Paving the floor should pay attention to Feng Shui

The Chinese pay attention to the advantages of the world and the five elements of the gossip. Indoor feng shui is one of the traditional Chinese feng shui theories, including living room feng shui, restaurant feng shui, kitchen feng shui and bedroom feng shui. “Feng Shui” is the technique of the phase, that is, the method of geography on the spot, also known as the geography, the ancient name of the art, is a philosophy of studying the environment and the laws of the universe. It is natural that people are part of nature and that they are pursuing the realm of “harmony between man and nature”. In the process of home decoration, the decoration of the house, the placement of furniture, and the installation of the floor all over the room will affect the feng shui! Below, the home sister will take you to understand the Feng Shui of the home improvement floor!

First of all, the wood grain of the wooden floor is best not to face the door, let the wood grain diagonally toward the house, creating a flowing water obliquely into the house. It feels that the wood grain directly faces the door and represents unlucky. So everyone should pay attention when decorating!
The wooden floor is laid flat to make the house transport unblocked, and it can also avoid wrestling and accidents. At the same time, the wooden floor should be kept as level as possible, and there should be no distinction between high and low, which will make the house transport unobstructed.
The dark color symbolizes the thick, dark wood floor symbolizes the deep roots, in line with the feng shui way. If you want to be brighter, you can use dark stone to wrap around, while the middle part uses a lighter floor. If you choose to lay carpets, the same is true. It is advisable to use carpets with darker colors and lighter intermediate colors.
In the decoration, we must abide by the principle of “the sky is clear and turbid.” Heaven means the ceiling, the ground represents the floor, and the wall refers to people. The meaning is that the color of the ceiling is light, and the color of the floor is more suitable for dark color, and the color of the wall is between the two. Therefore, when choosing a floor, remember to choose a color that is darker than the ceiling.
The pattern of the wooden floor is numerous, but all should be chosen to symbolize the auspicious pattern. Try to avoid using some of the more pointed patterns of the floor, if the sharp corners are more dangerous, it will make the family restless and innocent. So when choosing the floor, choose some beautiful patterns! Improve happiness.
For the location, the south dominates inspiration and communication, and green represents vitality. Arranging green plants in the south, in addition to increasing the beauty of the green, will also help improve the interpersonal skills.
When decorating the living room and bedroom, peace of mind, comfort and practicality are the most important. Therefore, when selecting the floor decoration material, it is not possible to select materials that are glare-permeable, such as glass floor tiles, mosaic tiles, and the like. We should try our best to choose wooden floors for paving. The wooden floors are made of mud, giving people a sense of security on the ground. The comfortable foot feeling can eliminate people’s impetuous feelings, calm the uneasy emotions and make people feel comfortable.
The bathroom is a place where it produces turbidity, discharges pollution, and is also a hiding place for “little people.” When decorating the bathroom, we should choose the floor material with lighter shades. It is not recommended to use large red, metallic yellow and other colors. This kind of color is a fire. The so-called water and fire will not allow the filthy things to “fire” and affect the family’s feng shui. Bright, fresh, and clean floors should be chosen to meet the principles of floor feng shui.

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