Prince Inhari traps “hunting gate”: hunting buffalo photo exposure (Figure)

According to Xinhua News Agency The British “Daily Mail” broke the news on the 16th, the British Prince Harry promised to save the endangered derivative animals in Africa a few days ago, but recently he was paralyzed by a photo of his hunting buffalo in Argentina.

In the photo published in the Daily Mail, Prince Harry armed with a shotgun and squatted beside a buffalo that was hunted (see photo).

According to reports, the photo was taken in November 2004, when the 20-year-old Prince Harry went to Argentina and worked at a polo field for several months. In the meantime, he and his girlfriend participated in a hunting event organized by a company. The company can lead participants to hunt large animals such as red deer, wild bears, jaguars, antelopes, and wild boars.

According to a local newspaper report, Prince Harry hunted a buffalo and a wild boar, and the head of the prey was preserved for transport to the UK for Prince Harry.

On the 13th, the British Crown Prince Charles and two sons — — Prince William and Prince Harry warned in London that some of the world’s most precious species are facing extinction and called for an end to illegal trade. ,protect the wild animal. However, some media revealed that Prince William, after filming the promo, went to Spain to hunt with his brother Harry. This incident was triggered by the media after the incident, and many people accused Prince William of “different words and deeds”. Earlier, Prince William was criticized for hunting wild boars in Spain.

Prince Harry is the second son of Charles and the late Princess Diana, the fourth heir to the British throne.

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