Renewable energy plan is supported by the public

The Renewable Energy Program Exchange on the North Coast on the Tweed Coast in Australia attracted 120 participants from industry, government and society. Exchange Convener Mark · Bourne said: “We study sustainable energy systems and support the development and use of sustainable energy systems. The renewable energy program on the northern coast is like Australian rooftop solar energy, which is research and innovation for sustainable energy systems. ”
Australian retailer Fiona · Waterhouse said: “I will spend $1 million to help Australia establish five bioenergy projects to study the use of electricity generated from agricultural waste biogas to process food. “The local Hexun Energy Group also said it would promote the development of renewable energy and help build solar farms. Mark · Bourne also said: “We will also launch a fast charging station for electric vehicles in Bollina as soon as possible to promote the use of renewable energy in transportation. ”

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