The design of the illuminated disc in the tapestry gallery

A rotating disc covers the changing illuminating pattern, illuminating the dim tapestry gallery at the V&A Museum in London. Designed by a team of product designers, including graphic designer Michael · Montgomery and pottery Ian · McIntyre.
The wheel floats off the ground and moves, constantly in the clockwise direction, carrying the motor. Its surface is made of luminous light, just like the luminescent material on the surface of the hand. More than 700 LEDs are mounted on a vertical component in front of the wheel for charging to illuminate.

As the wheel rotates, the illuminating portions fade until they return to the charging point. The LEDs are programmed to turn on and off at different times, creating different patterns that slowly spread across the disk. The illuminating effect is made more efficient by the location; the gallery is one of the darkest spaces in the museum due to the sensitivity of the textile. This is a very quiet, quiet space. The motor is a hidden structure that sits in the middle of the promenade and is created from all angles. The metal bracket supports vertical discs and is designed to be as simple as possible.

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Solution to the shortage of affordable housing in the global economy

According to data from McKinsey & Company, there is a serious shortage of affordable housing in the global economy. There are currently 3.3 million families living in simple accommodation, and if all 3.3 million families move to affordable housing, it will cost about $16 trillion. In order to solve the problem of the shortage of affordable housing in the global economy, four steps were proposed.
Step 1, get the land. According to the survey, the unit cost of the highest property fees in San Francisco is as high as 80%, while in Johannesburg, land accounts for only 36% of the total unit cost. This shows that the closer to the city center, the higher the cost. We can use public land, vacant land development, assembly or adjustment in places far from the city centre to create new features and build new settlements.
Step 2: Simplify development and construction costs. In the construction and development of affordable housing, improve efficiency, eliminate costs at all levels, and encourage the private sector to develop more affordable housing. Step 3: Improve the efficiency of existing and new homes. Energy efficiency can be improved in the housing area and better maintenance infrastructure can be introduced globally, reducing maintenance costs. Step 4: Reduce the financing costs of homebuyers and developers. Negotiate with the bank to reduce the cost of loans and effectively finance the mortgage loan business.

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Belarusian furniture manufacturers participate in international exhibitions

The 26th International Professional Exhibition (mainly displaying furniture and interior decoration) will be held in Moscow from November 24th to 28th, 2014. Belarus revealed that this year the Belarusian furniture manufacturer will participate in this furniture exhibition. A spokesman for the Belarusian furniture manufacturer said: “Belarus will come up with the best furniture samples to participate in the exhibition, and learn from each other’s exhibitors and make progress together. According to expert analysis, Belarusian furniture manufacturers participating in large-scale international exhibitions will help to increase the visibility of the Belarusian furniture industry and strengthen the competitiveness of Belarusian furniture in the international furniture market. Belarusian furniture companies can also take advantage of this opportunity to develop international markets for new furniture products and establish business contacts. At the same time, you can also look at the latest popular furniture design and furniture companies, and increase the style design of Belarusian furniture.

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Smart home will become a minimalist interior decoration

The minimalist interior concept can be perfectly modified using the style of a smart home. Will be able to create a modern interior style with a comfortable interior impression. The interior decoration program, in the styling and comfort of the modified smart home project, reflects well. The softly coloured decoration is perfect for projects that decorate interior spaces.
The soft blue color is designed to nicely decorate the interior walls. In fact it can create a modern interior with a minimalist impression. This will be an elegant interior theme that will make the minimalist interior look more stylish. In addition, the modern white design has also been modified with a soft function that is used to perfectly decorate the interior ceiling. Indirectly will create a modern-style ceiling, which will become a minimalist home feature that has been modified.

The details of the wooden decoration are also placed in the interior space, so this will be able to create an exotic The theme of the interior decoration. For example, mahogany materials are designed to decorate interior furniture to create an interesting interior concept. Its appearance is more perfect in its application, and it is used to decorate the interior ground dark wood material by modifying the elegance.
In order to make the interior look simpler and the interior plan is more natural, the fresh design can be placed in the available space inside the house. In fact, this will also create a beautiful interior with a beautiful appearance. The space in the corner of the room will be so fresh and natural with the decoration of green plants.

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Spectacular green roof

Green roofs, often referred to as living roofs, are partially covered or completely covered with vegetation. Green roofs have many advantages, such as the ability to absorb rain, insulation, and lower indoor air temperatures. There are many exciting green roof buildings in the world.

In the OUTrial house in Poland, this is the first thing that attracts our attention. The residence is located in Ksiazenice, Poland, it was Called the OUTrial house. The house was completed in 2007 and the entire home occupies approximately 1,937 square feet. The location is very beautiful, and before starting this building, this place is a splendid place surrounded by forests. The main idea behind this project is to create a contemporary residential design that allows customers to fully enjoy the full picture and beautiful surroundings. The client also wants the house to be part of the landscape to some extent, establishing some form of connection with the surrounding environment, and the architect tries to achieve it by choosing a green roof.

The Milla House is another spectacular home that is easily considered a dream home. It is located near Sentosa Island in Singapore, designed and built by architect Guz. Located in a new neighborhood, the home is surrounded by other buildings and the buildings work closely together to form a new and exciting community.

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Damascus is one of the oldest cities in the world

Damascus is the capital of Syria and the largest city in Syria with a population of more than 4.5 million. The history of the city dates back to 10,000 to 8000 BC. Although there is no exact historical time, Damascus is still recognized as one of the oldest and continuously inhabited cities in the world. In the ancient Arabic books, it is mentioned that if there is a paradise in the world, Damascus will be in it. If heaven is in the sky, Damascus will be in the same name.

From ancient times, Damascus was an important cultural, commercial, and administrative center. It has attracted a large number of local and overseas businessmen and craftsmen. The ancient buildings of Damascus are very characteristic, with narrow alleys, green courtyards, white houses and so on.

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PGH bricks are recognized for use in Foley’s Lib Park

The Foley Gleb Park in New South Wales is designed by architect Harding and uses pavers to lay PGH bricks on the ground. Robert &middot, Woodward, who won the Hobart Hunt and Small Project Architecture Awards this year, was recognized by two well-known architects, the first public building in Sydney to use this technology.

Architect Harding and the design team of Sydney have designed a small rectangular building with a simple and elegant style. Building men and women are suitable for use. The new facility is built around an open circulation area where the shared stainless steel sink is mounted on the wall and there is a long wooden bench for the rest of the park. The layers of PGH bricks are clearly stacked, making the whole space look cleaner.

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The most expensive building is never what you expect

Architecture is expensive because we learned this week about the new $4 billion price tag for the World Trade Center transportation hub. In the process, we found the structure of the most expensive buildings, some of which might surprise you.
The construction data site – Emporis Real Estate Database recently released the world’s most updated and expensive skyscrapers. Interestingly, the cost of high-rise buildings is often high, why are there special structures that cost billions of dollars to build? ,quite complicated.

The Royal Adelaide Hospital is notoriously expensive to build, with a lot of expensive machinery and The electronic system, but this hospital in South Australia will far exceed the cost of any historical record: for $2.1 billion, becoming the most expensive hospital ever, when it is completed next year.
The 27th floor resort, Sheraton Resort & Spa in Huzhou, China will cost $55 million. The $1.5 billion building, designed by MAD, sells up to 163-story Burj Khalifa. In fact, the finished image will tell you why the hotel is so expensive: an extremely complex structure, the shape of the plan is made, not to mention the challenge of building a tower at the lake.

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Graz’s nursing home allows the elderly to enjoy a happy life

Architect Dietger Wissounig built a nursing home in Graz, the second largest city in Austria. The nursing home is a square building of 8 communities with a beautiful garden in the middle of the community. Old people can take a wheelchair in the garden. Enjoy the colorful flowers and trees, breathe the fresh air, and do some outdoor activities and exercise on the air around the garden.

There are separate kitchens and restaurants in each community in the nursing home, which can accommodate 13 elderly people to eat at the same time. As much as possible, the distance between each old man and the restaurant is the shortest. Each room has a large sun-facing balcony, soft beds, wardrobes, dressing tables, sofas and other furniture, so that the old people can enjoy life happily.

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Multifunctional armchair can be turned into a bed

The existing world today, all about the use of furniture, which is why there are many products created in this way, it has two functions. Designer Elena has created some of the best designs in her work.

The latest one is an armchair that serves dual functions. When the versatile armchair is extended, it also becomes a bed, which is why this style is quite useful. One problem to be confident is to keep your floor clean. The bed is capable of one person. This is made up of plywood. There are 25% wool material. Due to its dual functionality, this is a solution that is best suited to address visitor accommodation issues. This is an amazing solution.

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