QuesTek joins the ALMMII Institute

The United States recently announced the establishment of the American Institute of Lightweight Materials Manufacturing Innovation (ALMMII). The partners in the project include universities, non-profit organizations and companies. QuesTek Innovations has also become one of the research partners. ALMMII strives to develop light metals that are economical and high performance, as well as to improve related design and manufacturing processes that will benefit the US economy and drive production in large industries such as metal production, casting and processing.
QuesTek’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Gregory Olson, will be the leader of “New Materials”. The study included 15 key technical projects that brought together experts from a variety of fields. Jason &middot, Technical and Product Development Manager at QuesTek; Dr. Sebastian, will also be a member of the expert group in the field of Integrated Computing Materials Engineering (ICME) technology development. QuesTek’s unique role and expertise will help the “ecosystem” innovation and omni-directional, across the lightweight manufacturing of the entire value chain.
Other members of AMMII will also work closely with QuesTek, including Northwestern University, Boeing, General Electric and Lockheed & Middot; Martin.

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