Peng Yongze: Ma Fu’s Wrangler Logic

Until the final result came out, Peng Yongze was awkward. Because although he used the channel of Focus Media to spread the optometry advertisements of Ma Fu Technology to all buildings in Shanghai, Jun Nanchun, chairman of Focus Media, told him not to think that these advertisements can bring sales, and some people remember Not bad.

But this is destined to be an exciting “what is counterproductive.” Seven days after the advertisement was placed, the appointment service for the groom glasses was hard to find. After the order was placed one month later, Peng Yongze had to dig up more excellent optometrists with high salary. At the same time, Peng Yongze received 1,935 franchise or equipment purchase intentions within one month. Jiang Nanchun was also shocked by this miracle.

The word fame in World War I does not seem to fully summarize Peng Yongze’s success. After 4 years and 15 days, more than 400 people in 3 batches participated in research and development and trial and error, costing more than 93 million yuan. He finally found out three sets of glasses retail solutions. In addition to his investors, looking at the entire optical industry, no one has him so “axis, no one can understand his “vision.”

So he was alone carrying the nickname that was almost misunderstood by the whole industry, and finally reached the height of the whole industry. The grooming-style glasses housekeeper training system, the household consumption big data model, and the artificial + intelligent optician experience have completed the C2M closed-loop of the optical industry.

In fact, Peng Yongze is more like a lonely Wrangler, hard-working and stubborn. He chose the most powerful horse, crossed the most rugged road, and saw the scenery that the people had not seen before.

The most painful and most aggressive medicine

Peng Yongze does not shy away from talking about the failure. From another dimension, his failure also represents the innovation dilemma of the entire industry.

Four years ago, when e-commerce was in full swing, Peng Yongze established a glasses e-commerce company. His idea is very practical. For the entire optical industry, the traditional offline business model has been criticized by consumers. Negative evaluations such as huge profits, lack of brands, and short service services have spread to the entire optical industry.

So he started exploring glasses O2O. But soon he discovered that glasses e-commerce is almost a false proposition in China. The most fundamental reason is that although the upstream problem can easily solve the problem of product profit, the e-commerce model can not solve the experience and comfort in the optometry process.

On March 1, 2015, Peng Yongze first released the self-owned brand “See U1.0 automatic optical machine”. This technological compromise can solve the problem of rapid self-acquisition of prescription prescriptions, but when these devices are laid on the street, they face the trust of consumers on machine optometry, and it is difficult to obtain a good closed loop of user transactions. .

After a period of deep thinking, Peng Yongze decided to suspend the glasses e-commerce model, and almost cut off all contacts with upstream and downstream enterprises, from the glasses e-commerce platform to Ma Fu Technology’s optician service platform. The supplier suspected that his order volume would not be too large, and his peers rumored that his e-commerce model had closed down. The real situation is that Peng Yongze is planning a better future in the confinement.

Trojan Horse

On September 15, 2017, when Peng Yongze was pregnant In the mood, after putting the technology and business model of the research into the market, the scene at the beginning of this article appeared. This kind of other people’s eyes are not expected, just like in the glasses industry in the four sides of the city, put a Trojan horse.

And for this Trojan, we can disassemble it into two parts: “people + smart.”

Regarding the human part, Peng Yongze cooperated with the Vision Care Association and hired the prestigious school principal and the head of the top three hospitals to be responsible for the recruitment and management of talents, and directed the professional glasses housekeeper. The cultivation of glasses housekeepers can be described by the harsh word.

Starting from the selection of junior high school diplomas, to the basic optometry, consultation, visual quality adjustment skills training, glasses housekeeper to master Maf Technology for user needs within 3 months Courses. At the time of graduation, it did not reach 100 points and will not graduate. At the same time, after the glasses housekeeper enters the job, there will be performance inspection every month. If a case of optometry is unqualified, it will be re-engineered.

Peng Yongze wants to use standardization and specialization methods to break the malady and shortage of eyesight talents in the optical industry.

With the glasses housekeeper training system, Peng Yongze established a people-oriented home optometry service. From appointments, try-on, glasses, consultations to after-sales, use the butler to establish connections between people and people. Different from the high-price-oriented sales model, the groom is service-oriented and hopes to let consumers choose for life through 7 communicationes from the appointment.

Because glasses consume relatively low frequency, you need to think of a way to make glasses consumption relatively high frequency. Therefore, Peng Yongze’s stewardship model is actually to establish a deep connection for consumers, and to use professional services to allow consumers to settle on the Mafu technology platform for a lifetime.

The connections that people make, ultimately require smart tools to increase efficiency. The door-to-door service provided by the butler needs to turn the large tools of traditional optometry into small tools. Peng Yongze’s hand-held optometry instrument for the butler is a unique and technologically advanced comprehensive optometry program jointly developed by the world’s top optoelectronic experts and researchers from the United States, Japan, and Tsinghua University. The volume is one hundredth of the traditional refractometer, and the optometry accuracy can reach 0.01D.. The butler’s toolbox also includes a handheld power meter, an electronic eye chart, a try-on frame, etc., providing an optometry experience that is ignored by ordinary optical shops.

In addition, after more than four years of data collection, Peng Yongze has established a smart optician center around a series of data such as styles, lenses, and faces, and established a back-end assembly and quality traceability system. Tailor-made aesthetics and comfort for the optician, which saves customers time and money.

The completion of the person + intelligence also marks the Maf Technology C2B2S2C2M (from the consumer side to launch the optician demand, to the online booking platform to provide a reply, and then to the offline door to provide consumers with optometry trial service Finally, to the smart factory to produce, the product will be delivered to the consumer within 24 hours) closed loop of business model.

Over the hills

On January 28, 2018, Peng Yongze held a massive “Symposium Store & Middot” in Shanghai; the shared vision open alliance strategy conference. 3 sets of glasses new retail solutions for muff glasses ——“robot glasses shop>Muff crowd optometrist shop and “Muff line experience store officially open to the national open alliance cooperation, opening the national layout road.

Groom & ldquo; robotic optical shop, similar to automatic glasses vending machine, is to concentrate the traditional optical shop in a small three-dimensional space, through the prescription of the self-optic optometry area, the glasses processing data Passed to the background, and the standard sunglasses or functional glasses are ready. “Robots can be placed in consumer areas such as airports and movie theaters. As long as there are people waiting in line for someone to wait, the robotic optical shop can cut in, so that many white-collar workers can easily invest.

And the “Mafu Crowd Optometrist Shop” is a large-scale eye inspection tool and glasses samples from traditional optical shops in an optometry carrying case. Through the on-site service of the Maf Technology Manager, the consumer’s optician experience is more convenient and comfortable, so many traditional optometrists or college graduates can achieve their own business.

All consumers who wear glasses, if they need eyesight inspection, frame adjustment, cleaning and other services, can enjoy the free experience under the “Muff line”. “Mafu offline experience store hopes to stimulate consumers’ optician demand through free and meticulous service, and transform and upgrade many small and medium-sized optical shops and community stores.

Today, Maf Technology, with brand, technology and model barriers, is no longer limited to endogenous logic. Peng Yongze hopes to help small and medium-sized optical shops and entrepreneurs achieve breakthroughs from 1 to N and from 0 to 1 through the model of regional alliances. With more than 500 million myopia/presbyopic people in China as the main entrance, based on the white-collar business circle, stepping into tens of thousands of townships without optical shops, using Maf Technology’s new technology and new model, upgrading and upgrading this scale to 100 billion yuan The traditional optician industry.

In the future, all regional alliances will enter the family’s C2B2S2C2M mode to enter the consumer upgrade customization field, such as the groom’s shoes and hats, and enjoy the platform upgrade. dividend. Maf Technology will also transform from a customized platform for glasses to a custom platform company that provides data, technology and supply chain service support.

All this is like the caravan on the ancient tea-horse road and the horses on the grassland. It is hard to move forward and the scenery is good.

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