Foshan door and window manufacturers have transformed, “tradition” has become “fashion”?

New generation consumers have such labels: younger, more stylish, and more personal. Under this fashion trend, many Foshan door and window manufacturers have transformed from “traditional” to “small fashion”.

The market is constantly changing. Aluminum alloy doors and windows manufacturers cannot blindly follow the footsteps of traditional door and window manufacturers. It’s a new matter to create a new brand and to find a new way out. Some manufacturers think that they don’t need to transform, traditional things will always be sought after, and lower their prices to attract consumers. However, the situation has changed for a long time, and consumers are eager for more fashionable and more personalized products, not tied to price.

Traditional Foshan door and window manufacturers want to continue to survive, we must realize that innovative ideas are the real way out. In order to win the favor of young consumers, we must start with the type, function and style of the products. Like Ai Chen Men and Windows, it has a relatively rare safety door and window system in China, which can protect the safety of consumers everywhere in the home, combined with new technology, can also make consumers feel new and safe.

The transition from tradition to fashion is not easy, and Foshan door and window manufacturers must be deeply aware of this and quickly develop their own unique products, so as not to be abandoned by the torrent of the times.

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Summer is just a good night’s sleep, and the bedroom is decorated so that you can sleep better!

The most important thing in a person’s life is to eat and drink Lazar and sleep. It is a very big thing to eat well and sleep well. For us living in a busy society, the quality of sleep is gradually declining, especially in summer, and the hot weather makes sleep very poor. So When decorating the house, in order to have a good sleeping environment, the bedroom must be done. Let’s take a look at how to decorate the next bedroom.

The bedroom is soft and warm.

The choice of lighting in the bedroom must be comfortable and soft, preferably with upward lighting. The lamp can be either high in the roof and soft in the light, not directly in the eyes. In addition, table lamps or wall lamps should be provided for reading at night or before going to bed. In addition, design a few lights in the corner to adjust the color of the room with different colors of light bulbs, such as yellow light will add a lot to the bedroom Romantic atmosphere.

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After a lapse of 7 years, I returned to Fudi. Luxi Fei Niulonghu flagship store opened on September 23rd.

On September 23, the Luxi Fat Niulong Lake flagship store was built after 5 months of ingenuity and finally in the majority of beef. The hot pot of Laojiao is expected to unveil the veil, and its upgraded delicate dishes have long been lingering among the diners, which has aroused the enthusiasm of Chongqing citizens for high-quality beef.

According to the relevant person in charge, Luxi fat cattle from Chongqing in 2010, the capital of the hot pot, is the first direct store from the Longhu area, and has been popular for many years, attracting the favor of the city’s diners. In particular, it was popular among residents of Longhu Community, but was later transferred to the shopping center due to the contract expiration strategy. Now, after a lapse of seven years, I will return to this blessed land. The Luxi fat cattle will be presented to the citizens of Longhu District in the flagship store with high specifications, and the king will return to the style to continue the glory.

Entering Chongqing in 2010

Creating a new market for single-pot singles

Once, Chongqing’s impression of hot pot was very neat and unified: multiplayer Pot, spicy and simmered 2 flavors. Until 2010, Luxi fat cattle entered Chongqing, “single-handed single-pot, beef-based, multi-flavored pot bottom seasonings of the new hot pot to eat a debut, they quickly sought after the public. The tender beef is smooth and relished. It is available in a variety of pots. Nearly 20 kinds of seasonings are hot and light. This new hot pot is both nutritious and healthy, as well as personal taste, suitable for both young and old. Set off a wave of “beef beef boom.”

From the history of management, Chongqing people’s love for “wheat beef” is also deeply rooted. Seven years ago, Luxi beef cows launched the first 5A top snowflake beef in Chongqing, which was sold for 888 yuan. However, the high price can not stop the Chongqing people’s enthusiasm for high-end good beef, guests have to book 2 days in advance, but also always in short supply. As a pioneer in the market of good sour pork, Luxi beef has rapidly developed branches and has laid out 53 stores in total, laying the foundation for Chongqing beef hot pot.

Strict quality control from farm to table

Casting China’s top ten hot pot brands

In the past August, the Chongqing restaurant industry was hit by a vigorous campaign. 7 cents to eat beef waves swept, Luxi fat cattle in the 7th anniversary of the brand carnival season in Chongqing sold nearly 10,000 tons of beef, benefiting tens of thousands of Chongqing citizens. The strength of the company, the scale of the scale, and the diners have benefited the catering industry.

Dare to use such an amazing handwriting to make a brand, behind it is naturally a strong backing. It is understood that Luxi Fei Niu Industrial Group built its own ecological pasture, and selected 300 days of grain feeding in the north latitude 35 & deg; world gold cattle, self-built national processing cold chain transportation system, is the rare catering industry to control the quality of beef from the source Business. Since its establishment in 2002, the founder Li Silin insisted on the “base + table model” and opened up the closed loop from the breeding & mdash; processing & mdash; logistics & mdash; table set up, “from the farm to the table full coverage of the beef food and beverage industry chain .

In order to make your own beef into a national boutique, all the investment is worthwhile, and the quality of the beef has indeed retained the stomach of the diners. Now, the Luxi Beef, which was founded in 2002, has more than 310 branches in 165 cities across the country, and has been awarded by the industry “China Top Ten Hot Pot Brands,” “Top Ten Leading Enterprises in China’s Cattle and Sheep Industry,” “> The honor of the Asian brand top 500 is the well-deserved “China beef leader brand”.

Eating Snowflake Beef

To Luxi Beef

“The soup is fresh, tender and tender, and the diners are the deepest evaluation of the Luxi fat cattle. Especially the top quality of beef —— snowflake beef, in the senior diners, peers are full of praise. The snowflake beef produced by Luxi fat cattle is particularly distinctive. The little oily flowers are sprinkled evenly on the tender meat. The red and white are complemented by each other. After more than ten years, the knife is cut into thin slices and the entrance is instant. At the same time, due to the strict control of the quality of Luxi beef cattle, its snowflake beef has reached the top quality level that can be eaten raw.

In addition to improving the quality of beef, Luxi beef has also worked hard on food innovation. Remember to visit the in-store dining customers, and see a lot of high-quality foods on the table, Barbie Princess, cloud and fog, three thousand feet of hairy belly, not only beautiful, but also full of dry ice protection, each piece of beef directly from Refrigerate to the pan to ensure a fresh taste. There are also so-called live pea sprouts and live mushroom, which can be picked into the pot immediately when the meal is served. This is the result of the ultimate pursuit of the Luxi fat cattle.

On September 23, Luxi fat cattle flagship store began trial operation, the relevant person in charge said that this upgrade flagship store, the main push snowflake beef dishes, and will be more quality and service to the general public Expectation. He said: “Snowflake beef is a high-end good beef has become the consensus of well-off families and business people. The 2A grade snowflake beef currently on the market has been well received. The upgrade of Longhu flagship store will be higher than the market level as appropriate. Level 3A has become the first choice for Chongqing to eat snowflake beef!

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Jingdian Bookstore Yang Yi: Losing Bookstore Business, Winning Cultural Output

This is the worst era, the Internet wave is coming, online books are fashionable, electronic reading is popular, pirated books are rampant, and some people assert that physical bookstores will die.

This is the best time, fragmented information is full of brain capacity, the city is noisy, the bookstore is located in the city’s glimpse, waiting for you every time.

Carefully Read Business Leaders Club Member

A good bookstore is a city goodwill expression. The classic bookstore has stood for 20 years and is the kind expression of the founder Yang Yi for this mountain city.

On September 16, 2017, a hundred-year-old Luzhou Laojiao wine teamed up with the business media group to hold a “Business Hall & Middot” in the Classic Bookstore in Chongqing. Elite classroom activities, founder of the classic bookstore Yang Yi Mr. Shi shared the theme of “Reading and Entrepreneurship” and brought cold thinking under the impetuous commercial civilization.

Yang Yi, founder of Jingdian Bookstore

Bookstore business that loses money

“ I went to the sea for 28 years and started a bookstore for 19 years. I earned money in my early years. Now I am also engaged in financial investment and can subsidize the bookstore. Yang Yi said that this is the reason why the classic bookstore has been able to persist.

This bookstore, which carries the cultural memories of Chongqing people, is actually a lost business.

Carefully Listening to Business Leaders Club Members

“Why should I take a family? The bookstore that makes money is going down because reading has changed my life path.

Yang Yi, who was exported to the stage and was escorted by a singer, was once in the eyes of everyone. “Bad children, fighting, gambling, fooling around, doing nothing all day.” After going to high school, the mother took Yang Yi to the library. He felt the power of the book for the first time. Since then, he has become obsessed with it and became very passionate about reading. He was admitted to the Department of Mathematics of Sichuan University.

“ After making money in the sea, as the first generation of intellectuals who benefited from reform and opening up in China, I wanted to open a bookstore, use books and use culture to change more people.

So, there is a classic bookstore, open for twenty years.

Entrepreneurs in this era need to read more

Since the new century, as the market economy has matured, China’s economic development has undergone a significant change: the government’s intervention in the market has gradually With the reduction, the market is becoming the main lever for regulating the economy.

It is followed by a severe test of the individual abilities of entrepreneurs. Only by seeing the market situation and grasping the times, can it break through on the battlefield of business.

Guests who listen carefully at the event

“Reading is an improvement for entrepreneurs An important way of personal quality. Yang Yi analyzed from four aspects.

First of all, reading is the source of innovation. “Literature, especially poetry, is the most imaginative and creative language. To be free from the label of the cottage, Chinese manufacturing must rely on imagination and rely on continuous innovation.

Secondly, reading is good for entrepreneurs to quickly understand an industry and enter an industry. Entrepreneurs must not only read professional books in the industry, but also cross-disciplinary knowledge and reserve cross-border knowledge structures.

Yang Yi sharing link

Third, ordinary enterprise output products, great Enterprise output values. The cultural outlook of entrepreneurs largely influences the values ​​of a company.

Fourth, the ever-changing era of change forces entrepreneurs to accurately grasp the future trend, and books have such forward-looking and predictive nature.

& ldquo;Toffler’s “The Third Wave” published in the 1980s is the first book that Chinese people can read about futurology, and it is also a book that affects me a lot. .

It was the influence of Toffler that Yang Yi saw the development prospects of information technology and resolutely resigned “iron rice bowl” and went to sea to do business, completing the original capital accumulation of the founding classic bookstore.

Asking questions and exchanges

A city’s kind expression

In Chongqing, where the geographical position is superior and the pier culture is flourishing, commercial civilization is advancing at a rapid pace. “Chongqing’s GDP growth rate is the first in the country, but the per capita reading has fallen out of the top 20 in all provinces and cities in the country. Xiamen University’s on-campus bookstore sells more humanities and social science books than Chongqing in one year!

The business-leading and culturally lagging dislocations are particularly noticeable in Chongqing. Reading is a cultural habit that the city needs to cultivate. The classic bookstore undoubtedly carries such a mission.

Business Leaders Club members take a photo with Yang Yi

In November 2016, due to the owners The rent has doubled, and the classic bookstore has had to reluctantly move away from the Jiefangbei, which has been stationed for 18 years.

On December 16, 2016, the Classic Bookstore stood on the bank of the Yangtze River and continued to warm a city with books.

Yang Yi likes a word: A good bookstore is a city’s kind expression.The classic bookstore is his greatest goodwill for this native mountain city.

Just two months ago, Classic Bookstore won the “Top Ten Cultural Landmark Bookstores in Asia”. Cultural landmarks are probably a great bookstore, and the classic bookstore will continue to infiltrate the cultural memories of 30 million Chongqing people.

A representative of the centuries-old Luzhou old age wine gives Yang Yi a gift

After the sharing, the business leaders of the participating clubs attended the 100-year-old Luzhou Old Ageing Wines “elite sharing dinner”.

Members from all walks of life are good at wine, reading good books, discussing business models, and talking about business dreams.

Elite Sharing dinner

There is a saying that “no wine is not a feast, no wine is not a gift, and centuries-old Luzhou Laojiao wine is deeply loved by elite business people because of its fashion temperament and the focus of elite business wine. Become the first brand of Chinese elite business wine.

The Business Leaders Club, which is committed to helping companies develop and spread their business, will continue to work with the 100-year-old Luzhou Old Ageing Wine to bring the business hall to the next city and to the next entrepreneur. By the side.

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[Tableware Appreciation] Recommend a few high-value, and forced tableware

Good-looking and practical Tableware, light the mood of the home, even if you eat a bowl of personally made, but a terrible dinner, you can make every bite to eat different moments …&hellip Well, Xiao Bian is a bit exaggerated, not much to say, directly on the map ~~

wood multi-purpose tray

glaze The irregular texture of the ice cracks has become a decorative point of the tableware. Its elegant ice blue, elegant and beautiful, classically presents the calm and elegance of Japanese style. This kind of tableware is suitable for breakfast. At the beginning of the day, people’s hearts are pure and enjoy breakfast in silence~~

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The 15th meeting of the 3rd Board of Directors of AVIC Property Management Co., Ltd.

On November 13, 2017, AVIC Property Management Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of AVIC Real Estate, held the 15th meeting of the third board of directors and announced the resolution of the meeting: Appointed three comrades Wang Xinli, Xu Xingdong and Chen Chuanyu as the deputy general manager of AVIC Property.

The board of directors was chaired by Shi Zhenglin, Chairman of AVIC Property. The board of directors and members of the board of supervisors attended the meeting and members of the leadership team of AVIC Property attended the meeting. meeting.

On the board of directors, Shi Zhenglin, Chairman of AVIC Property, and the participants attended the three comrades Wang Xinli, Xu Xingdong and Chen Chuanyu Congratulations. Liu Wenbo, managing director of AVIC Property, hopes that the newly appointed three comrades will help the leaders to share the pressure after joining the company’s leadership team, and they must bravely take on the historical mission of leading the continued development and growth of AVIC. At the same time, President Liu hopes that the leadership team will unite and work together to achieve the best results under the leadership of the superior units.

Zhong Hong Property Director Zhong Hongwei made requests and expectations for the newly appointed three comrades. He pointed out that the three newly appointed comrades of AVIC Property should actively implement the corresponding requirements of AVIC Real Estate and actively support and implement various tasks. The newly appointed three comrades must be able to meet the overall situation of the company in the work, as well as the promotion of the hills in the original area. At the same time, it is hoped that the three newly appointed comrades should bear in mind that they have all grown up from the grassroots level. They must go from the grassroots level to the grassroots level. If they cannot become leading cadres, they will be separated from the masses and deviated from the grassroots level. It is an important basis for doing things to make decisions, so as to better assist the general manager to carry out the work. The leadership team that hopes to re-adjust will not only inherit the fine traditions, but also lay the foundation for the selection of future cadres, so as to bring both teams and cadres, so that AVIC properties can climb to a higher level.

Shi Zhenglin, Chairman of AVIC Property, pointed out that with the rapid development of AVIC’s property, it is even more necessary to strengthen the company’s leadership team. development of. From the development of AVIC’s own property, the adjustment and strengthening of the leadership team should be normalized in the future. The selection and appointment process was carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of the higher authorities. At the same time, the newly appointed three comrades as the management cadres of AVIC Real Estate were strictly in accordance with the appointment process of AVIC Real Estate, and all procedures were transparent. The newly appointed three comrades, as party members, have a firm party spirit and outstanding performance, and can show a strong sense of unity and a sense of the overall situation. In the end, the three comrades successfully hired as the deputy general manager of AVIC Property through organization inspection and assessment. In the future, AVIC property needs to continue to strengthen the building of its leadership team. New members of the leadership team must have new requirements in their new positions, meet new challenges with new attitudes and new status, strive for new contributions, and hope to be in the future. The use of cadres can, according to the needs of the company, implement the principle of being able to communicate with the new and the old. In the new era, we must have new normals, new practices, and new ideas.

Shi Zhenglin, Chairman of AVIC Property, stressed that AVIC is facing a new stage of development and should develop the company. In the first place, we will effectively enhance the overall situation and look to the long-term. At the same time, it is necessary to firmly establish political awareness. The report of the 19th National Congress pointed out that the party, government, and the people’s studies, the East and the West, the party is the leader, and the state-owned enterprises are the party leaders. They must highlight the party’s core leadership and give play to their work. Good leadership core role.

Shi Zhenglin, Chairman of AVIC Property, further stressed that at present, AVIC is in a critical period. In the face of many uncertainties, the only thing that can be done is to do a good job of its own affairs, listen to party command, and demand from superiors. Resolutely implement the implementation in place. In the critical period, everyone must unify their understanding and concentrate on development, because development is the last word. It is precisely because of continuous development that AVIC property can be today. All members of the company must unite and work together at all times to eliminate distractions, stabilize their positions, and jointly face the current situation.

For the future development of AVIC properties, Shi Dong believes that from the perspective of property development, it is necessary to grasp the current timing of the industry. Everyone needs to establish a sense of crisis. The biggest challenge facing the company at present is how to stay ahead. How to make further breakthroughs in terms of advantages, not to say no, not to be complacent. There are many excellent companies in the industry, especially in some aspects, there are already gaps. Shi Dong hopes that all members of AVIC Property, if they want to get out of their own development path, must seize the opportunity and go all out. At the same time, they must focus on resources, highlight their advantages, and unite and work together in the future development.

It is also known that the new cadre integrity talk of AVIC Property will be held after the board of directors. Shi Zhenglin, secretary of the party committee of AVIC Real Estate, is the keynote speaker. Liu Wenbo, the director of AVIC Real Estate Party Committee, and the secretary of the party committee of AVIC Property, Zou Min, secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of AVIC, attended the talks. The meeting was hosted by Yang Xiang, secretary of the Discipline Committee of AVIC Real Estate. The leaders of the meeting and the new deputy general managers of AVIC Property, Wang Xinli, Xu Xingdong and Chen Chuanyu, conducted a clean and honest talk, and signed a letter of responsibility for the party’s clean and honest goals with the newly appointed cadres.

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What should you pay attention to when purchasing large-size wooden floors?

With the increase in urban housing area, large-size wooden floors are increasingly favored by consumers. The large-sized wooden floor mentioned here refers to a floor piece of 120 mm wide or 125 mm wide whole piece of wood which is processed without being joined or unjoined. For the purchase of large-size wooden floors, you must pay attention to the following three points:

First, choose the size of the floor area

The style and expressiveness of the large-sized floor can attract the attention of consumers. However, if the room is small, the large-sized floor can’t be put in a few pieces, and finally the furniture will not see any effect. The small size is suitable for narrow plates. It will look good from the color, pattern and effect. The larger room is but the size is very whole and feels more flat. If you want to lay a wide board for a small apartment, don’t choose a floor that is too large, and you can achieve the same effect.

Second, the construction process is strict

qualified large-size wooden floors need to undergo strict material selection and quality acceptance, high-quality large-size floor should have natural color, clear The wood grain, these are the prerequisites for quality construction. The large size requires higher ground flatness than the narrow one. Although the stability of the large-sized wooden floor has been greatly improved with the improvement of the technical level, there is still a certain gap compared with the stability of the narrow plate. Therefore, strict installation is still sloppy.

Third, on the service life of large-size wooden flooring

The service life of the wooden floor mainly depends on the degree of wear resistance, regardless of the width and narrowness, the wooden floor is in the same unit area, The less the seam, the smaller the expansion space will be, and in this case the floor deformation probability will be large. The narrow plate joints are more, the more the seams are, the larger the space for expansion and contraction is, and the deformation is not easy, and there is no crack. However, another problem has arisen. The edge of the gap of the wooden floor is easy to wear. For the narrow version, the gap is much larger, and the probability of wear is much larger. Both types have advantages and disadvantages.

Finally, from the price point, the wide wooden floor board and narrow wooden floor board price difference is relatively large, wide board wood floor price is more expensive. Therefore, you can purchase according to your actual needs and achieve rational consumption.

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Small apartment bathroom decoration tips, let you say goodbye to crowded space

Small apartment The bathroom is small, but it is a very important place. It is a multi-functional area that integrates washing, showering and toileting. For the small apartment bathroom decoration, how to integrate a variety of functions, and it will not appear small and crowded, bathroom renovation involves a lot of details and problems, if not handled well, it will not only affect the user’s mood, It will directly affect the quality of home life in the future. So what are the decoration techniques for small apartment bathrooms? Let’s take a look at it together. Five, cleverly do three defenses

The most used bathroom is the water, the bathroom is inevitably wet and easy to slip.

1. Choose the material during the decoration and choose the embossed floor tiles. This floor tile not only has good waterproof function, even in the case of water. It will not be too slippery and will have a certain anti-slip effect.

2, the bathroom water vapor is larger, it is best to apply a layer of waterproof glass in the bathroom ceiling, which can play a good moisture-proof effect.

3. Select a switch and plug that is safe to avoid direct contact with water.

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“Double Eleven” floor e-commerce sales performance is not satisfactory

The 2014 Double Eleven Cat Shopping Carnival finally came to a close, and the total transaction volume of 57.12 billion was also expected by most people. From the point of view of single-store sales, Xiaomi Mobile has sat down to the top with a turnover of more than 1.5 billion yuan. Among the household building materials category, Lin’s Wood and Quanyou have also broken through the 100 million mark.

In comparison, the performance of the flooring industry during the double eleventh period has also made significant progress. According to the data currently available, Bell Floor and Anxin, which ranked in the top ten list of building materials last year, The performance of the floor is still outstanding this year, and it continues to appear in the top ten. Among them, Bell Floor is the first time in the top five ranks, once again refreshing the sales performance of flooring companies in the e-commerce field.

From the analysis of known data, the overall sales performance of the floor line this year has been greatly improved compared with last year. The overall sales volume of leading brands such as Bell, Anxin, Shengxiang and Nature are very gratifying. In terms of second-line brands, Caisheng, OSIM, Sihe and other flooring brands also achieved good results.

Overall, this year’s flooring products, whether it is the overall sales or customer unit price, must be higher than in previous years, bringing good news for the development of the floor e-commerce reform in the process of exploration.

Release date: 2014/11/13 13:44:56

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How floor companies can brand at low cost

The shaping of the floor brand is a systematic project. For the current meager profit of the flooring industry, how to shape the brand with as little money as possible is what the flooring company dreams of. Very special times require extraordinary means. As long as the flooring companies are willing to work hard, it is entirely possible to build the brand with low cost. So how do you achieve branding at low cost?

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021816591609.jpg”>

Floor companies The 12 rules of low-cost branding

1. Social Responsibility Rules

The floor brand needs to shoulder the shaping process. Social responsibility, only in this way, can ensure the healthy growth of the brand and the long-term foundation, and it is possible to achieve ultra-low-cost brand operation. Social responsibility is a relatively general concept, large and wide, difficult to define clearly. Social responsibility in a certain sense Subordinate to the moral category, the ancients said: ‘There is no morality, no morality, no morality, no morality. ‘Being moral, it is cultivation, it is civilization, it is the cornerstone; no virtue, no faith, despicable, self-destruction. We call It is the law of social responsibility.

Floor companies want to build a strong brand at a low cost. First, they should shoulder social responsibility and accept the society’s detection of corporate conscience.

Second, Taishan Law

No matter what brand strategy the flooring company ultimately adopts, it must ensure the controllability of the branding process, including investment. funds Controllability, controllability of human resources, controllability of product and service quality, etc., these elements are indispensable to ensure the robustness of brand building. We call it the Taishan rule. Conversely, if we do not follow the Taishan rule The quality of products and services may lose control when brand awareness rises rapidly and sales volume rises sharply. The consequences will be unimaginable.

Floor companies are in a tight budget. In the case of competitive pressure, we must learn to effectively control resources and make rational use of resources to make the brand develop steadily when branding.


The fundamental element of the brand is people. The creation of a successful flooring brand is not a person, a department or a brand planning agency can do it independently. It requires the participation of all employees of the flooring company. All employees must have a strong brand awareness, and consciously use their own practical actions to maintain the brand image and contribute to the construction of the brand building. We call it the ‘full member brand management’ rule, or TBM law for short. If you don’t follow the TBM rules, employees will not be able to talk about brand building. There will even be some people who are constantly ‘stealing bricks and smashing tiles’ and digging the corners of brand building. This will not only cause the floor. The great waste of brand resources has also greatly increased the cost of flooring branding.

While flooring companies should mobilize all employees to maintain corporate and product brands while building brands, As a part of the corporate brand, the whole people mobilized and made themselves a corporate gold sign.

Fourth, the rule of water drop stone

a floor brand to be familiar to consumers in a certain area, it is inevitable To do a good job in brand communication. However, brand communication not only requires time accumulation, but also requires sufficient resources for the flooring companies to support, such as human resources, material resources, financial resources, selling resources, consumer mental resources and so on. As a result, some resource-constrained flooring companies are hard to do brand communication work, and they don’t even know how to start. The key to solving the problem is to accumulate resources bit by bit, to use resources realistically, to avoid losses caused by fraud, and ultimately to break the limits of resources and successfully achieve brand communication. We call it the rule of dripping stone.

Conversely, if we do not follow the law of dripping stone, by creating a false background, fabricating authoritative information, etc., and seeking the ‘one night riches’ in branding, then we will inevitably receive corresponding punishment.

Five, ‘Brand Allusions’ Law

‘Brand Allusions’ refers to the brand in the birth and development process can directly highlight the brand characteristics Iconic event. Brand allusions are often used to express some broad and profound themes. For example, the Haier refrigerator incident has become the most typical event for Chinese companies to pay attention to quality, and thus has become the classic of countless large and small media, books and universities. Case ‘. The main role of ‘Brand Allusion’ is that it can quickly convey the brand characteristics to the public, strengthen the public’s perception of the brand, and because of the vividness, fun, uniqueness and legend of the brand allusions, can generate the brand’s own speech. The situation – the masses easily remember and actively spread, get a large number of free communication opportunities, significantly reduce the cost of brand communication, and effectively promote the widespread spread of the brand.

Floor companies should explore from all aspects of the enterprise, pay attention to observation, learn to find ‘brand allusions’, manufacture ‘brand allusions’, so that ‘brand allusions’ to promote the long-term development of the brand.

VI. ‘Live Advertising’ Law

All possible relationships with customers, potential customers and the public in the flooring company The employees can be said to be important media in the process of corporate brand communication. They spread the ‘live image’ of the company, so we call it ‘living advertising’, for example, entrepreneurs, human resources managers, sales people, Press spokespersons, after-sales service personnel, security guards, cleaners, etc. are all important ‘live advertisements’ for enterprises. These ‘live advertisements’ play a vital role in the spread of the floor brand, even to a certain extent.The brand image of the floor company has the power of ‘killing and killing’. Therefore, in daily operations, flooring companies must carefully create their own ‘live advertisements’, which can not only avoid the harm of ‘live advertisements’ on brand image, but also reduce the negative impact of negative communication on brand reputation. More importantly, it can Give full play to the positive communication role of each ‘live advertisement’, thus effectively reducing the cost of brand communication, thereby reducing the cost of branding. We call it the ”live advertising’ rule’.

The floor industry is also a labor-intensive industry to a certain extent. If each employee of the company can improve their own quality and can represent themselves on the company’s brand image, the company will receive A large number of free brand communication opportunities. Corporate employees are rich resources for branding of flooring companies. Floor companies should instill brand awareness into each employee when branding.

Seven, one arrow and more carving rules

One arrow double carving is used to metaphor to do one thing for two purposes. Borrowing this idiom, the one-man multi-carving method we proposed mainly refers to the brand communication behavior of the floor enterprises to achieve multiple purposes, not just to spread the brand name. Only in this way can the flooring companies truly make full use of resources and significantly reduce the cost of branding.

Floor companies must innovate in branding techniques, so that planning events can produce multiple effects on the enterprise. ‘Take one to ten’ to minimize the cost of shaping.

Eight and four potential rules

‘Four rules of the law’ is an important principle for floor companies to achieve low-cost branding First, it means that public relations activities and the creation of news soft texts must conform to the trend of social development, the trend of industry development, the trend of enterprise development and the interest of consumers. Comply with the ‘Four Forces’ principle, it can effectively realize the active attention of consumers and the free reports of the media, and even get the support of relevant government departments. This can help flooring companies achieve low cost and build strong brands.

First, in line with the trend of social development. The trend of social development, as the name suggests, refers to the overall trend of social development, such as the increasing living standards, more and more people-oriented, or more and more full of human care.

Second, in line with the development of the industry, that is, recognize the overall trend of an industry development. This is more direct to branding than the trend of social development.

Third, in line with the development of the enterprise. Because only by recognizing the development trend of the floor enterprises, that is, the development prospects and strategic tactics of enterprises, enterprises can take effective measures to promote the development of the brand and promote the sustainable development of the brand.

Fourth, in line with consumer demand. The change in consumer demand determines the final choice of flooring products. The branding of flooring companies should constantly adjust their strategies as consumers’ needs change.

IX, convex lens rule

floor enterprises need to concentrate limited resources, especially financial resources, choose a suitable focus, do not waste any resources, and gradually break through To achieve a low cost to shape the brand. We call this the law of convex lenses.

When building a brand, floor companies can look for events that can reflect the advantages of the company’s brand, and vigorously promote the highlights of the corporate brand from the event.

Ten, the heart is the law

Since the ancient Chinese emphasized the heart attack, the Three Kingdoms period, the establishment of the Shuhan, Southwest The leader of the barbarians, Meng, received a hundred thousand troops to invade the country. Zhuge Liang took the ‘heart attack’, seven and seven vertical, so that he was finally moved, and vowed not to reverse. Since then, the southwest of Laos has settled down. This is the tactical value of ‘spoofing the city and attacking the heart.’ Being able to ‘be a war without a fight’ is the highest level of strategic planning and can significantly reduce the cost of flooring branding. We call it the rule of the heart.

Floor companies in the difficult expansion of the brand, the development of difficult to break through, may wish to use this rule, hearted customers, will have unexpected gains.

XI, the law of land and air

From the perspective of brand marketing, the Air Force refers to advertising, public relations activities, Event marketing and other activities that inform product functions, attract consumers’ attention, and enhance brand awareness and reputation; Army refers to the actual and ground-based work of rules and regulations, organizational structure, sales policies, and channel construction. In the process of growing the floor brand, the two played different roles. The Air Force focused on the pull, while the Army focused on the thrust. The Air Force needs to solve the problem of how to let consumers know about the product, pay attention to the product, and finally generate the desire to buy the product. . The biggest challenge facing the Army is how to occupy the channel, so that consumers can more contact with the product, how to price, how to promote, how to arrange the terminal, so that consumers have a greater probability of making a purchase. It can be seen that the two are complementary, and they are indispensable. Only land and air can cooperate to attack the city, otherwise it will cause waste of resources and increase the cost of brand building. We call it the law of land and air.

Floor companies must adopt land and air cooperation tactics when building brands, not only to let consumers know that there is this brand, they are willing to buy their products, but also to let consumers buy Happy, comfortable. Similarly, the planning and implementation of flooring business activities also requires land and air cooperation.

12, 3S rule

3S includes ‘Shi (Shi)’, ‘Shi (Shi)’ and ‘ Potential (Shi)’. ‘Things’ mainly refers to basic things, such as: raw material procurement, product production process supervision, finished product quality inspection, service level control, financial management, and office conditions, production equipment, plant environment, etc. . ‘Things’ is the foundation for the survival and development of flooring brands. ‘city’,Mainly refers to the market, such as: whether the product has a market, how big the market is, how to win the consumer, and then occupy the market. ‘City’ is the soil for the survival and development of flooring brands. ‘Potential’ mainly refers to the situation and situation. If the brand wants to develop, it must understand the trend and be good at taking advantage of the situation. This ‘potential’ mainly includes the trend of social development, the trend of industry development, the trend of enterprise development, and the development of public interest and demand. In order to achieve low-cost brand operation, flooring companies must do a good job at the basics, do a good job in the market, and be able to review the situation and take advantage of the situation. We call it the 3S rule.

Floor companies must fully grasp the ‘3S’ when building a brand, to do a good job in basic work, master the market and seek momentum, identify the situation, coordinate with the situation, one can not be less .

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