PVC floor waxing process and precautions

pvc floor waxing process:

1. Cleaning the pvc floor from inside to outside according to the inspection site

2. Cleaning with multi-function first Machine, dilute professional cleaning agent into the machine for cleaning

3, cleaning from light pollution to heavy pollution or local key cleaning, after comprehensive cleaning

4, suction machine suction sewage After washing, the pvc floor is completely cleaned.

5, wash with a multi-purpose washing machine, wash water once, the operation is walking backwards so that each operation line has a partial overlap.

6, while cleaning the pvc floor, use a water suction machine to absorb the washed floor

7, let the floor completely dry for 10 to 20 minutes, the technician must look at the ground material The condition determines the number of layers of wax

8. Apply the liquid wax evenly to the ground with a waxing device

9. Combine the wax with the drag. To be dried, and then the wax should be reversed and smeared and smeared.

10, anti-static floor waxing to make the surface bright, forming a protective film to achieve dust, anti-static effect, the above procedure is completed After that, you can’t trample in half an hour.

The above steps of the PVC floor waxing process are the operation methods of the professional floor waxing company, most of which are used in some public places such as pvc floor waxing. Floor waxing companies are more professional in floor waxing, but please ask us to spend some cost, so we need to learn if we wax the pvc floor. The home pvc floor waxing process can be carried out according to the following steps:

1, cleaning: the wax and water are proportioned into a solvent, spray evenly through the nozzle at the bottom of the machine The liquid and the brush rotate at a constant speed to achieve a clean effect, so that the cleaned floor is clean and clean;

2. Absorbing water: Clean the sewage on the ground with a water aspirator;

3, waxing: Use wax tow the liquid wax evenly on the floor, make the ground bright, clean, and maintain good use for a long time.

pvc floor waxing notes:

1, pvc floor cleaning can use cleaning liquid, the proportion of cleaning liquid according to the requirements of the specification Yes, if the pvc floor is seriously polluted, you can add less water. You can also use dewaxed water to adjust the ratio of wax water to water. Or put the cleaning liquid into the dewaxed water for mixing, which is more effective in removing the stain on the surface of the pvc floor.

2, when water can be pushed to the other unwashed pvc floor for soaking, and the remaining water is sucked dry with a water aspirator, clean.

3, when waxing the pvc floor, you must wait until the floor is completely dry before you can proceed.

4, should pay attention to evenly spread when waxing, should not be too thick or too thin, evenly drag the wax with wax to the floor, so that the ground is bright, clean, long-term maintenance of good use. Do not enter the wax without drying.

5, pvc floor waxing is cyclical, generally can be once a year. In places with a lot of people, where pollution is serious or easy to contaminate, it is recommended to do it once every 3-6 months. This can better protect the pvc floor and make the pvc floor cleaner and shiny.

pvc floor waxing process and everyone introduced here, floor waxing is one of the most effective means of maintaining the floor and extending the life of the floor, so everyone has to be more Understand, take care of your home floor.

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