Ten points of wood floor recognition

Ten key points for wood floor recognition
1. Wood floor information and atlas. Those words that are rough in printing, succinct in content, and arguably wearable and arrogant are misleading propaganda, which is caused by non-standard wood flooring manufacturers.

  2, wooden floor surface pattern. Wood floors with poor texture, unsatisfactory color, unnatural, and poor solid wood are not resistant to UV rays and are easily faded. These wooden floors are undoubtedly low quality products.

  3, the core material of the wooden floor. The wood flooring with rough core and dark color has higher formaldehyde content than the national superior product standard. Most of the comprehensive indicators of wood flooring are unqualified and belong to inferior products.

  4, the degree of sanding of the wooden floor. Use woodworking sandpaper to apply force to polish the surface of the floor a few times. The low-quality counterfeit products have white marks and are lower than the national standard.

  5, the mosaic effect of the wooden floor. A test of a wooden floor, the three pieces of staggered paving, high and low and triangular seams and edges are not visible, such wood flooring is a poor product.

  6, the bottom of the wooden floor. Those woods with inconsistent colors, rough texture, no branding and production time, large deformation and moisture resistance are inferior products.

  7. Imported wooden floors to see customs declarations and commodity inspection orders and certificates of origin. The original imported wooden floor has the origin, specifications, name and date on the list, and the Chinese translation is available on the box. More importantly, look at whether the number on the import list is tens of thousands of square meters or more. Less than tens of thousands of square meters may have imported a little original wooden floor, but a large number of sold wooden floors belong to the sheep head selling dog meat, which is self-produced or posted. Brand processed products.

  8, wooden floor warranty card and sales receipt. All regular manufacturers have standard receipts, and the actual manufacturer address and telephone number on the package and product information. There are no real addresses and phone numbers on the poor wood floor boxes and product information, or no address or phone at all.

  9, whether the wooden floor is sold in a specialty store, whether there is a power of attorney, whether the wooden floor has an international quality certificate and a certificate of the Chinese environmental labeling product and an authority certificate issued by the state functional department; There is no inspection report on the wooden floor (some commission inspection reports are not true, depending on the supervision inspection or daily inspection inspection report), whether it is the original. Since there is no, it may be low quality wood flooring.

  10, wood flooring manufacturers or marketing agencies have no standard retail price, whether it is a random price product, if this is the case, it is impossible to brand wood flooring.
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Smart toilets are easy to break?

   Smart toilets are one of the most important members of the current smart home, and people are paying more and more attention to smart toilets. The toilet is the biggest helper to solve our physiological problems. In view of the increasing number of toilet problems in the moment, smart toilets are currently the biggest improvement tool.

   One point for one price, smart toilet has powerful functions, of course, it is not cheap in terms of price, the price of smart toilet is very large, from cheap two or three thousand expensive five 60,000. Therefore, when many people buy smart toilets, there is always such a concern: Is the smart toilet easy to break? This kind of concern belongs to people’s common sense. After all, in many people’s view, smart toilets are actually electronic products, and the environment of our bathroom is more complicated. Most of them still do not do dry and wet separation treatment, so whether the electronic integrated board of smart toilet is easy. Damage is a problem that many people will consider. Many people will consult the guides repeatedly during the purchase.

   Today we are going to talk about smart toilets that are easy to break? What should be paid attention to during normal use.

   There are many electronic components inside the smart toilet. The most fear is the erosion of water vapor. It is a great damage to the internal electronic integrated circuit board. So for now, Many smart toilets have a feature that is IPX4 waterproof. It is this feature that allows many consumers to buy with confidence. Of course, there are also many families, because there is no wet and dry separation at home, the ordinary toilet is used directly, and then a layer of sitting cushion is added to the seat.

   China’s current smart toilet, the quality of the general, can be used for three or four years, after three or four years It is more prone to problems, and smart toilets with better quality, such as three or four thousand price points, do not have accidents, and basically can guarantee the use of five or six years, and then add maintenance, seam repair, It should be another three years. And the high-quality brand toilet, the price of the high-quality smart toilets in the six seven, seven or eight thousand, usually more maintenance, can guarantee the life expectancy in 1989.

  So smart toilets don’t really break down easily. When using it, you need to pay attention to the correct use, including some taboos, don’t try it. It is not a fun thing to madly test on the edge of death every day. It is often walked by the river~~~

   In order to extend the life span of Smart Anton, the smart toilet is not easy to break, so you need to pay attention when using it.

  First: Do not disassemble the smart toilet privately. If there is any problem, please call the customer service and maintenance personnel directly, and disassemble and repair it by professionals.

  Second: Use a smart toilet must be grounded! ! !

   Third: use 220v AC power, do not use other power supplies, causing damage, short circuit and other issues.

   Fourth: Do not step on and stand on the smart toilet cover.

  Fifth: Touch the smart toilet power without touching your hands.

   Sixth: When cleaning and scrubbing the smart toilet, first power off.

   Summary: In general, when consumers buy smart toilets, they must choose good quality products. Is the smart toilet easy to break? In fact, it will not be easily damaged. As long as we properly maintain and use it in daily life, the smart toilet is quite durable.


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LED wall washer, very cool

Wall washers are also called line-type LED floodlights, etc., because their shape is long, and some people call it LED line lights. The technical parameters are similar to those of LED floodlights, compared to LED floodlights. The circular structure and the heat dissipation device of the strip structure of the LED wall washer are better handled.
LED wall washers, as the name suggests, let the lights wash the wall like water, mainly used for architectural decoration lighting, as well as to outline the large buildings! Because LED has the characteristics of energy saving, high luminous efficiency, rich color and long life, it is widely used!

High-power LED wall washers have an illumination distance of 10-1 meters, which is very suitable for government lighting projects, commercial sites, subways, elevated overpasses, building exterior walls, architectural landmarks, etc. Panoramic floodlighting on the wall. Landscape building, outdoor plaza. Landscape objects and walls, display products. Can adapt to a variety of indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity environment. The colors are red, yellow, white, green, blue, and colorful.

Through the organic combination of colorful light and water, it creates a sense of agility and brings a dreamlike feeling. Light era wall washer LED high power T45 uses 24 high power LEDs as light-emitting components, which is a new generation of green lighting products. The long-distance, large-angle, colorful and colorful effects give people a new visual experience, and people are immersed in the unpredictable color world.
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Can a large-sized bathroom be designed to be arbitrarily designed?

   “I want a big house with a large glass window, the sun is shining on the floor…”

  A warmth of the words, people can’t help Construct a picture. The house at home is being renovated, maybe also a floor to ceiling window? The floor is also paved with floor? Do you want to come to a video room? …… A lot of thoughts, today we don’t talk about the whole, let’s talk about the part of the house – the bathroom space, what do you want to put in the bathroom?

  The house is big enough, the bathroom area is not small, so Xiaobian wants to push the jacuzzi first. A busy day of life, in a large space, holding a glass of wine, ordering an aroma, putting a favorite song, enjoying the bath in the jacuzzi is comfortable, really happy like a fairy.

  When choosing a jacuzzi, don’t blindly think that the more functions you have, the better. Choose the bathtub according to your actual needs. Like the Whale A3101 Jacuzzi, there are two ways to massage. One is a small bubble massage, which is mainly to give a gentle massage to the waist, thigh, calf skin. One is the high-frequency dithering water flow, which forms a large-area massage, which can effectively alleviate muscle fatigue. The function is not much but the effect is clear. Another important factor in choosing a bathtub is to see if it is used in safety. The Whales Jacuzzi has worked hard on safety details, reflecting the humanity design. The whale’s original opening design, double armrests above the bathtub, three water showers, and a simple operating system all ensure the safety of this bathtub. The elderly and children at home are not worried about using it. They have a healthy and comfortable life with a whale bath.

  The bathroom area is large enough, so the wet and dry separation must be considered, so it is necessary to install a shower room. The shower room can isolate most of the moisture and keep the bathroom dry. Especially in the large bathroom, there will be a washing machine, which is also a kind of protection for the washing machine.

   When purchasing a shower room, the first thing to confirm is the size and shape to better fit your own home. Bathroom. The precision 23 series shower room can be customized according to the standard, and the shape and size can be accurately manufactured according to the type of the house. The shower room should also pay attention to the glass material. The precision shower room is made of high-strength tempered glass. The glass is uniformly heated and tempered by 695° constant temperature, which eliminates the self-explosion phenomenon. Finally, the water in the shower room is very important. If the water blocking effect is not good, it is meaningless to install the shower room. The precision shower room’s rubber strip adopts imported PVC material and 30° arc angle drainage groove to effectively prevent water leakage and truly dry. Wet separation.

   Large-sized bathroom, I feel that I can be willful and do not have to worry about storage problems? You are wrong, daily necessities are increasing day by day, and it is also necessary to have a bathroom cabinet in the bathroom.

   When buying a bathroom cabinet, the first thing we need to look at is whether the storage is strong. Hengjie’s simple luxury bathroom cabinet is very exciting in terms of storage design. The combination of drawers and door-opening can separate objects of different sizes, and the storage compartment is movable, and the access of objects becomes very convenient, making the bathroom routine. In this way, with the child, you can also flexibly adjust the storage compartment. It is integrated with the minimalist design concept, and the use of new environmentally friendly materials, simple and practical experience, more in line with consumer demand.

  The bathroom must have a toilet in the standard. Nowadays, toilets on the market are divided into two types: ordinary and smart. The difference in price and functionality between the two is still particularly large. Ordinary toilets are more familiar, let’s talk about smart toilets.

   Speaking of smart toilets, what must be said is its function. To give an example: If you use the Wrigley Smart Toilet V7 AKB1310 at home, then when you walk into the bathroom and close to the toilet, you don’t need to bend over, the toilet lid automatically opens to welcome you; when the toilet is off seat, the toilet automatically flushes. , clean and worry free! This is an experience that ordinary toilets can’t give you. The most important function of the intelligent toilet is still in the cleaning function. The Wrigley intelligent toilet is equipped with a cleaning spray gun in the third position to adjust the water potential to ensure the cleaning comfort of different members of the family. The unique massage cleaning function effectively massages the anus. The sphincter makes the toilet more comfortable. More women’s wash function, let women at home enjoy the happiness and care.

   Smart home is no longer a new vocabulary, and the intelligentization of bathroom products will be a trend. The service life of sanitary products is generally more than 5 years on average, and keeping up with the trend is also an investment!


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What do you think of soundproof wooden doors?

How to choose the soundproof wooden door
   1. How to choose the soundproof wooden door?

   1), look at the weight: the material with high density is relatively soundproof.

   2), watch the door thickness: the thicker the door, the better the sound insulation effect. Increase the thickness of the door to 45mm, so that the door insulation and sound insulation effect is better.

   3), look at the flatness: the smoother the surface of the door leaf, the better the sound insulation effect.

   4), door and door cover contact area: 45 oblique door, greatly increasing the contact area between the door leaf and the door cover, extending the sound transmission route, sound insulation effect is better.

   2. How to choose the color of the interior wooden door?

   1) The color of the wooden door should be consistent with the style of the room

   Generally: the wooden door is the same as the furniture in the home, the window cover is dumb The relationship is relatively large. When the home room environment is warm, the warmer color can be selected for the wooden door;

   2) The color of the wooden door is close to the furniture color

   The wooden door should be as close as possible to the color of the furniture.

   3) The contrast between the color of the wooden door and the color of the wall

   In the “color relationship” between the wooden door and the wall and the ground, the same wall Face color needs to have some contrast to the hard.

   3, how to say goodbye to small space troubles?

   Entering the house and hitting the shoe cabinet, the kitchen opening the door and hitting the refrigerator and other small things that plague many small space types. The width of the indoor door in the home is 800mm, the opening angle At 180°, the door occupies a living area of ​​approximately 1.00 m2, while the 1 m2 space can be placed as large as a coffee table or a bedside table plus a shoe cabinet.
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How about composite wood flooring?

The floor is a floor decoration that many people like to use in addition to tiles. The price of solid wood flooring is relatively high, and the price of composite wood flooring is relatively cheap, so as an alternative to solid wood flooring, most consumers choose composite wood flooring to decorate the ground. What is the price of concrete composite wood flooring? Today, let’s talk about the price of composite wood flooring and the tips for purchasing composite wood flooring.
First, the price of composite wood flooring

The price of composite flooring market is relatively low in the floor price, the price of low-end composite flooring is about 300 yuan, and the price of mid-grade composite wood flooring is 300. Between -900 yuan, the price of high-grade composite wood flooring is between 1000-2000 yuan, of course, the price of some laminate flooring is even more than 2,000 yuan. However, the price of composite wood flooring sold on the market is less than 150 yuan, but there are big problems in the quality and environmental protection of such composite flooring, which is not very recommended.

At present, the price of composite flooring in the middle and high-grade composite flooring on the market is mostly more than 500 yuan. This composite flooring is relatively good in both product quality and after-sales service, suitable for popular demand. , is a good choice.

Second, the choice of composite wood flooring skills

composite layer is divided into three layers, the bottom layer, the core layer, the surface layer. The bottom and core layers act as a balanced cushion for the floor. Materials with good soft elasticity should be used, and the materials should be consistent to ensure the stability of the floor structure. The wear resistance of the surface layer should have higher requirements. The choice of composite wood flooring should be selected to have a good texture and a hard material.

Look at the surface paint film of the composite floor, the high-grade composite floor is made of high-grade UV matt paint, which has good wear resistance and can be used for a long time even if it is not waxed during use. Without refurbishment.

The service life of composite flooring depends on the thickness of the floor surface. The thicker the floor surface, the better the wear resistance of the floor. Made in Europe with a composite floor thickness of more than 4 mm, you can follow this standard to make a choice of laminate flooring.

There are also some good quality floors that are more environmentally friendly, and the floor is made of low formaldehyde content adhesive. When you buy, you can ask about the material of some merchant adhesives.
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How large is the size of the tile to achieve good results?

How large is the product to choose from? Pay attention to the following aspects when selecting:  


   according to the size of the room; If you are small, try to use smaller specifications. Specifically, if the area is less than 30 pings, consider using 600*600. If it is 30~40, 600*600 or 800*800 is available. At 40 flat or more, 800*800 can be considered.  

  (2) Consider the space occupied  

  if the living room is covered by furniture, that is, when the ground is used The actual visible size of the person, if the visible area is small, should also consider using a smaller size.  

  (3) Consider the length and width of the living room  

   Well, it means to try not to cut bricks or cut bricks as much as possible, and try to reduce waste. In general, the larger the tile size, the greater the waste.  

  (4)Consider the cost and cost of the tile  

  for the same brand of the same brand of products, tile The larger the specification, the higher the corresponding price. Don’t blindly pursue large-size products. When considering the above factors, you should also combine your own budget! It’s not a lot of money to spend less!
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The downlight is installed in the correct way

Downlights have become the darling of home and commercial lighting because they do not take up space. It not only enhances the softness of the space, but also creates a romantic atmosphere. So, how to install such a good downlight? Below, Xiaobian will come and talk about the installation method of the downlight and the neglected downlight installation precautions.
First, the installation method of the downlight

Step 1

A precise measurement of the size of the downlight and a perforation line in the pre-installed position ;

Step 2

After the hole is punched, clearly distinguish the wires in the hole and connect the reserved power cable to the downlight power cable;

Step 3

In order to make the height of the downlight perfectly match the ceiling edge, we need to adjust the nut on the fixed spring piece of the downlight;

Step 4

Push the downlight holder into the opening of the ceiling, and then install the matching bulb.

Second, common specifications for downlights

Downlights are generally divided into vertical downlights and horizontal downlights.

1, vertical downlight common specifications: 2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch, etc.;

2, horizontally mounted downlight common specifications: 4 inches, 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch, etc.;

The downlights of different sizes and sizes can withstand the common standards such as voltage, so we must remember.

Third, the installation of the downlights

1, after unpacking, first check whether the product is intact. If there is a non-human damage such as a broken lamp or a power failure, you can directly ask the dealer and the manufacturer to replace it.

2, in the entire installation process of the downlight, the power supply at home should be cut off to ensure that the power is closed and to prevent electric shock. Do not touch the surface of the lamp cover with your hands after the lamp is lit.

3. The installation position of the downlight should also be noted. It should not be installed around the heat source and the environment of hot steam. These gases have certain corrosive properties and will directly affect the service life of the downlight.

4. Before use, please read the instruction manual carefully to determine the applicable power supply size for the downlight of this specification. If the downlight is to be installed outdoors, it must be waterproof and ensure that the installation position can withstand more than 5 times the weight of the downlight.

5, the most suitable voltage for the downlight is 110/220V, and during the use, do not turn off the power too frequently, so the impact on the life of the downlight is very large.

6, the location of the installation, to ensure that there is no vibration, no fire and flat and strong, but also to avoid falling at high altitude.

7. If the downlight is to be used as a lighting fixture for long-term use, make sure that the installation environment is dry and cool. Because of the humid and hot environment, it is easy to cause leakage and explosion of the downlight.
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What does a poor quality floor look like?

The solid wood floor feels warm and environmentally friendly, and the paving at home can show a good quality of life. At present, the solid wood flooring products on the market are mixed, and some unscrupulous merchants are shoddy for profit. So how to identify inferior wood flooring?
Two-color board uses the raw material of the sapwood and core material as the substrate, and then special coloring treatment with color essence to eliminate the chromatic aberration between the sapwood and the core material to impersonate High quality solid wood flooring deceives consumers. Since the air dry density, water content, and wood hardness of the sapwood and the core material are different, it is easy to cause quality problems such as arching, deformation, and cracking of the floor.

Identification method: sanding the floor surface with sandpaper, or looking at the cross section after sawing the floor, the two-color board will obviously show excellent difference.

The adapter plate is made of a large number of tailings and lower wires. This type of floor is not only uneven in stress, easy to deform, crack, and has a high formaldehyde content.

Identification method: a piece of floor is sawn or polished longitudinally, and the obvious stitching is the adapter plate.

Ply panel A solid wood veneer with a thickness of 0.05mm-2mm is applied to a poor quality substrate to serve as a quality wood flooring. Such flooring is liable to cause the veneer to peel off from the substrate and is not environmentally friendly.

Identification method: Comparing the texture of the floor surface and the bottom surface, the wood grain on both sides of the high-quality solid wood floor is basically the same, and the veneer is completely different.
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Curtain cloth hanging samples listed locally increased

Recently, the sales of China Textile City’s home textile market has been partially smooth, the number of curtain fabrics has been increased, the spot market volume has increased locally, the number of creative fabrics has been listed in small and medium-sized, and the volume of small and medium-sized transactions has continued to increase. . The overall sales of all kinds of polyester curtain fabrics showed a trend of upward growth compared with the previous period, and the sales of creative flower fabrics increased slightly.
Recently, some of the small and medium-sized business operators who use polyester filament yarn as the main raw material for curtain fabrics and home decoration fabrics are still relatively limited in terms of orders, but the order quantity of each order is different. Polyester curtain fabrics are available in large quantities in batches. Some new styles of polyester have FDY and semi-gloss FDY silk jacquard curtains. Some of the large-scale sales are concentrated in the spot market, and at the same time, they are attracted by different regions. A variety of transactions.

Recently, Textile City’s polyester filament curtain fabrics and other home furnishing fabrics are partially lacking in the supply and demand of home textiles, and the marketing is stagnation. However, the overall marketing trend of curtain fabrics continued to fluctuate and climbed. Some of the newly-developed creative flower-type curtain layout divisions of the former store-and-shop fabrics company were sold in batches. Recently, the curtain fabrics are thicker, the new yarn-dyed jacquard varieties, the light jacquard printing varieties, the cationic jacquard or the jacquard printing varieties are scattered, and the overall market curtains are mainly used for jacquard and printed varieties. . The sales of thick new models of curtain fabrics increased partially, and the daily transactions were small and medium-sized. Some new styles of jacquard curtains and printed curtains were partially listed on the market, and the transaction volume showed a certain growth. Some of the former stores and factory-style cloths There were still large-volume transactions in the sales of creative flower-type curtains between the company and the large-scale salesrooms. However, some small and medium-sized business households had insufficient sales of popular flower-type fabrics, and the overall market transactions showed a shocking pattern. Recently, the overall market has sold a variety of new styles of creative pattern curtain fabrics showing a growing trend.

Recent curtain fabrics in the middle of a variety of pairs of light jacquard and color fabrics, light jacquard printing varieties, cationic jacquard or jacquard printing varieties, spot transactions, small batches, multiple varieties, color patterns, scattered sales Mainly, some small and medium-sized business outlets are mainly based on small-volume and multi-variety flower-type transactions, and some of the operating outlets continue to focus on heavy-duty transactions due to the old customers’ credits. Some small and medium-sized business households who are not willing to take orders because of the big singles because of the thin, the funds have been pressed for too long, and the loans are difficult to accept.

Recent market, jacquard curtain fabrics, thick new fabrics, jacquard curtain fabrics, all kinds of transactions, some new styles of medium-thickness 280CM jacquard curtains, positioning jacquard curtains Cloth, whole printed curtain fabrics, positioning printed curtain fabrics and other varieties, the daily transaction volume increased compared with the previous period, the overall market turnover of various types of curtain fabrics showed a slight increase compared with the previous period, the sales of creative flower fabrics rose slightly, the price trend was stable There is a soft, creative flower fabric price slightly boosted.
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