Redesigned Russian apartment

This old apartment has been redesigned and remodeled, one of the goals is to bring more natural light. This apartment is located in Perm, Russia, and the redesign process is in 2014年年AllartsdesignComplete.

The owner asked for a series of major changes. For example, the original apartment had only two windows. He hopes to bring more light to illuminate the bedroom, kitchen and living room, giving them a feeling of ventilation.
In order to solve this problem, the architect created a series of separations, using glass to isolate different areas. Glass allows each area to be a unique space, while at the same time it lets light pass through into all areas, even those without windows.
Lightly ventilated curtains hide the glass-wrapped bedroom, visually separating it from the rest of the apartment, but still maintaining a ventilated look.

The living room area occupies a corner with a window and is equipped with a comfortable La sofa and a wall-mounted bookcase with an open cabinet space to display items and decorations. The patterned carpet introduces a series of cool colors.

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