Retro elements displayed by hanging oil lamps

Hanging oil lamps, used once for convenience, are now used for necessity and decoration. They can add the right atmosphere to the indoor or outdoor space. The simple expectation can be achieved by using the correct oil lamp.

First, we must explore the basics. They are functional, especially in any area where power outages occur from storms or other causes. Instead of being at a table or counter, they can safely hang, no matter where you are at your home, give them the right space. This is a huge advantage because you can place it in more places and get better lighting than regular people will provide.

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Wooden mantel: a comfortable contact point in the living room

A fireplace, no matter what type or design, is always the focus in the room. The fireplace usually has a fireplace, which is basically a shelf. Originally, the mantelpiece had the effect of striking smoke, but it later became a decorative piece, not necessarily a defined fireplace, and the shelf above the frame around it and could also include a design that extends to the ceiling.

Because the mantel is now a decorative element around the fireplace, the gorgeous design is often popular. The molding gives the elegant design of the fireplace, which usually appears in the traditional design of the function.

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The music center of the country of Wandao is old and beautiful

Norway is located in the western part of Scandinavia. The territory is long and narrow, the coastline is long and winding, and there are many coastal islands. It is called “the country of Wandao”. Since 2001, Norway has been rated as the most livable country by the United Nations for six consecutive years. Such a beautiful country is in the humanities. It is also very important to establish a national music center in the city center, attracting a large number of tourists and citizens to visit here.

People can explore the history of music in the music museum, learn about the works of composers and the invention of musical instruments, and feel the symphony. development path. The music centre is built on a hill on the peninsula near Trondheim, where the natural landscape is beautiful and the view is wide, with the Norwegian sea and cliffs visible. The surrounding buildings are relatively old and belong to the typical homestead. They were built between 1740 and 1952. The museum was refurbished and expanded on the basis of the old site, which looks like a cube, similar to a resonance box. Temporary exhibitions will be held here, there is a multimedia library in the museum, and there are botanical gardens around, and the greening is very good. At the entrance there is a reception room, a museum shop and a café, which is the exhibition area. In addition, the architects refurbished the old ballroom to create an environmentally friendly and comfortable public space. This is the first museum in Norway built according to passive residential standards.

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Japanese modern house using four-sloping glass roof

This clean-lined house design was developed by the vertical well architecture and design firm and caught our attention, so we decided to share this project with you, dear readers. Featuring a large glass roof, it is nested in the construction of Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. Inspired by nature and adapting to the modern context, the house features only one floor and a garage large enough to accommodate two cars. The living room occupies the center of the house’s open-air plaza plan. Infused with natural light, the entire living space exhales warmth and brightness. The social realm can be subdivided as needed to increase privacy.

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Hot tub: heating with organic wood

This hot tub uses science to drive the heat provided by the cycle and wood fire. Suddenly, the restrictions are gone. This bathtub can be placed anywhere you want without wiring heating and circulating water. The wood fire has a built-in stainless steel coil inside, it heats up, it is located in the water inside the coil.

This pushes the hot water and the outside bathtub. During this time, the cold water sinks to the bottom and is pulled into the coil. You are warming up the hot tub, the price of the wood. And the wood itself can be no cost if you collect it from your own property! But the biggest freedom, here you can place the bathtub, absolutely anything you want. From the middle of the scene to your favorite camping spot, it’s for you. Free from standard hot tub technology means no limit!

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Steel suspension ladder highlights the design of indoor illusion

Optical illusion and art, the general appearance of the appearance of the steel hanging stairs in the figure below. Inspired by Xu Wei, an original work of art at the Tate Modern, according to the creator this installation serves as a sculpture project and features a staircase. Moreover, it is beautifully complemented by a faint railing and thin ingenious arrangement, with a continuous step to configure a vibrant red color scheme. The superposition of all these features produces an amazing range that is not only visually appealing, but also compellingly distorted by the hypothetical “physical laws”.

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Japan’s Sugamo Credit Union Branch was completed

The Sugao Credit Bank is a credit cooperative in Japan. The corporate culture is the best service for customers. Based on the theme of the leaves, the architects try to create a fresh space that gives customers a natural feeling of youthfulness. The image of many trees is set on the façade of the building. There are also 14 colors of windows, large and small. The arrangement is unique and rhythmic, transforming the façade itself into a sign system.

After completing the design of the two branches of the Chaoyang Credit Bank Hot Plate and the new city, the architect Also commissioned to take charge of the architecture and interior design of the fully rebuilt branch of the new village. In this project, the architect explores to create a fresh atmosphere that is based on an open sky theme that perceives nature.
As soon as you enter the building, you can see three oval skylights, and the soft light from these three skylights illuminates the interior. Customers will involuntarily look up at the exposed sky, and the sky attracts people’s attention. The open sky and open space will make you breathe deeply, and you will feel refreshed from the inside out.
The ceiling is decorated with a dandelion-themed pattern, and the dandelion looks like it floats in the air. There is a long-standing tradition in Europe that is a silent wish to blow a dandelion ball. A small amount of hairs flutter through the air and slowly fall in the air.
The cash dispenser, window, desk and an open space with 14 different color chairs are located on the first floor.
The second floor has an office, conference room and a cafeteria, and the third floor is the locker room for employees. The long glass lighting well penetrates the first and second floors of the building, allowing the two layers to be bathed in natural light, which also blows fresh air into the two floors.

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NHBC Report: Proposed use of organic materials with caution

A study by the NHBC Foundation found that using natural crop-based building materials such as hemp and straw, the construction of new buildings across the UK is growing. The straw and lime blocks are built on the basis of the findings of the survey, “cellulose-based building materials (NF55)”, suggesting that there are risks associated with the use of such materials and that there is relatively little strong evidence at the current time to come Support them. Long-term as a material based on current performance crops, buildings and farm buildings that have been used historically are built in the UK.

Usually the core wall and cellulose-based materials such as straw and reed roofs. The use of these materials has declined, but in recent years have seen the use of traditional cellulose-based materials, including hemp, reeds and straw, on the walls and roofs for their renewable energy, reflecting low energy and insulation quality New interest. In recent work invisible energy has seen traditional cellulose-based materials being re-examined for potential low-impact building materials. There are many examples of the use of crop-derived materials in construction, both traditional, such as thatch and ear, as well as recent hemp and lime addition to straw construction. There has been increased interest in using these materials. However, these materials have poor impact resistance and are not recommended for full use.

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Frick Art Collection plans to expand New York New Hall

The Frick Collection announced that they have decided to expand the Carrère and Hastings history pavilion in New York, a six-story, 42,000-square-foot building. The area includes galleries, exhibition halls, classrooms, auditoriums, and a rooftop garden terrace overlooking Central Park. The personal apartment of Frick on the second floor of the new building will also be open to the public.

The original building of this new building is Henry · Clay · Henry Clay Frick. His wife Adelaide, and their daughter Helen Cly Frick’s residence, had previously been intended as a museum, made up of Indiana limestone as the architectural theme material, the building Acquired in 1914 by Thomas & Middot; Thomas Hastings, located between 70th Street and 71st Street, Fifth Avenue, New York, and Lenox Library.

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Casa Bosque House Conservation Tree Building

The Fernando de la Mora in Paraguay is home to the Casa Bosque residence, which has as many rooms as possible to accommodate more residents. In order to accommodate all the rooms in the house, the architect designed a hexagonal building module and then distributed the house in such a shape.

The architect designed the facade of the home, including triangles and rectangles, they made this at the door. Unique and bold design details. The carport is designed to surround three brick walls in a semi-closed structure. The roof is supported by two side walls and is wide enough to protect the car to some extent to protect the car from being pierced by two trunks. These settings are designed to protect the trees in the yard from being felled. And use it as part of the overall design. The right side of the carport on the brick wall turns into a triangular brick wall and has a long window that is designed to give natural light to the dining area behind the home as well as a powder room bar.

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