Korean companies actively prepare for the OLED market and increase investment

As one of the core components of many electronic products, the development trend of electronic screens has attracted the attention of related companies. Recently, Korean companies are generally optimistic about the development potential of OLED screens. Some analysts believe that in the next few years, OLED screens will continue to adopt new products and gradually replace LCD screens, which may become the development trend of electronic screens. In 2018, the market size of OLED will double that of 2016 and will continue to expand thereafter.

In this regard, South Korea’s Samsung and LG and other related giants are actively preparing for: increase investment in OLED, including Samsung today and tomorrow At least 16 trillion won will be invested, and LG will invest at least 10 trillion won this year and next. In addition, companies have also expanded their product coverage. Among them, Samsung strives to expand and develop large-scale OLED screen products based on the advantages of small and medium-sized OLED screen products such as mobile phones and tablet PCs; LG seeks to expand and develop small and medium-sized OLED screens while maintaining the advantages of large-scale OLED screen products. product.

Author: Bai Yunfei Source: Economic Times

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UN Under-Secretary-General: Promoting Energy-efficient Lighting Developing a Green Economy

Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations, Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme, Achim · Steiner, Director of the Asia-Pacific Office of the United Nations Environment Programme, Kai Wei & middot; Zahdi and his party visited the Global Center for High-Efficiency Lighting Technology on the evening of 3rd, indicating Energy-saving lighting will be promoted globally to promote a green economy and promote sustainable development.

Steiner learns more about the center’s technical service activities in developing countries such as Asia, Africa and Latin America, and highly values ​​the work of the center, while accelerating global efficiency. The transformation of the lighting market, especially in developing countries to implement efficient lighting technology promotion and exchanges with Chinese counterparts.

In November of this year, the United Nations Environment Program and the Global Efficient Lighting Technology Center jointly held a global efficient lighting forum in Beijing. A consensus was reached among representatives of more than 60 countries, and it was agreed to accelerate the adoption of advanced lighting technologies to save energy and reduce emissions, further expanding the influence of lighting energy conservation in various developing countries.

Steiner said that the results and action plans of the Global Efficient Lighting Forum will make an important contribution to achieving the goal of sustainable energy for all. The Global Efficient Lighting Technology Center is an important force and technical support organization for UNEP to promote and implement the Global Efficient Lighting Forum Consensus and Action Plan. It has already made achievements in some countries and regions, and hopes that the Center can exert greater strength in promoting efficient lighting. .

Steiner said that promoting green economy and reducing pollution is a global challenge, and the promotion of efficient lighting will help reduce electricity consumption, haze and carbon emissions. China is a leader in the global lighting industry, with good standards, advanced technology and mature models, which is why the United Nations is cooperating with China. Next, UNEP will work with countries to provide more solutions to climate change issues and call for more people to use energy-efficient products.

The Global Efficient Lighting Technology Center is an independent third-party non-profit technology jointly established by the United Nations Environment Program and the National Electric Light Source Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Beijing) in 2012. The organization aims to provide solutions and technical support for global efficient lighting product quality control, laboratory capacity building, etc., especially in developing countries and emerging countries to promote the conversion of efficient lighting technology.

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Fusion · Metamorphosis | The 15th Pan-Asian Alliance Education Conference is about to open

This is the fifteenth year. The Alliance insisted on using a conference to record the ups and downs of teaching and training and the ups and downs of teaching and training.

Fifteen years ago, in order to restore a true Chinese education industry, the heads of the eight educational institutions spontaneously set up a platform for the exchange of the Spring and Autumn Leagues and witnessed the 15 years of teaching and training in the country. The progress of the industry and the development of the industry from the edge to the feng shui.

In 2019, the industry is going to talk about the education industry, and even the overall private education industry.

Under the policy change, the early childhood education, basic education, training and education, and vocational education for private education have entered a period of standardization and strict supervision. More than ten years of demographic dividends and policy gaps have brought the private education industry to barbarism. The golden period of growth has come to an abrupt end, “to support a batch, to standardize a batch, to shut down a number of policies to rectify, it is inevitable that several families will be happy, plus the economic environment and the industry’s own enrollment and teaching competition.” The operating pressures of various private education entities have increased dramatically.

Early education cannot be capitalized, the proportion of Pratt & Whitney Park is expanded, and the prospects for private parks are lost;

Basic education primary and secondary schools adhere to the non-profit direction, and the school brand is subject to restrictions on enrollment autonomy Challenge;

Training and education should return to the off-campus property, not super-class, no timeout, the number of institutions and the number of students decreased;

Quality education should be standardized, and all kinds of competitions should be declared first. , student display and institutional value-added platform are limited;

Vocational education should not become “cash money tree, we must adhere to the first principle of talent cultivation;

Family education is once again on the agenda, but the protagonist It is within the system that family education outside the system is long-sleeved;

International education is steadily rising, online teachers are further shortening language distance, and private education is in line with international education;

… …

Once a private education in a section of the management, when faced with policy changes, feeling lonely and thin, and a multi-level education group is obviously more calm and full of resources. Use, private education from fine The decentralized integration into different areas and the gradual development of the trend of integration of education across ages has begun to emerge. The new era calls for a platform for the integration and exchange of education.

It is for this reason that the 14-year China Education and Training Industry Alliance Annual Meeting has been officially upgraded to “Union Alliance Conference, which is the 14th year of the Alliance Conference focusing on the domestic education and training industry’s original intentions, but also after the upgrade. The Pan-Asian Alliance is looking forward to opening up the entire industry and looking at the true voice of the new ecology of private education that builds the global education platform.

In 2019, there were very few teaching and training conferences, and there were very few meetings for the industry to solve the problem of “breaking practical methods” for practitioners.

The Alliance Conference “When Spring is a voice, it is the persistence of the education and training industry for 15 years. It is not easy to insist on doing one thing. The alliance platform hopes to pass the private preschool education, basic education, and education. The direction of the leading figures in different formats, such as vocational education and tutoring, and the sharing of school-running, help the school (farm) and private education practitioners understand more about the policy direction, technology integration, capital integration, and operational enhancement. The new product and new model will provide a satisfactory answer to more than 400,000 colleagues in the education industry and millions of private education families at all levels, in order to achieve China’s response from a populous country to a human resource power. Some contributions.

Choose a high level of learning, choose a temperature party

Just in April, Zhongyuan Greentown & mdash;—Zhengzhou!

Four characteristics:

壹: Model Learning Conference

Learning from the giants is not to feel the feelings of the industry boss, nor to be shocked by the speed and scale of the giant enterprise, but to These industry benchmarking companies or teams learn their core teaching basic skills and return to the essence of education. This is a new beginning for our private education people from opportunism to pragmatism, from rumors to craftsmanship.

For the school, excellent and stable teachers have always been the first core competitiveness.

贰: Industry Cooperation Conference

Industry development to maturity is not competition, but competition.

There is no age in education, the continuity of schooling, the more obvious the effect of education, and the utilization of various resources is greatly improved. Private education has been dispersed from the subdivision to the concentration. Integration, and gradually developed to the trend of large-scale education integration across the ages, the education industry’s industrial chain advantage has become more apparent.

Co-opetition is not a big merger and integration, especially in the field of education. It can be a very warm combination and integration. Every competition is a transformation, and all the beneficiaries are educators. This kind of competition will show four major trends in 2019, and will be concentrated in the alliance conference:

First, the integration of online and offline teaching, the double division is the most typical case; Power Conference)

The second is the integration of the education chain, the integration of early childhood and early education, the integration of quality education and subject education;

The third is the integration of teaching space and curriculum (Z100 Education Complex and Various Theme Forums)

The fourth is the brand integration based on capital ties, and the development of the group. (G30 Leading Brand Forum)

叁: Ideas Update Conference

Teaching and Training Industry The core of the new political theory is “burden reduction, it is to subtract students from extracurricular Heavy teaching content, students feel passively feeling “unhappy, stressful.” This situation is also the core reason for the new education in Korea in 2014. In the process of super-level education and governance in Korea, the study sovereignty was finally returned to the students. Today, 70% of South Korea’s institutions have completed a huge change from the “teacher’s teaching”, which is a huge classroom revolution, and no one thought that its initiator is an extracurricular tutoring institution?

Taking precautions, how will China’s future institutions build a teaching classroom model with the core of student learning as a Korean counterpart, gradually replacing teaching power with learning power. In this respect, some excellent institutions in China have already taken the lead.

In 2018, he is the only one who has the unique ability to learn. He has his own unique style of learning, just as his founder Zhang Xi said: “Knowledge will be outdated, but the ability to learn knowledge will never go out of fashion. .

Alice, who insists on investing millions each year and has been a learning conference for six consecutive years, has a special liking for learning. Its founder, Pan Pengkai, expressed his vision for Chinese education: “I hope that China’s educational ideas for the next 30 years will really help each of our children to be better.

The Yisheng School, which is located in Dalian, Northeast China, has achieved a great reputation with the focus on learning and law.

Are you ready to learn the new era?

肆: Management Upgrade Conference

In 2019, for private educators, maintaining their own brands is more important than the scale of development. In the past year, even though many educational institutions have been careful about thin ice, the number of shots is still not small. Heavy will cause the stock to plummet and the losses will be heavy; if it is on the blacklist, the brand will be damaged and the students will be lost. In the face of such a special rectification period, doing a good job of crisis prevention and public opinion public relations is a new ability that we must have as a head.

In 2019, what is the logic behind the national fiscal and tax reform, tax changes and tax cuts, what new opportunities for our educational institutions? Corporate compliance operations are a major trend, in the payment of electronic, data transparency Today, any luck will not be lucky, just a matter of time.

After the ebb tide, I know who is swimming naked. Today’s industry norms are like the tides after the rush. There are few opportunities for rumors. Only those institutions that have excellent teaching skills, lean operations, and a well-rounded school can only laugh at the end.

Schedule to watch

& ldquo; All for education, the Chinese education after the quiet, may be more tense. (*This article has indicated the source and source, the copyright belongs to the original author, if there is any infringement, please contact us)

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Russian lighting market policy, capital flow, logistics analysis

“ Uncertainty has always been the most worrying factor for companies entering new markets. Projects such as regulations, capital flows and logistics are absolutely necessary for a foreign company to understand.

For the Russian lighting market, apart from the language barrier (because Russians don’t speak English), when the author enters this huge market, the most worrying elements of the company are listed, and further Analyze its impact:


The Russian government’s support for the green energy industry is highly critical. The plan, including “Strategy2020, the Ministry of Economic Development released in 2014” document No. 229 and “Document No. 155” clearly pointed out that LED products must occupy a certain proportion of the national or municipal construction. In addition, the Russian government has completely banned incandescent lamps since 2014, which will accelerate the replacement speed of LED products. As for the regulations, Russian lighting products mainly follow the international standard IEC and the national standard GOSTR, mainly based on the regulations derived from international regulations, and there are no special requirements for products. In terms of policies and regulations, there is no such thing as uncertainty in the Russian market. Instead, there is more support from the government.


In addition to the direct access to the Russian market through general orthodox logistics, there are local Russian Many “advisory companies” assist foreign companies or products to distribute goods in Russia, but in fact they are another type of logistics company. These consultants usually hold orders from sources to assist Russian local channel companies in finding solutions. When consultants find solutions abroad, they make local purchases and ship the products directly back to Russia. It can therefore be seen as another form of dealer.

After the local visit, I also found that many “advisory companies in the market have a Chinese-funded background. The Russian local office is only a head company, and it is also a special situation in the Russian market.

In summary, products entering Russia will not encounter too high a threshold, mainly to find an order counterpart. As for the import tariffs, since the entry into the WTO in 2012, import tariffs have been declining year by year. After September 2015, LED components will enter the era of zero tariffs, and finished goods tariffs will fall between 12% and 15%.

Money Flow:

The flow of funds is partly in the market segment, there is no control, mainly to set up a company in the local area. There will be differences in the minimum capital amount depending on the company’s form.

As for the part of the funds, the Russian government did not specify the “exemption control clauses”, that is, as long as the local profitable manufacturers in Russia, the funds should be remitted. In the country, there is no amount of control. Although the Russian market seems to be closed, it is actually relatively freer than other Asian countries in terms of funds being dispatched on departure clauses.

Based on the above information, Russia is actually very friendly in the face of foreign companies. The overall policy, regulations, financial flow and logistics are not too restrictive, so foreign companies are more The flexibility to set up the company and the establishment of the business model, so the winning point is still how the company should make value, find local partners, and establish long-term cooperation, in order to increase sales.

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Russia, Turkey and other countries launched anti-dumping duties on stainless steel tableware for China

Russia, Turkey and other countries launch anti-dumping duties on stainless steel tableware in China

Reporter from Jinan Customs The Binzhou office learned that since 2015, Russia, Turkey and other countries have launched anti-dumping duties on stainless steel tableware for China. The stainless steel tableware industry in the city is facing huge impact and severe test. The Jinan Customs Office in Binzhou suggests that the industry and enterprises should thoroughly study relevant policies and regulations, establish a sense of warmth in the group, and enhance competitiveness through technology and brand.

The staff of Jinan Customs Office in Binzhou introduced that in June this year, Russia initiated an anti-dumping duty of 15.6%-74% on stainless steel tableware in China, mainly for tax numbers 8211910001, 8215991000 and 8215201000, covering almost All Chinese export stainless steel tableware products. According to the survey, Russia imposes an additional tariff of 30% on Chinese stainless steel products, and this time it is only for China, exempt from Europe, Southeast Asia and Vietnam. In addition, at the beginning of February this year, the Turkish government announced a 25% anti-dumping duty on all stainless steel products imported from China. At the beginning of the year, the EU also abolished the policy toward China, which led to a significant increase in tariffs on imports of stainless steel products from the EU, and the competitive advantage of Chinese stainless steel tableware was further reduced.

Russia and Turkey are emerging markets that have developed in recent years in China. The annual order volume has maintained a high growth rate of 40-50%. At present, China’s stainless steel tableware products account for more than 30% of the Russian market. As far as Binzhou City is concerned, Yangxin County is an important stainless steel tableware production base in the country. It is also the leading industry with regional characteristics and competitive advantages. Its annual sales account for 95% of Shandong Province and 50% of the national total. Tableware accounts for 70% of the country. After the implementation of a series of trade barriers, the price of stainless steel cutlery exported domestically is in a serious disadvantage compared with Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam and Indonesia. The export of tableware in the city is facing a serious impact.

The reporter learned from Shandong Dongjin Tableware (Yangxin) Co., Ltd. that the company mainly produces and exports stainless steel tableware products, and is the leading enterprise in the tableware industry in the province. “Dongjin tableware has also been It is rated as Shandong Famous Brand Product and Shandong Famous Brand Export Product. At the beginning of February this year, Turkey imposed a 25% anti-dumping duty on Chinese stainless steel products. The company’s more than 8 million US dollars orders were directly requested by customers to reduce prices by 25%. In order to reduce losses, some products bypassed the EU and partially canceled orders, resulting in direct Losing more than $2 million. In addition, in response to this barrier, Turkish importers will turn to countries such as Vietnam and India, and China’s market share in Turkey is at stake. In Russia, the company’s $5 million order is facing a sharp price cut and direct losses of $1.5 million to $2 million. Several large Russian importers have made it clear that they want to consider other suppliers outside China. At the same time, the company also reflected that Turkey and Russia implemented tariff barriers, and some countries in the EU also showed similar will, which may have a more serious impact on the city’s stainless steel tableware exports.

The staff of Jinan Customs Office in Binzhou introduced that in the face of impact, first of all, the country should negotiate and contain with Turkey, Russia and other countries and organizations, appropriately increase the export tax rebate for the stainless steel tableware industry, and protect domestic stainless steel tableware. The industry is developing steadily At the same time, it is recommended that the industry and enterprises should thoroughly study the WTO trade rules and the anti-dumping policies and regulations of the trading countries, establish a sense of warmth in the group, and respond to trade frictions through legal channels under the coordination organization of industry associations, actively respond to anti-dumping and avoid unfair treatment.

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Dachang “team battle” CES 2019, Rococo Luo Ke used design to help technology landing

From January 8th to January 11th, the 2019 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was launched in Las Vegas, and LKK Rococo Innovation Design Group (hereinafter referred to as “Rococo”) Design platform and R&D supply chain platform, together with Alibaba, Baidu, Meituan and other domestic technology giants, CES 2019, free to release imagination, play black technology, share good products and technology ideas, use their own methods, go abroad The label shows China’s power and allows the world to re-understand China’s technology and design.

Vice President, LKK Rococo Innovation Design Group Deng Zemao, general manager of the chain platform (first from left) at the CES site

It is reported that Luo Ke shared the design platform and the R&D supply chain platform, and exhibited many creative and good products on the spot, which attracted the onlookers and attracted the attention. Many overseas companies and media have paid more attention to Eric, the CEO of Ecco Design, the international product design company, who went to the booth to participate in the exhibition.

& ldquo; Good design + good products, unlock China & ldquo; new ideas for innovation

This CES, Rococo R & D supply chain platform with the most representative innovation exhibits unveiled AI &amp ;Robotics pavilion, use good design + good products to unlock China & ldquo; smart new ideas. Among them, the image of the text can be used in natural nano-scale extracts, and the Xiaomaliang food painting robots drawn on the food are reported by overseas media; the combination of elegant aesthetic design and excellent user experience realizes “always on” Innovative products such as the non-small Xiaoya AI speaker have been well received by the visitors and exhibitors.

Xiaomaliang food painting robot attracts a lot of attention

Rococo’s R&D supply chain platform is a one-stop innovative product integration service platform integrating product design, R&D, Shouban, mold opening, production, packaging and transportation, e-commerce channel and supply chain finance. It is divided into industry production suppliers, 40,000+ designers, 100,000+ precision users, providing full process guarantee for the company to finally realize the landing and promotion of innovative products.

At CES, Rococo’s R&D supply chain platform is looking forward to the global market. It hopes to showcase one-stop full-process R&D supply chain custody service capabilities through many good products to help more companies solve product innovations. And the demand for creative landing.

Linking global designers to create good products

This trip to Las Vegas, in addition to exhibiting CES 2019, Rococo · Lok also attended the world Indiegogo, the largest product crowdfunding platform, held the “IndiegogoCES 2019” branding party and met face-to-face with a million-level project team to share more possibilities with technology + design.

Rococo ·Loker Link Global Designer


At the same time, as a partner, Rococo · Loker and the American Industrial Designers Association IDSA and the US industrial design authority media platform Core77 jointly held the “Tech + Design Forum and Designer Night.” In the future, Rococo will link global creators and designers to build a new ecosystem of Chinese and American designers.

Luo Ke is a shared design platform focusing on product innovation, integrating 40,000+ professional designers from all over the world, through product data management system and high standard design quality of big data and precision matching industry. Standards provide the most cost-effective design services for companies. At this exhibition, CES expects to create a shared design platform for the world, attract more creatives and quality designers, and create products with global creators.

Designing empowerment and exploring new business models

With the rapid advancement of technology, more and more industries are opening up from the era of technological pioneering to the era of application. Curtain. How to achieve the landing of technology has become a problem for many companies.

Rococo has 15 years of experience in integrating innovative design services. With the mission of “Designing a Beautiful World”, Rococo is committed to connecting users, companies and designers to build a social product innovation platform and create good products. Currently, it has successfully deployed New York, London, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Nanjing, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Xiamen, Suzhou, Nanchang, Foshan and Liuzhou.

Rococo · Loker CES 2019 Booth Site

As early as 2019, Rococo helped Internet giants such as Baidu, Meituan, and Himalayan to create several smart home products, and reached strategic partnerships with companies such as Horizon and Rouyu Technology to help technology through design. Landing and promoting the process of intelligent life. Rococo expects to showcase the new meaning of design-enabled products to overseas customers through its shared design platform and R&D supply chain platform. Through strategic cooperation with more international companies, it will build a new business ecosystem.

It is reported that CES 2019 has about 4,500 companies from more than 150 countries and regions to launch new products.With a quarter of the total number of exhibitors, the influence of Chinese brands continues to expand. As the world’s largest and most influential technology feast, CES is building a channel for technology to change the world through its own strength. In the future, Rococo expects to design global companies, creators and users to build a social product innovation platform to jointly create good products.

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Why is the road of home improvement industrial workers attracting new incomers?

Image from “123rf.com.cn

Near During the period, some new entrepreneurial models began to emerge in the home building materials industry. Although individual projects appear to be somewhat reticulated, each has its own value and significance. The birth of these projects does not mean that the company’s model has been widely recognized by the market, but it also reflects one point:

The home building materials industry does not lack new models, want to improve the efficiency of the entire industry, in a certain Entrepreneurs who create value in a sub-sector are not uncommon. In this industry, which is difficult to completely subvert because of tradition, there are still some new entrepreneurial opportunities in the future.

However, in recent times, new entrepreneurs have talked with Yiou Home about a key word, the industry hot word “active” during the 2014-2016 period. This development strategy, once described by the love space, the love of my home network, the magical 007, the colorful decoration of the home, has once again attracted the favor of some entrepreneurs. This time, whether it can come out of the question consists of “question”. What about whirlpools?

Re-doing “Own industrial workers, it is not feasible to create an open worker network for workers?”

From the perspective of the industry, home improvement companies only need three The content can be decorated, that is, the product, design and decoration workers, of course, this is the simplest statement.

Not long ago, a person in the home improvement industry who had been in the industry for many years told Yiou that his group company had launched a new project. As the project leader, he wanted to create a big ” Worker platform. Due to the short start-up time of the project and the reasons why the group company is unwilling to disclose it, the practitioner is not willing to be named.

Initially, this project was only intended to gather a part of the workers, so that workers can easily take orders, and also meet the needs of the group’s internal project, and solve the problem of high service cost and difficult service in the industry. .

But later he thought that this could serve as an entry point for building an open worker network. In the whole process of decoration, the most important part is construction delivery. Therefore, he believes that the essence of the home improvement industry should return to the workers. After all, the services of the home improvement industry are subject to products and are more subject to the service.

From the cases that have appeared in the past, it is not an easy task to establish a “domestic industrial worker system” or to build an open worker network platform.

Io’s previously reported that Love Space was born out of the model of its own industrial workers, but suffered a lot of doubts. The founder Chen Hao also admitted in November 2016 that “own industry” This road of workers is the biggest pit that has been encountered since the establishment of space. Uber and Didi’s way of operating an open worker network has also been verified by the previous home improvement market player Shenong 007. Instead of doing an open trick mode, it is better to do the core workers faster and more stable.

However, these models have not been long. Jia Meng, an analyst at the billion-dollar think tank, said that the road of industrial workers has no end at all, nor is it as simple as imagined. Instead, it is like an advantage advocated for financing.

Building the advantages and disadvantages of the workers’ platform

So, in the past, there have been many cases of failures, why are the homeowners’ own industrial workers, and Attracting new inns? The idea of ​​an introvert may lead to some new thinking.

A lot of benefits

The first key point is “value.” If the home building materials industry can create a large enough “worker platform”, on the one hand, workers can make orders online through a platform similar to Drip. In the past, the road guerrilla mode will not appear. A free-to-order model also helps workers improve their productivity and business agility.

On the other hand, companies with relevant service needs can send orders to the workers through the platform, reduce the cost of work in an open and transparent way, and solve the problem of difficult service in the industry. In the long run, this method will help alleviate the asymmetry of information, which will greatly enhance the future development efficiency of the industry, increase the enthusiasm of workers, and also help to improve the quality of service.

The second key point is “Time.” First of all, around 2016, the mobile Internet dividend was released to the extreme. The acceleration of the intelligent era has also enabled many workers to become proficient in using intelligent products. This is the tipping point brought by the times to all walks of life.

Second, as the proportion of hardcover homes is gradually increasing, skilled workers will also gain more development opportunities.

Third, the infrastructure has been perfected from the perspective of the industry and the Internet. The combination of these effects has provided new opportunities for newcomers.

However, creating an open worker network is not without problems. On the contrary, the problems that have not been resolved in the past have still not been resolved.

The drawbacks are particularly

Whether it is the industrial workers or the road to create an open network of workers, this trend of love space has not stopped for a long time. In the past, many companies have not stopped the imitation and imitation of the new model of Internet home furnishings. It does not rule out the possibility that new incomers will continue to imitate.

And in this context, companies with capital support can’t do things, from small businesses or big sets.The entrepreneurial project under the regiment to practice this matter, the difficulty coefficient may be even greater.

Similarly, the management of workers in the home improvement industry is also a problem, which is reflected in two aspects: one is that it is difficult to rely on enterprises for centralized training, and the other is that workers are not necessarily willing to accept drip-style online orders. The mode of offline services.

Why do you say this?

On the one hand, it is difficult for construction workers in the home improvement industry to adapt to the training mechanism of the company. The cost of trial and error will be very high, and it is also possible to raise complaints from customers. On the other hand, there is no advantageous management system in the industry, which can realize the function as convenient as taking orders from drivers on the DDT, and there is not necessarily a large number of workers and decoration companies willing to pass this way. Come to pick up a live or send a living.

Returning to the source of the problem, the open worker network has long-term value, but the time spent in the market education stage is very long and the cost will be very high.

Besides, who is going to build an open access platform for such home improvement industry workers? The answer is uncertain, whether the business model can be widely used is uncertain. of. However, companies must first establish a management system that is sufficiently good to use, and have a clear “dividing system” and “schedule” rules to make this happen.

From a very idealistic point of view, the home building materials industry does have such a demand: the real skill of the decoration workers hope to do more, better quality work in a limited time, get more More income; and companies want to find more reliable workers, it is better to assume that the cost of services can be reduced.

But from now on, this idea will not be the future in the short term. As for the future, will there be companies that can take this model through, no one knows the answer, maybe, waiting for you to create.

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South Korea KAA live broadcast platform? KAA video invitation code? Block chain mining mode? KAA-consulting sunny day

Korea KAA Live Platform? KAA Video Invitation Code? Block Chain Mining Model?

Korea KAA Project Profile

Under the Blockchain Ecology, Global Appreciation The platform is a knowledge education system for the blockchain industry to popularize the system, identify the pros and cons of the project, and create a new platform for value sharing and value acquisition.

KAA platform integrates artist training, artist packaging, online live broadcast, token consumption, reward mining and exchanges, combined with current live hotspots and blockchains to reward mines Create a new blockchain token ecology.

Korean KAA Business Model

Platform Mechanism

KAA Token

Token: In addition to trading with mainstream currency, KAA also It can be used for mining awards, dividends, gift rewards, wealth management investments, commodity redemption, and currency voting.

Hosting Selection

The anchor submission data review is completed by —— completing the corresponding course tasks in the platform ——

Fans vote for the main broadcast, and the number of votes reached the top fifteen—— the anchor can successfully open the live broadcast room.

Anchor Broker and Earnings

Fans voted for the main broadcast and successfully opened the live room After that, become the anchor of the “broker,” brokers can enjoy 10% dividends on the rewards of the anchor.

Anchor revenue

After the anchor starts broadcasting, it will get 5%-10% of all rewards in the live broadcast (as the popularity increases, the reward will increase, the proportion will have Advanced promotion)

User invitation mechanism

KAA registration will send 200 KAA coins, and then each new user will receive 80KAA coins and get the invitees. 30% of the follow-up transaction fee is used as a reward, and it can also continue to receive a dividend of 3% of the total direct income.

KAA Token Release

KAA’s total circulation is 89.3 billion pieces, not added, mainly used for:

1. Buying feedback: 51% The number of KAA is 45.5 billion

2. Platform funds: 15%, and the number of KAAs is 13.4 billion

3. Founding team: 15%, the number of KAA is 13.4 billion pieces

4. Strategic partners: 9%, KAA number is 8 billion pieces

5. Share + heat reward: 10%, KAA number 8.93 billion

KAA Direct Video

Token’s Circulation Transaction

In addition to the mainstream exchanges, KAA will also trade in the embedded exchanges launched on the platform. It can also be consumed in the mall inside the platform, including: physical goods, fan ecology, training courses, financial management strategies, etc.

Repurchase and sale

For a large number of rewards for mining, possible inflation may lead to depreciation of the KAA currency, and KAA has deployed an excellent solution. The KAA official will take out 15% of the platform’s profits and use it to regularly repurchase the KAA in circulation and destroy it, and increase the dividend of the user TOKEN to protect the interests of the holder. According to the KAA repurchase model, the difference in the price of the KAA will affect the proportion of the final repurchase in the cycle, which has played a positive role in the stability of the TOKEN price.

Profit Model

Membership Mechanism

Financial Plan

Voting Mechanism

1. After the fans voted for the main broadcast and successfully opened the live broadcast room, they became The anchor of the anchor, “ broker can enjoy a 10% dividend on the reward of the anchor.

2. Becoming a community partner: On a quarterly basis, 10-20 community partners and platforms will be selected to share the dividends, with a dividend ratio of 10% of the total platform revenue for the quarter. The selection criteria are determined by the number of KAAs held in each user’s hand and the voting ranking. The number of votes is ranked in the top 10 & mdash; 20 are successfully selected.

3. Credit voting: The KAA platform has its own exchange. When other project parties want to deposit money on the KAA platform, KAA does not charge any foreign currency fees, but decides by holding the currency voting. Whether to reach a cooperation intention.

Rewarding Bonus

Consumption Mechanism

A. Purchasing : Big coffee anchor multinational purchasing, international authentic, tax-free and low price; new products, good quality, excellent service, give you a shopping experience.

B. Mall: The platform self-operated mall can exchange items through KAA tokens, including physical goods, fan peripherals, training courses, financial management strategies, etc.

C. Education and Training: There are two main sections: First, training for the digital token market, including professional knowledge explanation, K-line point analysis, market risk forecasting, investment strategy simulation, etc., a large number of industries The elite teaches face to face and teaches you how to become a blockchain. Second,About the training of anchor art literacy, including music, dance, physical, broadcast and other courses, a large number of Korean professional instructors throughout the training skills training.

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Let’s see the world together – the 5th Tongyuan 728 Parent-Child Festival and Children’s World Expo will be the perfect ending

On July 29th, a large-scale parent-child charity event initiated and held by Tongyuan Photography Group “we watched the world’s 728 parent-child festival come to a successful conclusion! Tongyuan Photography Group “cares children, praises life, and is a harmonious society”. And the happy family to contribute to the corporate mission, carefully organized the large-scale public welfare parent-child activities. In two days and four cities, a platform for parents and children to play together and interact with each other has provided a valuable opportunity for children to open their eyes to the world.

The theme of this 728 parent-child festival is “Look at the world together, specially held” Children’s World Expo, appealing Parents spend a lot of time with their children, bring them together to know the world, feel the diverse beauty of the world, form an open and free world view, and explore more possibilities for the future of children. This parent-child festival has selected the characteristics of the countries of the world, and has arranged six venues including the China Pavilion, the German Pavilion, the Japan Pavilion, the US Pavilion, the British Pavilion, and the Baby World Cup Pavilion.

Parents and children prepare DIY paper fans during the holiday season to catch bear children, interactive small plays, children Simulated medical assistance small check, cool robot, colorful scratching, super god pitcher, fun painting, Lego Wonderful City, running frog, cosmic sand painting and baby crawling competition, etc., as many as a dozen kinds of world-specific children’s culture and parent-child games . Tongyuan Group prepared free photo and intensive pictures for the families going to the scene and sent the paper frame to the welfare. Twenty-one years of professional children’s photography took photos that satisfied the parents and children, and even the parents and children. I have served the whole family sun protection clothing, high-end toys, and so on.

It is reported that the four brands of Tongyuan Photography Group are Chengdu Super Child Star Children’s Photography, Guangzhou QQbaby Children’s Photography, Chongqing Angel’s Children’s Photography and Changsha QQbaby Children’s Photography staff have done their utmost to present this grand world fair to parents and children. At midnight, the venue was still being built. They were watching the children without relaxing for a moment. It was with their hard work that they had such a wonderful event.

A total of thousands of families came to the scene to experience the Tongyuan Group’s parents and children. Prepare a journey of the public welfare world, open up the eyes of children, and seek more possibilities for the future development of children. The public welfare of Tongyuan 728 Parent-Child Festival and the originality of the Children’s World Expo, which we watched the world together, have won the support and appreciation of many media, which attracted media reports. In fact, this is not the first time that Tongyuan Group successfully held the 728 Parent-Child Festival, which has caused a lot of media coverage and extensive social attention. Since 2014, Tongyuan Group has successfully held four 728 parent-child festivals, all of which are based on the promotion of harmonious parent-child relationship. Through planning and organizing online and offline parent-child activities, parents and children can have a happy life together on this day. Time.

The first event was co-organized with the first family magazine of the Chinese family, Family Magazine, which launched 728 parent-child for the first time. Festival, advocate parents to put down their work on the day of July 28, play with the children, accompany the children to grow up together. In the second session, the theme of “Where is Dad’s time?”, parents are urged not to ignore the growth of their children because of their work. Even if they are busy, they should have a complete childhood without parents. The third event is “by the event”. Love is about to be photographed as a theme, calling on parents to record the happy moments with their children, and to record their growth with photos; the fourth session is to encourage parents and children to be active, Two-way care and interaction create a childhood special time, let parents and children return to childhood together, and pick up the forgotten childhood fun.

In 2018, the 5th Tongyuan 728 Parent-Child Festival was held with the theme of the world. Hosting the Children’s World Expo, parents not only recognize the importance of accompanying children, but also recognize how to accompany their children correctly, feel the world together with their children, grow together, and deeply care for their future.

Today, the 728 Tongyuan Family Festival has become a very influential public welfare festival. In the past five years, Tongyuan has been holding the 728 charity parent-child festival for the purpose of caring for children, praising life and contributing to a harmonious society and a happy family. From calling on parents to accompany their children, to calling on parents and children to communicate in good faith, and then Call on parents to better accompany their children and see the world with their children. Tongyuan Group always pays attention to the happiness of thousands of families and pays attention to the needs of parents and children.

In the future, Tongyuan Photography Group will continue to contribute to the happiness and harmony of thousands of families in China, so that parents and children can feel the beauty of life together and sing praises for life. July 28, 2019, the same far parent-child festival, so stay tuned!

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Japan Kikusui Chemical Industry will build a new paint factory in Changshu, China

According to Japanese media reports, Japan Kikusui Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (Central District, Nagoya City), which produces and sells architectural coatings, recently announced that it will build a paint factory in Changshu Economic and Chemical Park in Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, China.

The joint venture between Jushui Chemical Industry and China’s building materials manufacturing giant Shanghai Building Materials will invest about 2.3 billion yen. The new plant is expected to start construction in April, completed in November, and officially put into operation in 2017.

Despite the deceleration of the Chinese economy, Kikusui believes that construction-related areas will continue to maintain high demand in the future. The new plant is expected to produce 35,000 tons per year, with a planned sales of 5 billion yen in 2021 and 10 billion yen in 2026.

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