Pay special attention to the surroundings of Milan Hotel

In Milan, Italy, the architecture + design studio Piuarch uses the design around the hotel and incorporates it into the design of the hotel itself.

At first glance, you have noticed the M89 hotel due to its unique roof structure. Take a step back and you will find that this design is actually a reinterpretation of the factory hall that the hotel is facing. These historic buildings originally belonged to one of Italy’s leading airlines, Caproni, and are now home to Gucci. The notch of the roof provides space for the hotel’s terrace + restaurant, which is made up of floor-to-ceiling windows and a wide view of the Milan skyline.

In the interior of the hotel, the hotel has minimalist colours, charcoal grey, white and green tones and a mix of 1950s and modern furniture. Although there is a feeling of moodiness in the public areas, the interior of the room is white walls and grey ceilings, adding brightness to the private space.

The hotel has 50 rooms and 5 suites with a more luxurious interior with oak parquet floors and wooden furniture made of walnut.

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