Printable metal building materials 3D printing technology

Arup Engineering said it has developed a new 3D printing manufacturing technology for the manufacturing of “core steel castings”, which will enable the company to efficiently produce custom parts and It is expected to significantly reduce costs and waste.

Salom&eacute, senior designer and project leader of Arup Engineering Galjaard) said: “The point is that this is a very complicated design, but the purpose is to reduce costs. We are actually surprised to see that no one has tried this technology in the construction industry, so we think why we don’t give It’s an opportunity and tries to design to apply, and we’ve designed a good technical sample right now, but it’s certainly not the best version. We want to try to get rid of all those traditional ideas in the design process, we believe that the final version of the future must be extremely excellent. ”

Salomé Galjaard said: “3D printers currently cannot have a Large enough to make larger architectural elements, for now, the industry has not received any request to make large-scale construction products, so the current size of production is limited, but larger production The scale is being designed. ”

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