Russian Foreign Minister: European “revolutionary export” Ukrainian attempt is difficult

Data Map: On February 6, protests in Kiev, Ukraine continued, and the opposition marched in front of the parliament with shields and sticks.

China News Service, February 13th According to Russian media reports on the 13th, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said that what happened in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya shows that external forces want to decide for Ukrainians The future of the country will not succeed.

In an article written to the newspaper, Lavrov said that the obvious consequences of external interventions are Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya. At present, the cloud of terrorism and the lack of the rule of law envelopes these places.

Lavrov said that there is no reason to believe that Europe’s “revolutionary exports” can lead to more positive results.

He believes that whether in the West or in the East, attempts to determine the direction of development for Ukraine will in any case end in failure due to Ukrainian views.

Ukrainian opposition supporters said that Russia is involved in Ukrainian affairs and hinders its development in the West. Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Foreign Minister have repeatedly denied these allegations. Lavrov also warned the EU and the United States not to intervene in the Ukrainian political crisis.

After the Ukrainian government announced the suspension of the European integration process in November 2013, the country began to erupt. On January 19, Kiev protested against clashes between demonstrators and law enforcement officials, resulting in three deaths.

On January 28th, Ukrainian President Yanukovych accepted the resignation of the Prime Minister and the government, and the government will continue to perform its duties until the formation of the new government. On February 12, Ukrainian Supreme Rada Speaker Rebak said in a meeting with the NATO parliamentary delegation that Ukrainian President Yanukovych agreed to establish a coalition government.

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