service life. Then, let’s introduce to you how to choose led lamps and what are the advantages of led lamps.
How to choose led lamps

1, consider the color tone of the light

Depending on the area, choose a cold or warm led lamp.

2, consider the effect of the light

According to the size of the area, select the power and lighting effect of the lamp. For darker places, you can choose the LED lamp with stronger lighting effect.

3, consider whether the style of the lamp is matched with

led lighting style should be matched with the decoration style, so the overall effect is more harmonious and beautiful.

4, the shape and grade of the lamp

led lamp shape and grade can not be chosen too dull, to show the atmosphere, elegant effect.

5, the strength of the light should be moderate

led lamps should be moderately strong, not too dark or too bright.

What are the advantages of led lamps

1, environmentally friendly lamps

led lamps are green and environmentally friendly, lamps do not need mercury It also contains no lead and can be said to be recognized as green lighting.

2, less heat phenomenon

led lamps have less heat, which converts electrical energy into light energy, and there is no waste of energy.

3, no noise

led lamps have no noise, more suitable for libraries, offices and other occasions.

4, protect the eyes

led lamps without flicker, can better protect people’s eyes.

5, no mosquito troubles

Because the LED tube does not produce ultraviolet light, and less heat. So unlike traditional luminaires, there are many mosquitoes around the light source.
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