Reporter experimental confirmation: Household water purifier in the end do not fly?

In recent years, are very hot in the store and on the Internet, Tianfuzaobao reporter visited a number of appliance stores and department stores found that the water purifier category market a wide range in price from tens of dollars to several thousand dollars, some businesses it is a call for “purified water after a water purifier to treat the disease, and maternal and child but also direct drinking unboiled water” slogan. Then, water purifier really that magical? Are they really able to filter out those toxic impurities it? So many categories, and how should consumers choose? Li, president of China Health Products Association of water will feature an interview, different effect of different water purifier, “consumers can choose according to their needs filter.” purify water treatment business shouted slogans now, with the continuous improvement of living standards, people’s health awareness is growing drinking water , eat into his mouth for something more and more attention. “Water” is the survival of important material people, more attention. Although Chengdu tap water through treatment plants purification, disinfection, already comply with relevant national standards for people living, production and use. But water after treatment will still leave residual chlorine, calcium and magnesium ions, there will be a harmful substance secondary pollution, bacteria, heavy metals, trivalent iron ions through the process of pipeline transport, although the content is not and more, but the long-term drinking on the human body has some damage. In order to remove these impurities and harmful substances clean “water purifier” came into being. Today, household water purifiers almost every household has become an indispensable tool for water purification, very hot in the market sales. After Tianfuzaobao reporter visited Chengdu, the major appliance stores and department stores found that household water purifiers linear upward trend in sales in the past two years. A variety of water purifiers available in the market, competition is very fierce. In order to make their own water purifier sales better, but some businesses call for “purified water after a water purifier to treat the disease, and maternal and child but also direct drinking unboiled water” slogan. One or two thousand water purifier is very popular so how much water purifier should choose it? Tianfuzaobao reporter interviewed a number of consumers and found that very few people understand the different types of water purifiers specific function, it is difficult from prices vary considerably in water purifier to distinguish good and bad. A large appliance store water purifier salesman Lee told reporters, and now the demand for water purifiers is increasing, the price of water purifier between 1000-2000, most consumers. In addition, many consumers will be directed at brand to buy water purifier. Ms. Lee said: “Many consumers are look for when buying a water purifier to buy, may be out of trust in the brand, they did not much care about the quality of water purifiers and water purification effect.” Water purifier for water purification have much effect? ​​a water purifier brand sales business, told reporters, “water quality and water quality before and after the installation of the master will be compared, consumers can see the changes in water quality in this comparison.” However, the reporter in another merchant get different answers, “now the market is good or bad no detectable water quality instruments, if needed testing, must be nationally recognized water quality testing department.” bewildering variety of mixed quality water purifier China has drinking water for life strict rules in 2012 forced the Ministry of health issued and implemented a new version of “drinking water health standards”, and strictly control drinking water standard of life. To Chengdu, a city tap water even after layers of filtration, but the delivery is too large, leading to drinking water live in the transportation process still remained impurities. Although the country has strict rules for living water, but for the quality testing of water treatment products, there are still loopholes. Reporters learned that China’s current production of water purification equipment products, there is no uniform standard, which also led to a lack of standards, water purifier quality varies greatly. Reporters in Chengdu, a major appliance stores, mall sales of water purifiers under various names, prices ranging from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. “These water purifiers have no national production standards, I do not know.” When a reporter asked whether these water purifiers production standards, a salesman replied to. Secondly, the reporter also found that, different brands of water purifiers, not only the implementation of standards, take the Health this document are different. “On the national standard water purifier, not yet introduced, which allows us merchants are helpless.” A water purifier sales business, he said. There is no uniform national standards of production, so that businesses do not know how to respond in the face of consumer inquiries. Remind replacement is not timely or secondary pollution as a core component of the water purifier, water purifier filter directly affects the quality of the water purification, which can effectively remove sediment, rust, impurities, suspended solids, bacteria, macromolecular organic matter and so on. But note that the filter is also a shelf life, it can not be long-term use. Public Liu told reporters, his home water purifier has been installed more than two years, but never replace the filter element. “My family has never replaced the filter, because the family had no knowledge of people in this area. We all thought it may have been water purifier is used, the filter also did not expect the life of them. “In fact, like Mr. Liu does not know the water purifier filter needs to be replaced, there are many people, she had got in an interview with reporters, also said, do not know the filter needs to be replaced, the installation of water purifiers have not read the manual carefully. Household net water is at work for some time, the water becomes smaller, the water had no clear phenomenon will occur. “after installing water purifiers, water quality has indeed been significant changes, impurities in the water disappeared, before the odor is gone. But after a period of time, the purification effect is not so obvious. “Public Wang told reporters. The reasons for this phenomenon is that the filter has exceeded the period of use, in this case if there is no timely replacement of water purifier filter, it may cause secondary pollution of water. Water purification experiments how is the effect? ​​currently, the water purifier market a wide range variety, household net bucket, water ionizer, water softeners, net kettle, pre-filter, net tap …… and water purification principle and use of the material is multifarious: PP cotton, reverse osmosis membranes, ultrafiltration membranes, activated carbon …… so, these water purifiers, whether it is really useful Tianfuzaobao reporter made the following experiment, let’s see what happens goods 100 yuan?. prefilter (shop later) 40 yuan net tap (shop later) of the reverse osmosis filter 3000 yuan (mall later) 200 yuan a German brand kettle net (network later) with a chlorine content of net more than 4 water filter the same water, put into the cup 4, and then added dropwise chlorine was detected, to detect the amount of chlorine in water. pre-over detection results Most yellow color glass filter, the maximum chlorine content description; net net tap and kettle paler in color, indicating the amount of chlorine less than prefilter; osmosis lightest color filter, a minimum amount of chlorine in the electrolysis reaction iron rods inserted and 4 cups of water rod, the water solubility if more solid, water electrolysis reactions after the turbidity detection result of a reverse osmosis filter minimum turbidity, the other three water electrolysis becomes very cloudy, some even turned black artificial sewage pour the sauce with reporters to do the assay results of reverse osmosis water purification filter soy sauce became clean water;.. net kettle adhere to a few seconds, also at first outflow clean water, but then it is still out of soy sauce, water; pre-filter and drainage leading almostHave no effect. Select Demand Lee, president of China Health Products Association of water will feature an interview, said, “Consumers can choose according to their needs filter.” 1 just want to bleach water filter water removed, so that no chlorine water the taste, the organic matter in water to absorb and let the water quality access to some improvement, then you can choose a simple water filter. 2. If the ultrafiltration membrane while trying to remove the bacteria, may be selected an ultrafiltration membrane together with activated carbon. 3. Reverse Osmosis Reverse osmosis such a filter is currently regarded as a universal, but also heavy metals can be removed, and in which examination found that the reverse osmosis water filter passing rate is the highest.

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