Raiders: shower room and bathtub purchase Core information you should not miss

Bath and shower room as the bathroom’s largest sanitary ware, we have to buy very much Be cautious, now all kinds of bathtubs and shower room products on the market are dazzling, which causes us to have a lot of difficulties in purchasing. Xiaobian shares the key points in the bathtub and shower room to help you purchase satisfactory sanitary ware products.

Appearance options for bathtub purchases: Material and size to be considered

bathtub In the process of selection, the first thing to look at is its material. The most commonly used on the market today are acrylic sheets. The acrylic sheet is subjected to high temperature, heat resistance and good load bearing.

Be sure to consider the size when choosing a bathtub To determine where to place to determine the water level of the bathtub, the inflow and the laying of the sewer.

Power knowledge of bathtub purchase: pay attention to motor and socket protection

General surf baths, jacuzzis require power. When selecting a bathtub, check if the bathtub is completely disconnected from the water level, and operate independently or independently. Surf baths generally have no water protection.

Check if the outlet is protected and the switch will automatically Reset, or automatic trip, to avoid injury during use.

Show shower in the shower room: pay attention to check the flushing function and adjustment function

To choose a softer silica gel, it will not block water during use, the water effect is relatively average, softer, and blocked, just use The hand can be solved with a light touch.

Observate the spray function of the shower, whether the water function is Can be adjusted to avoid reducing the purchase of pure copper shower heads. Pay attention to the water pressure used in the home when purchasing. It is recommended to use a thin sensitive shower on the high floor.

Showing the shower room manufacturers: ensuring after-sales service

The height of the household shower room is 1.95 meters under normal conditions, the marble below is 10 cm, the shower room above is 1.85-1.9 meters, and the shower room should be partially left. The space is ventilated. It is recommended to use tempered glass in the shower room. Please pay attention to whether the marble stone can be pre-buried during installation and whether it is smooth after installation.

A simple understanding of the manufacturer before purchase. Confirm whether the product has 3C certification, joint warranty, and ensure after-sales service.

Bathroom is the space we have to use every day. We can’t care when we fill it. All kinds of sanitary wares we have All should be treated with care, and we have chosen a good sanitary ware to make our life easier and make our life easier.


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