How can the floor be used without damage? okorder

First, clean

Wooden floor should be wiped with a dry cotton mop in daily cleaning. In case of stubborn stains, wipe with a neutral cleaning solvent and then wipe with a wrung cotton swab. Do not scrub with an organic solvent such as acid, alkaline solvent or gasoline. And do not place strong acid and strong alkaline substances on the floor.

The cleaning and maintenance of laminate flooring is relatively simple, but it should not be taken lightly. When cleaning, apply a damp mop that does not drip, and properly increase the surface humidity, which can effectively solve the gap and cracking of the floor. If it is greasy or smudged, wipe it with a cloth dampened with detergent.

Second, waxing

floor waxing times should not be frequent, should be appropriate for the floor waxing. Waxing can protect against moisture, damage, surface luminosity and easy cleaning, but if the number of waxing is too frequent, it will cause damage to the floor. Frequent waxing can cause waxy wax layers to superimpose, and there will be a layer of gray in the middle of the wax layer, which affects the waxing effect. Nowadays, the average household is using a relatively affordable laminate floor. The surface of the laminate floor is a layer of aluminum oxide. The liquid such as moisture does not easily penetrate into the floor. Therefore, if the floor is waxed, the wax layer cannot penetrate the floor. The inner layer can only be attached to the surface of the floor. When people walk, they will leave footprints. After a long time, the surface of the floor becomes like a ‘big face’, which affects the appearance of the floor and is difficult to wipe. Therefore, the laminate flooring should not be waxed.

When air drying, laminate flooring should not be cleaned and maintained with decontamination powder, and should not be polished with abrasive paper. It can be wiped with a wrung rag and then treated with a care solution. It is difficult to remove it with a special detergent.

Third, to prevent small particles from scratching the floor

Small gravel stays on the floor surface for a long time, after walking around, the traces of sand and gravel will appear on the floor surface. In addition to gravel, dust, hard-soled shoes, metal sharps, and glass tiles are the nemesis of the floor’s skin. In order to reduce the wear of the particles, it is especially important to keep the floor clean. Pay attention to clean the floor after opening the window. If dust or gravel is found, it should be vacuumed and cleaned immediately.

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In addition, The ash on the floor should not be treated with a damp rag and a mop. The ash that is wrapped between them is likely to cause scratches on the surface of the paint film. Also, be careful not to let the floor touch the open flame or place high-power electric heating directly on the floor. It is also not possible to place hot objects such as kettles and stoves directly.


The above content is a small point collected by Xiaobian about the damage of the wooden floor during use. It is recommended that most consumers choose ceramic tiles because they do not care about the wooden floor. In fact, the wooden flooring is not as clean as it is supposed to be. It is hoped that the above content will help you to properly clean the floor at home.


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Floor corporate culture conforms to the new brand competition environment needs okorder

With the popularization of the branding operation of the flooring industry and the large number of professional managers, the corporate culture has become more and more important. It has adapted to the needs of the new competitive environment and is also a transition to higher scale. The conditions that must be met. Floor companies generally have long-term, close cooperation with upstream raw material suppliers, downstream exclusive agents or decoration companies. At present, with the shortage of raw materials, prices are rising day by day, and good channel resources have gradually become scarce resources. It is especially important to emphasize a culture of cooperation and win-win cooperation. To do this, I think we must pay attention to the following two aspects:

First of all, we must follow the principle of starting from reality and treat it differently according to the different situations of our partners. Secondly, both partners should pay attention to the core culture of each other. Strengthen mutual understanding and exchanges and absorb the essence of each other’s culture.

Focus on establishing corporate image

Corporate image is directly related to the rise and fall of the company, and its advantages and disadvantages. The organic combination of corporate reputation and reputation constitutes the image of the company in the public. Good reputation and reputation are a huge intangible asset for the company. If the reputation is outstanding, the company can attract more talents and customers, and can better expand the channels in the market. With the intensification of competition in the flooring industry, enterprises must stand out from the crowd, and the image strategy is particularly important. It is the embodiment of the strength and status of the company’s operation in the market economy. In the 21st century, in addition to the competition between talents and technology, the most important point is that whoever first finds the consumption gap and takes the consumer’s heart with a good image will be able to occupy the market and continuously expand the operating efficiency. The creation of corporate image is to some extent to build corporate culture.

Focus on cultivating a learning atmosphere

The most successful company at the end of the 20th century is a learning organization. It is not only regarded as the best performer, the most competitive, the most vigorous, the most energetic, and more importantly, the people. In the process of learning, gradually sublimate and sublimate the meaning of life in the mind. With the advent of the era of knowledge economy, the organizational form of enterprises is developing in a flat direction. The core of management is to exert the subjective initiative of people, realize the transformation from linear thinking to systematic thinking and creative thinking, and put forward the knowledge level of individuals and enterprises. Higher requirements. The most successful enterprises in the new economic environment will still be learning organizations, and learning organizations will receive further attention in the construction of corporate culture. Therefore, for employees, we must focus on the creation of a cultural platform to create a good learning atmosphere and learning opportunities, rather than simply spurring performance or system.

‘Collaborative competition, alliance win, win-win mode’ is a new battle for enterprise development in the 21st century proposed by the famous McKinsey & Company in the United States. This is a network-type strategy that adapts to the needs of the new economy. It is characterized by superior enterprises and Partners are united in order to enhance their overall competitive advantage. Only by learning from each other’s strengths, avoiding weaknesses, and reaching consensus, and forming a corporate culture of ‘winning alliance and win-win model’, enterprises will be more vital, cohesive and competitive.

Focus on human-to-business integration

Values ​​are at the heart of corporate culture. Enterprises should strive to cultivate the values ​​of ‘sorrow and the same boat’, so that all employees of the company can enhance their sense of ownership, be able to breathe with the company, grow together, develop together, achieve the personalization of corporate spirit and corporate values, and realize the combination of ‘people and enterprises’. Haier’s cultural construction is a model for Chinese corporate culture construction. The company constantly encourages the work of employees, so that they often keep their work fresh and their sense of responsibility is invisibly strengthened. At this point, our flooring industry companies are relatively lacking. On the surface, many of our companies have established corporate culture systems, but it is rare to actually practice them in accordance with these corporate spirits and values.

Focus on people-oriented

The essential feature of commercial management is that it is object-oriented, aiming at maximizing profit maximization, ignoring human factors, and being obsessed with ‘iron discipline’ in management, absolutely Obedience and supreme authority. Here, labor and capital become a purely employment and employment relationship. The famous scholar Yang Zhenning said that ‘the competition of enterprises in the 21st century is the competition between talents and technology, and it is the main battlefield of China beyond developed countries’. Corporate culture is definitely not one-sided to explore the physical strength of employees, it is equally important to explore the intellectual resources of employees, and pay more attention to human factors. Moreover, the essential feature of corporate culture theory is to advocate a human-centered humanistic management philosophy, to oppose the rational management thought of ‘seeing things but not seeing people’, and to advocate the cultivation of progressive corporate culture and the role of human beings as the main link of enterprise management. . Therefore, companies can no longer be bound by commercialization. In the construction of corporate culture, we must focus our energies on people and vigorously strengthen the construction of ‘people’. Only by continuously strengthening the role of people and the role they should assume in the enterprise will human capabilities be fully utilized by enterprises.

Release date: 2011/10/27 11:37:48

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Anti-static floor is different from network floor okorder

Whether it is anti-static floor or network floor, it belongs to the common type of floor, which is generally due to the need for anti-static, but the anti-static floor and the network floor are essentially different, and this different specific main manifestation In three major areas.

The use of anti-static floor and network floor space:

1, the network floor is generally used in: 5A level intelligent building, Grade A office building, OA office, large open office, Offices with integrated wiring requirements;

2, anti-static floor is generally used in computer room, program-controlled switch room, control room, electrification room, computer center, electronic reading room, anti-static clean factory.

The structure of anti-static floor and network floor is different:

1. The network floor is bare board, and the composition is: floor and bracket.

2, anti-static floor for the surface of the anti-static veneer, composed of: floor, bracket, beam.

The surface material of the anti-static floor is different from that of the network floor:

1. After the network floor is installed, the surface is pasted with carpet or magnetic pvc.

2, directly attach the HPL anti-static veneer to the surface of the anti-static floor.

Because the functions of anti-static floor and network floor are the same, only the different processing techniques are different, and the market price is also different. Therefore, it is recommended that the majority of consumers in the purchase process should be based on Select and purchase products based on your actual needs.

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Types and uses of special locks okorder

First, the presidential lock The presidential lock does not refer to the lock used by the president. It refers to the lock with a special functional structure. It generally refers to a lock system that can open multiple locks with one key. For example, a hotel, the key of the general manager, can open the entire room of the hotel, the keys of the service desks on each floor can only open the locks of all rooms on the floor, but can not open the doors of other floor rooms, the guests The key can only open the lock between the houses of their own, but can not open the lock of other rooms. Similar to the concept of presidential locks, there are also architect locks. This kind of lock is equipped with two kinds of keys, one is the user key and the other is the architect key. During the decoration of the house, you can hand the architect key to the technician responsible for the decoration. When the owner finishes the decoration, When the user’s key is opened once, the architect’s key will automatically expire and the lock cannot be opened. And you can rest assured that the architect’s key cannot be modified or transformed into a key that unlocks the lock. Another concept is the anti-presidential lock, which means a lock that can be opened by a variety of keys. The various keys mentioned here do not refer to all the keys that can be found on the market, but several keys set in advance, such as The company’s door locks are set to anti-presidential locks, and the keys to all employees of the company can open the lock. This lock is called the anti-presidential lock. The functions of the presidential lock and the architect lock can be set simultaneously or individually in the same lock or the same lock system. If you don’t want to carry a large number of keys with you, you can consider customizing the presidential lock. The lock of the presidential lock is complicated because of its complicated structure and high processing precision. The key code must be compiled and managed by the corresponding computer software. Users should choose enterprise products with corresponding strengths.

Second, the bathroom lock is a lock for the bathroom, each lock is equipped with an emergency key, the door is internally equipped with a safety device, and there is an emergency keyhole outside the door. If an accident occurs in the bathroom (if someone is unconscious in the bathroom), an emergency key or a hard object such as a coin can be inserted into the emergency keyhole to open the door. Those who have an accident in the room can be rescued in time.

Third, channel lock is a lock suitable for use on the aisle door, no safety device and key, both sides can open the aisle door at any time, the modern kitchen door also uses this kind of lock.

Fourth, balcony (courtyard) lock This lock has a safety device inside the room, because there is no keyhole in the outdoor part. After the insurance, the outdoor can not be unlocked. The lock tongue of the lock has an automatic rebound function, that is to say, as soon as the lock tongue hits the lock plate, the safety device is automatically released, so when you rest on the balcony, there is absolutely no need to worry about being locked in the balcony and cannot enter. Indoor, unless someone is on your balcony, deliberately press the insurance.

Five, classroom locks Classroom locks are mainly used in classrooms, but definitely not only for classrooms. When the lock is locked with a key, the lock can be unlocked when there is no key outside, but the lock can be opened indoors. Therefore, the classroom management staff of the school will lock the lock after a certain time in the evening, and the students will only be able to go out and cannot enter. The lock can also be used in other applications where such a requirement is required.

Sixth, the connection lock This lock is used in two connected rooms, with one-way connectivity and two-way connectivity. One-way communication lock has a lock cylinder on one side and no side. The two-way communication lock has a lock on both sides. As long as one of the two sides is locked, the lock is locked and the user can select it according to the need.

Seven, storage room lock (or hotel room lock) This lock, although there are two handle balls or handles, but their external handle can not be rotated. The key must be unlocked for unlocking, and the room is always in permanent insurance. The door can be switched at any time. Apparently suitable for storage rooms or hotel rooms. For the storage room, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to lock and being stolen (but don’t forget to bring the key when you go out). For the hotel, you can also avoid a lot of trouble, you may wish to carefully understand the benefits. Special function locks are designed based on the security concept of ‘convenience and security’. The correct use of special function locks can meet your requirements, provide convenience and greater freedom in security, and Eliminate unnecessary trouble and waste of money for you, because the price of locks for different functions is different.

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Four strokes of dehumidification book to learn the secrets of floor maintenance okorder

With the continuous improvement of material life, people pay more and more attention to decoration, from the previous laying of ceramic tiles to the laying of wooden flooring. Wood floor maintenance is skillful. After 10 years of maintenance, the wooden floor is still bright and beautiful. On the contrary, it will lose its brilliance in a few years. Let’s take a look at the dehumidification of the wooden floor!

1. The method of removing moisture from peppers

Applicable space: The living room faces the uncomfortable return to the South, Guangzhou folks have always had a tradition of.

moisture-proof practices: one is to place dried peppers, can absorb a certain amount of water, but must always replace the new dried pepper. The other is to place a reliable quality gun, because there is sulfur in the gun, which can not only dehumidify but also remove insects.

Tips: Although the ‘earth side’ effect is good, but the guns have security problems, the public should be more careful when using. In addition, you can also burn a pot of fire in the room to increase the temperature inside the room, so that the water vapor can not condense, thus reducing the indoor humidity.

Second, the newspaper anti-mildew method

Applicable space: the bedroom is wet, the clothes in the closet are often moldy, what should I do?

Dampproof practice: long-term open The door of the closet can be ventilated and mildewed, but there is also a lot of dust. If you put a newspaper on the bottom of the closet, you can even put a newspaper on the inside of the closet. The newspaper absorbs moisture and achieves mildew resistance, and the ink on the newspaper can also deworm.

Tips: Newspapers should avoid direct contact with clothing to prevent ink stains.

Third, lime moisture absorption method

Applicable space: kitchen, bedroom lime is a simple and easy to do moisture absorption agent.

moisture-proof practices: 1 kg of quicklime can absorb about 0.3 kg of water in the air. Put the lime in a wooden box and cover it when the weather is not wet. When the weather is wet, open the cover and do not open the large window to keep the indoor air dry and pleasant.

Tips: For the average family, buy 5 to 10 kilograms of lime, in a wooden box or carton, put it under the closet or in the corner of the house, but be careful not to let the children at home take it. .

Fourth, salt bar mopping method

Applicable space: kitchen, bathroom kitchen.

moisture-proof practices: salt bar is also a good dehumidifier, although there is no industrial salt snow melting and ice, so salt is more than enough to deal with the dampness of the home.

Tips: use hot water and salt to mopping the floor, this method can accelerate the evaporation of water.

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Combines luxury and comfort with Melbourne residences okorder

The Architects created a modern Sky House called HollyPenthouse. A family of four living near the St Kilda Mountain in Melbourne, this 375-square-meter apartment towering into the sky, with unobstructed views of the city through floor-to-ceiling windows, creates an open, more spacious atmosphere.

The kitchen features minimalist white cabinetry and stone countertops with matching backsplashes and a large island with dark cabinetry.

A range of natural materials bring warmth to modern homes such as wood siding ceilings and oak floors.

The carefully selected colors are dotted with neutral tones.

The apartment also has a large outdoor patio space overlooking Melbourne.

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Hotel with modern decor okorder

The Radisson Hotel Stockholm Strand was recently refurbished by the Swedish architectural studio Wingårdhs, adding a new dimension to interior design. The modern look appeals to all design enthusiasts.

Wingårdhs’ mission is to update the hotel’s 170 rooms, lobby, meeting rooms, new restaurants and bars. The main priority of the renovation was to create a warm, inviting atmosphere that highlighted the new features and original details of the legendary hotel, which was originally opened in 1912 to complement this year’s Olympics.

The custom color designed for the hotel is grey and complements other neutral and natural materials such as stone, wood, leather and metal throughout the interior. The shades of grey also provide a neutral background, giving all modern furniture and fixtures their own moments. Design enthusiasts will be able to discover classic designs such as FLOS’s 2097 chandelier and Fritz Hansen’s swan chair. Young artists and designers are commissioned by the local company Young Art to produce photography, paintings and other works of art for use in halls, event venues, rooms and restaurants.

In the room, the bright white sheets on the bed contrast with the warm wood and dark tones, giving you a visual alert to rest. The other bright colours in the room are windows that are painted white.

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A curved concrete house built in a triangular corner okorder

Each piece of land and every house design has its own challenges, and each building studio has its own way to overcome them. Sometimes a difficult place is actually a blessing of disguise. For example, this awesome concrete house designed by J.E.FT architectural studio is a perfect example. The house was completed in 2016 and is located in Faqra, Lebanon. It is located in the corner of a triangle, inspiring its curvature and unique geometry.

In addition to the unusual shape, the house features a range of outdoor spaces for specific seasons and weather conditions. On the first floor there is a spring terrace with an autumn deck, winter patio and summer pool area. This ensures that the house can be enjoyed all year round. To achieve this goal, the architect also ensures that the design includes special elements such as curved windows and custom dining tables, while mimicking the shape of the house.

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Outdated Spanish colonial home was transformed into a mountain house okorder

This Phoenix, Arizona home is located on the side of the Camelback Mountain and was recently transformed into a modern and stunning mountain house by an outdated Spanish colonial renaissance style. The home now works with an irregular landscape that includes an indoor/outdoor lifestyle with a focus on uninterrupted landscapes.

The part of the plan is to remove all the extra elements and start with a two-layer box. The interior is changed and the open living space will lead to the deck, hot tub, pool and valley views.

Limestone covers most of the exterior, not the typical red sedimentary sandstone.

With over refurbishment, over 2,000 square feet of covered courtyards have been created, increasing the available living space and helping to block indoor spaces in the hot desert sun.

A new master bedroom has been added upstairs.

The second layer covers the deck, and the double-folded stencil blocks some sunlight, but allows the breeze to filter in.

Exposed concrete covers the floor to help keep maintenance to a limit. Walnut wood and white are the tune of choice because it does not go beyond the red rocks outside.

Window and double folding glass doors provide a rocky view.

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Unique pool concept okorder

Designed by architect Ramon Esteve, this pool is not only an added feature of the house, but is actually an integral part of the building design. The most unusual detail about it must be the fact that you can see the interior of the pool from inside the house. In addition, the indoor and outdoor spaces offer stunning views and the pool is large. This is a great house.

Patkau Architects also designed a great swimming pool. This is a residence in Vancouver, Canada. This is a tall structure with most of its features and outdoor entertaining space on the ground. In fact, this unique swimming pool is located on the second floor of the house side and is very impressive. But this is not all. The coolest thing about it is the bottom of the glass, which lets you see the inside of the pool from below, and also allows natural sunlight to filter through the water and project into the space below.

It turns out that the inside of the pool can be seen from the side or from below, we are fascinated, so here is another example of a unique swimming pool, when designed Consider this detail. This is the swimming pool designed by CplusC Architectural Workshop for Australian homes. It’s a swimming pool, so it’s long and narrow, it’s basically a huge transparent water tank, a bit like an aquarium, you can look at it from the living room.

The Jellyfish house designed by Wiel Arets Architects has one of the most amazing swimming pools in history. First of all, this is a very cool cantilevered swimming pool, but more importantly, the swimming pool has a transparent bottom that allows the sun to pass through the water and creates a very beautiful effect in the open lounge space below.

One cool thing about cantilevered pools is that they are usually positioned in such a way that they are exposed to the panorama, just like Paul de Ruiter Architects The same is true for the design of Villa K. The pool is long, rectangular and partially cantilevered at the edge of the field. Its unusuality lies in the positioning associated with the house. In other words, the swimming pool is perpendicular to the building.

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