Suitable for modern travelers to sleep, work and play

Leman Locke is a future-oriented hospitality concept that combines the best aspects of a hotel lifestyle and a serviced apartment. Designed by Grzywinski+Pons, Leman Locke consists of 105 spacious studios and 63 chic one-bedroom suites, including bedrooms, kitchens and living areas, perfect for modern travelers to sleep, work and play.
Leman Locke is located in the East End of London, close to the most creative and vibrant areas.
Modern conveniences include a 24-hour gym, a coffee shop, a bar, an upcoming restaurant (starting in February 2017), a co-working area and meeting rooms.
Rooms can be rented for short and long term, and beds are customizable to suit different personal preferences.

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Corkwood products

DesignerDaniel Michalik Created something extraordinary: a series of candlesticks made of softwood. This unusual accessory takes advantage of the natural properties of the material. Cork is recyclable, waterproof, resistant to mold and bacteria, and most importantly, heat and fire.

Adjust-a-Bowl is a cork bowl made of cork fabric that allows the user to adjust its shape to suit any need. These quirky cork bowls can store anything from fruit to cosmetics or accessories.

Another cool accessory is also made of cork, which can be used as a bookend or flowerpot. Nicole RundeDesigned. Cork bookends/The flower pot has a detachable plastic insert and a simple geometry. They can also be used as pencil holders.

made from natural cork pellets, this photo shelf allows users to use pins and other photos and other things to make it a perfect place to place small personal items.

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Harpa Concert Hall was designed by Henning Larsen Architects

Located on the waters of Reykjavik, Iceland, the Harpa Concert Hall was designed by Henning Larsen Architects and looks like carved gems, with unique glass panel windows reflecting sunlight.
The Bjarke Ingels Group is a huge triangular structure located in the West End of New York City and contains 600 apartments. This twisted form is meant to give the apartment as much view of the Hudson River.
The Antwerp Port house is probably one of the most unusual buildings of all time. Designed by ZahaHadid Architects, the project reused the old fire station and built an additional modern structure on top.
The Nakâra Residential in France was designed by the Jacques Ferrier Architecture with a crisp, white exterior. The hotel is covered with an open geometric pattern that gives it a bright, fresh feel.

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Kitchen of Milan Furniture Fair 2016

MartiniThis kitchen combines several popular trends: hidden appliances, popular colors and style mixes. Its design is contemporary, including small but classic touches, such as the sessile design of the cabinet.

thisAlnoThe cooktop is a good example of a new style that removes the previous oil drip tray and square or rectangular grille. Here, each burner is self-contained and fully customizable. This style is also easier to clean than a traditional gas stove.

Leicht brings a great modular tailgate storage system that lets you choose the storage module you want. The design does not sacrifice valuable counter space.

MartiniThe wooden kitchen combines hidden storage options with coloured open components. The illuminated interior contains a power outlet that allows you to place common or large appliances such as a blender.

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Beach house with new century now expanding

d+k house is located in the northern suburbs of Sydney. This private beach home requires more space to enhance the connection with the outside while respecting the original home. The goal of the architect is to increase the efficiency of the family and to improve its environmental conditions through modernization and integration of sustainable elements.
The layout is flipped and the living area is placed on the ground so they can be connected to the outdoors. The private space was relocated to the upper floor, adding privacy and enjoying the view of the new green roof.
Light-colored textured bricks are the main material in the room, with white ceilings. The color scheme remains simple, allowing the owner’s artwork to become the focal point of each space.
Because of the climate, they are able to design a green roof that helps keep the interior cool. High windows also help with temperature control.

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Luxury villa embracing the beauty of the Italian Riviera

This Italian Riviera luxury villa embraces the surrounding beauty. The villa is a pure and refined home that emphasizes comfort and functionality in a very beautiful way.

Architect And the designer wants to bring nature to the interior of the house, making the beautiful Italian Riviera a part of the decoration. Everything is presented in a harmonious way.
The colors of the interior and exterior spaces are inspired by sand, stones, oceans and lush greenery. These colors are the backdrop for all the elements of interior design. The large outdoor terrace is a great example of a harmonious concept with a sunken pool with a smooth and organic form.

Designer Created an efficient and stylish storage system that keeps the decoration simple. A range of open shelves, concealed compartments and built-in spaces cater to any storage needs of all indoor spaces.

elegant The stairs connect social and private areas. The master bedroom is a very peaceful and peaceful space with long curtains, with light brown walls and bedding.

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A minimalist hostel in Tottori Prefecture, Japan

Designed by designQ Studio, this hostel/cafe is located in Tottori Prefecture, Japan, with a 45-year history. It has recently been refurbished and as many existing buildings as possible have been remodeled to reduce costs without sacrificing the hotel experience.
In the new space, the original brick surface, bracket lights, eight side lights and cedar boards are retained.
designQ has injected new life into existing furniture, such as the 21-passenger chair in the cafe has been fitted with new cushions.
At the front desk, a beautiful old pine beam was reused as the desk of the service desk. All the natural tones and textures of the hostel make it feel more like a traditional Japanese hotel than a hotel.

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The sofa in 1957 was relaunched

The famous Danish architect and designer Finn Juhl introduced 57 sofas in 1957. 40 years later, Onecollection relaunched the design. The sofa can accommodate two to three people, with a slightly curved backrest and armrests, with a combination of fabric or leather in different shades. The legs of the sofa are made of brushed stainless steel with wooden toe options of oak, teak and walnut.

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Some resorts use hanging plants to provide freshness and beauty

Some resorts use hanging plants to provide freshness and beauty, and they make the most of their charm. An example is the Pure Spa, located in Da Nang, Vietnam. This is the MIA Design Studio project, whose exterior is covered with vertical gardens, creating a very serene atmosphere that turns the resort into an oasis. The treatment room is surrounded by lush gardens and yoga classes are placed in an open garden.
In some cases, architects offer this spa-style fresh décor to private homes. This house was designed by Alpes GreenDesign & Build and is one such example. Completed in 2016, the residence in Da Nang, Vietnam offers a fresh, open living environment with swimming pool and courtyard. Plants and trees are part of the house and define the appearance.
Golden Holiday Hotel is a popular and crowded tourist area in Niha Trang, Vietnam. It was designed by Trinhvieta Architects to make it look like a hotel from the tropics, situated by the sea and surrounded by lush vegetation. To create this type of atmosphere, the architect decorated the facade of the hotel with potted trees and plants.

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Office paying tribute to Brazilian culture

Airbnb São Paulo hired the construction company MM18 Arquitetura to design their main office to pay tribute to Brazilian culture.
They bring local plants, such as pineapples, to the interior, adding a natural element.
In the open area, they designed spaces for employees to interact.
They developed a variety of areas where employees can work comfortably, from meeting rooms, private spaces, sofas to cafes. Their goal is to make them feel at home.
Concrete floor and wood elements, this is a common material in Brazilian architecture, giving it a modern and comfortable atmosphere.

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