Pay attention when buying the floor. Avoid disputes over the goods.

With the popularity of wood flooring in home decoration and the popularity of online shopping, many consumers who decorate their homes began to purchase wooden flooring and other building materials from the Internet, which is convenient and affordable. However, there are many problems that break out from it. Consumers don’t know how to defend their rights when they encounter the wrong goods.

Nowadays, online shopping is no longer a new word. It has become a shopping route for many consumers. If you don’t leave your home, you can buy what you want to buy, but enjoy convenience and At the same time, there are often unsatisfactory things happening. Ms. Zhao is an online shopping fan. However, the latest online shopping has caused some problems. Although it was finally solved, Ms. Zhao said that the original decoration plan was disrupted, and one thing that was originally happy was cast a layer. Unpleasant shadows.

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Ms. Zhao ordered 7,000 yuan of laminate flooring. When it arrived, she found that something was wrong. It turned out that there was no floor logo on the back of the floor, and the color was different from the original sample. Ms. Zhao quickly asked the customer service to say this situation. The customer service informed that the goods were sent directly from the factory. There was a phone call on it, and Ms. Zhao was asked to find the manufacturer directly. The manufacturer just began to deny that Ms. Zhao was angry and directly let the manufacturer in the local area. The person in charge came over to see the situation and see if this was the case. After some twists and turns, it was confirmed that the situation was true. The manufacturer agreed to replace these products. This online shopping floor was ‘failed on the board’ and it was calmed down.

Note: The goods are not on the board, should be carefully checked when the goods are received.

It is a problem that often occurs when consumers buy the floor. The insiders say that the bad business will use the real material of the sample floor and the actual goods given to the customer. Hidden and tricky, using the method of cutting corners, etc., this phenomenon has become a hidden rule of some unscrupulous merchants in the flooring market.

In order to avoid the goods being wrong, Better protect consumers’ rights and interests, and remind consumers to choose quality assurance and good brand reputation in the scope of economic conditions. When purchasing products, please pay attention to the quality inspection report of the product. Be sure to save the instruction manual after purchase. Or invoices, in order to use in disputes. Finally, in the inspection of products should carefully review the details, once the problem is found should be pointed out, to avoid business refusal. At the same time, should promptly coordinate with the business remedial measures, can not coordinate with the consumer association or The industry and commerce department complained and took the road of safeguarding rights.

Remind that consumers should pay more attention when customizing the floor. The type and size of the floor should be stated in the purchase agreement and contract. Specific information such as style, material, color, delivery time, etc., so as to avoid ‘goods on the board when delivery’, and also convenient for rights protection.

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