How to pvc floor pvc floor purchase okorder

As a lightweight material, pvc flooring has been well received by everyone since its introduction. Today, I will talk to you about the pvc floor in detail. Xiaobian also prepared some pvc floor shopping tips for everyone.

How about pvc flooring

Pvc flooring refers to the use of polyvinyl chloride and copolymer resin as raw materials, adding plasticizers, stabilizers and colorants, etc., on a continuous substrate in a sheet form. Manufactured by a coating process or an extrusion process. From the structural point of view, it can be divided into multi-layer composite type, homogenous translucent type and semi-homogeneous type; morphologically divided into coiled floor and sheet floor; from abrasion resistance, it is divided into wear-resistant type and general-purpose type.

How to decorate pvc flooring

pvc flooring has a lot of colors and varieties, such as carpet, wood flooring, stone, grass, etc., the texture is beautiful and realistic, color It is also very beautiful, has no color difference, can effectively resist light, and will not fade after long-term use, and has a strong decorative effect. In addition, its cutting and splicing is simple, you can fully exert your creative imagination, to meet the different decorative styles of different consumers.

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How comfortable is pvc floor

pvc floor is made of dense structure surface and high elastic foam cushion. The installation process uses seamless splicing. It has strong supporting force and can cushion the gravity speed of heavy objects falling on the ground, making it difficult. Fragmentation. The pvc floor also has a very comfortable foot feel, soft and comfortable, close to the carpet feel, very suitable for users with children and the elderly at home.

How to install pvc floor

The installation of pvc floor is simple and quick, the floor is treated by hot-melt welding to form a seamless connection, which can avoid the disadvantages of easy contamination at the joint gap, and also has the effect of moisture-proof, dust-proof and pollution-proof. After the floor has been strictly installed and installed, the seams are very small, and the seams are almost invisible from a distance. It is an ideal ground decoration choice for high-demand users.

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How about pvc flooring?

The raw materials and accessories used in pvc flooring are environmentally friendly and non-toxic renewable resources, such as polyvinyl chloride, calcium carbonate, etc. are non-toxic and non-radiative, but also a large number of people in daily life Appear and use in life. In general, pvc flooring is free of formaldehyde, such as toxic substances, ultra-low lead, cadmium and other heavy metal elements are also non-reflective, so it is a very environmentally friendly green floor material.

How to wear and impact pvc flooring

The surface layer of pvc floor has a layer of specially processed transparent wear layer, which can make the wear resistance number reach 30 With 10,000 turns, it has excellent wear resistance and impact resistance and can be reused for up to 30 years. The pvc floor has a soft texture, so the elasticity is also very good. It has a certain buffering function for the impact of heavy objects, and it is not easy to cause damage and fall of the article.

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pvc floor purchase

pvc Environmental protection for floor buying techniques

For flooring, the most important standard for floor environmental protection is the amount of formaldehyde released. For the limitation of formaldehyde emission standards, the environmental protection of the floor industry has experienced E1, E0, FCF. Three technological revolutions. At the earlier stage, the formaldehyde emission standard of wood-based panels was E2 (formaldehyde emission ≤ 30mg/100g), and the formaldehyde emission limit was very loose. Even for products meeting this standard, the formaldehyde content may be More than three times more than E1 grade wood-based panels, which seriously endangers human health, so it can never be used for home decoration. So there was the first environmental revolution. In this environmental revolution, the floor industry promoted the E1 environmental standard, namely formaldehyde. The release amount is ≤1.5mg/L, although it does not pose a threat to the human body, but there is still a lot of free formaldehyde in the floor. In 2009, the flooring industry began a second environmental revolution and launched the E0 environmental protection standard. The formaldehyde emission from the floor was reduced to 0.5mg/L. However, pvc The floor is made of natural materials such as polyvinyl chloride and calcium carbonate powder, and there is no formaldehyde at all, and most of the pvc floor is processed from raw materials, and no harmful substances are mixed in the whole production process.

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pvc floor shopping skills quality

pvc floor is The lightweight body material with PVC as the main raw material is completely different from the floor leather familiar to consumers. It has very rich colors, such as wood grain, carpet grain and stone grain. The effect is like wood, wood and stone. stone. Almost all pvc floor surfaces are specially treated to ensure that the floor has good abrasion resistance, stain resistance and antibacterial function.

pvc floor shopping skills construction

Floor installation is also a key part of the project quality, directly affecting the life of the floor. The formal pvc floor should have its own professional engineering team, all construction personnel have undergone professional training and strict practical examination before they canThe above services can be used to ensure the quality of the project.

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pvc floor shopping skills service

Service is related to the use and maintenance of the floor, which is also the most concerned issue for everyone. Therefore, when you choose, you must choose a company with good after-sales service and good reputation. It is best to check it online first.

pvc floor shopping skills cost-effective

In the current building materials market, some international brands of imported materials, the quality is really good, but the price is too expensive for the government or For the financial sector, they don’t care about prices, they only want the best quality; but for most private companies, especially individuals, it is necessary to consider the price/performance ratio of the products.

Edited in detail to introduce the pvc floor, but also prepared some pvc floor shopping tips for everyone, I do not know how you feel pvc floor after reading? Xiaobian feel that if there are old people or children at home, pvc The floor is a good choice .

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Bamboo wood flooring daily maintenance methods can not be ignored okorder

Bamboo flooring (decoration effect map) has been dried to reduce the size change, but because the bamboo is a natural material, the bamboo floor will be deformed with the change of climate and humidity; if it is encountered in the northern region During the dry season, especially when heating is open, consumers can adjust the humidity by different methods, such as using a humidifier or placing water on the heater. In the rainy season in the south, consumers should open the window (renovation effect map) to ventilate. Keep indoors dry; at the same time, use bamboo flooring indoors should avoid contact with a lot of water, if water splashes on the floor, it should be dried and cleaned in time.

Second, to avoid damage to the floor surface. Bamboo floor paint should avoid hard object impact, sharp scratches, metal friction and so on. Prevent dust, sand, etc. from being carried into the room, which can be placed in the doorway, but the insole must be kept clean. Do not scratch the surface of the bamboo with a spike or wear a shoe with metal studs into the room. The fabric feet can be wrapped with some fiber fabrics, which makes the furniture more convenient to move, and can also make the furniture not damage the floor.

Finally, the floor should be properly cleaned. In the daily use process, keep the bamboo floor surface clean and clean, clean it with a clean broom, and then use a wringed mop to drag it. You can also gently wipe the floor with a soft damp cloth. Of course, you can also treat the carpet (renovation effect). In that way, the dust on the floor is removed with a vacuum cleaner. Depending on the application, it can be waxed once every few years to keep the paint film smooth and smooth. If conditions permit, the floor wax can be applied to the surface of the bamboo floor for 2 to 3 months, so that the maintenance effect is better.

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How to clean the wooden floor if it is dirty? okorder

In the daily life, the floor is contaminated by stains. How to remove the stains without hurting the floor is the most important problem for everyone? The method is very simple. Xiaobian will tell you how to clean the stains on the floor.

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The scattered glass fragments are very dangerous, for you to see See, you can use tape to stick; if it is powder, it should be sucked up with cotton.

You can make floor cleaner at home, it is easy to use. Homemade floor cleaner needs to be pressed in the cauldron Put soft soap, bleaching powder and soda in the mix.

When cleaning the floor, add a few drops of salad oil to the water to make the floor very bright. The dirt on the paint floor can be wiped with strong tea juice. Go.

Accumulate the remaining candle heads, chop them up to remove the wick, add the same amount of turpentine to the wax, and place in a pot filled with cold water to boil the water to make the candle Dissolve, stir and pour into the tank for cooling.

Grease is the most feared of the floor stains. In fact, it is also relatively simple to clean. It can be washed with boiled alkaloid solution and then stained. Cover the dough mixed with bleaching earth and hot water, and keep it cleaned for one night, if necessary May be repeated.

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Relaxing bathing starts with choosing a good bathtub okorder

When choosing a bathtub, basically the thicker the material, the better the gloss. The inner layer of the good quality bathtub is tightly combined, not layered, and the touch feels warm, and there is no hole in the tap. Sound, the surface is as clean as porcelain. If you add a bathtub made of quartz, it will be heavy when you hit it with your hand. The following small series selects several bathtubs for the partners according to different price ranges. Let’s take a look.

Buying a bathtub has a coup

Acrylic bathtub has a variety of styles, rectangular, triangular, round, irregular … … style is classical, modern, European, Japanese Etc. The specific selection depends on the bathroom decoration style and the matching of the toilet basin, but the selection of the size should follow the following two points:

First, the door that can enter the bathroom, the position There is room for it, don’t just embed it, or you won’t be able to let it go.

The second is the size of the bathtub and the problem of the water heater. Generally speaking, the bath water with a length of one meter is about 150 liters to 200 liters. Considering the remaining amount of hot water, the gas water heater should be at 15 Above liter/min, the heat storage water heater should be above 100 liters.

The surface of the bathtub is more likely to be scratched, so avoid handling collisions when handling and cleaning. Do not use hard brushes or Decontamination powder to clean, when the surface is damaged, it can be polished with 1500# or more of abrasive paper and then polished with a suitable polishing agent. Every time you use the bathtub on weekdays, you should rinse the bathtub with clean water in time, drain the water, and dry it with a soft cloth to prevent the accumulation of water in the pipeline and the rust on the metal parts.

Because of the difference in thickness, the price difference of bathtubs is very large, generally ranging from several thousand yuan to ten thousand yuan. But because of this, families with different economic conditions can choose a warm bath that suits them. The people in this article selected a number of acrylic bathtubs for netizens according to different price ranges. Let’s take a look. .

Recommended Brand: Faenza Bathroom

The brand comes from a romantic Italian art-savvy Italian team created by a strong team of designers to create an elegant and sophisticated look and high-tech content. Focusing on the intrinsic quality, it combines the combination of function and aesthetics, and does not provide a new enjoyment of high-quality home life for consumers around the world.

Product recommendation: Faenza Acrylic Bathtub F1501SQ

Reference Price: ¥3276

Xiao Bian Comments: The overall design of the bathtub is bright and dynamic, and in addition to the appearance of high finish, the fineness of the accessories is worthy of praise. The shower adopts irregular pull-out design, with three-stage water discharge adjustment, unique shape and harmonious color; intimate overflow design, no need to worry about water overflowing the cylinder to wet the ground, worry and comfort

Product recommendation: Faenza Acrylic Bathtub 1701SQ

Reference Price: ¥3519

Xiao Bian Comments: The high-quality acrylic can withstand the high temperature of 70 degrees Celsius, impact resistance and good thermal insulation performance. The bathtub brackets all use thick stainless steel square tubes to ensure sufficient strength and rigidity, firm and reliable. It has self-discharging function, flexible water removal and flexible operation, and the massage pump is pressurized by the water return device to bring a good massage effect.

Product recommendation: Faenza Acrylic Bathtub FW007Q

Reference Price: ¥8981

Xiaobian Comments: The eclectic appearance of the eclectic style is a highlight of the product. The gloss is round and bright, and the five-piece set of exquisite high-end bathtub is fully functional. The faucet adopts a semi-arc design, and the whole set of products reveals the beauty of the curve.

Recommended Brand: Huida Sanitary

Huida Sanitary has always positioned itself as “creative, taste, and life, so its products are also characterized by creative functions and fashion tastes. Emphasizing high-quality life enjoyment, more than 2,000 kinds of products, is one of the more familiar sanitary brands for mass consumers.

Product recommendation: Huida bathtub HD-106

Reference price: ¥2210

Xiao Bian Comments: With the overall curved design, gentle and smooth shape, with a double-sided decorative skirt, giving people a beautiful overall feeling. In the practical and humanized design, it also displays from the multi-dimensional details, such as the pillow, the pedal water, the anti-slip matte particles, etc., making the process more comfortable and convenient.

Product recommendation: Huida bathtub HD202

Reference price: ¥4688

Xiao Bian Comments: There are two waist lines on the outside of the bathtub. The bathtub is divided into concave and convex at the upper and lower ends, and the shape is square. The various switches in the bathtub are located on either side of the bathtub, and there is no feeling of being crowded. On the left is the usual switch, while on the right is the air switch and air conditioning button that are unique to the Jacuzzi. There are 6 massage nozzles inside the bathtub, which can be rotated or pulled to adjust the water flow and direction to massage different parts of the body. The applicable area is 4-6m2.

Product recommendation: Huida Jacuzzi HD1113B-DS

Reference price: ¥24409

Xiaobian Comments: Technology plus, high-end version of the star acrylic bathtub, equipped with computer control (with remote control), FM.TV. External CD (AV), The LCD display meets your bathing experience; the water inlet waterfall, hand shower free cleaning, copper chrome faucet, oversized massage nozzle and bottom non-slip design give you a comfortable and healthy bath life.

Recommended Brand: Anwar Sanitary

Anwar Sanitary Ware is committed to improving the quality of people’s sanitary life. In fact, its self-developed clean technology system is indeed a technological innovation belt. The superb clean quality has come, and the development in recent years has become more and more vigorous.

Product recommendation: Anwar bathroom acrylic cylinder an1714

Reference price: ¥1208

Xiao Bian Comments: The product uses high-temperature self-cleaning glaze, through the thickening and curing and polishing treatment, the surface of the bathtub is bright as a mirror, the color is more beautiful, no skirt, comfortable to touch, anti-deformation and impact resistance Good ability; better drainage, less than 100 square centimeters of retained water. The embedded design is convenient for different types of units, and the applicable area is 6-8m2.

Product recommendation: Anwar five-piece bathtub anW028Q

Reference price: ¥7035

Xiao Bian Comments: The design of the bathtub will be ergonomically applied in a perfect way to combine form and function. It is made of high-quality acrylic sheet, high-density glass fiber reinforcement at the bottom, and thermal insulation performance. Strong, long service life; the surface of the cylinder is smooth, smooth, beautiful and bright, easy to clean; the anti-slip design of the bottom basin is more humanized to make the bath safer and more secure.

Product recommendation: Anwar jacuzzi anC038Q

Reference price: ¥20780

Xiao Bian Comments: The bathtub is placed with a high pillow and a car seat design for more comfortable use; a multi-function hand shower with an adjustable nozzle design. Ozone sterilization, surf massage system, drainage and deodorization system, comfortable and healthier. The blistering LED color-changing colorful lighting function is gorgeous and full of fun. With FM radio, the bath is more comfortable and relaxing.

Summary: The bathtub is an important item in the bathroom. A warm bath before going to bed can be described as fun and relaxing in the human body. If the insulation effect is alone, acrylic can’t compare with the expensive cast iron bathtub for a long time, but in addition to the cast iron material, the acrylic bathtub is warm and soft on the basis of the price of the people, and the performance of maintaining the water temperature is also outstanding. A more prominent bathtub product. (Source:

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The ceiling of the ceiling 4.0 is coming, the whole house ceiling will break through from the 7th direction okorder

Ceiling 4.0 era 1, functionalization of gussets; 2. Diversification of electrical appliances; 3. Intelligent control methods; 4. Convenient installation; 5. Personalized appearance; 6. Specialization in production; .

The ceiling industry has evolved from the original traditional ceiling, to Yuba + traditional ceilings, to integrated ceilings. After several times, “change.” Nowadays, with the increasing demand of consumers, the ceiling industry is making great strides towards the 4.0 era, which means that the era of full house integration is coming.

The advent of the ceiling 4.0 era is a new industry enthusiasm for all integrated ceiling companies. Then, how should enterprises pick up the move? Don’t worry, Xiaobian first analyzes several possible development directions of the ceiling 4.0 era:

01, functionalization of the gusset

The integrated ceiling realizes the gorgeous turn of the gusset from practical to style. However, the style must be there, but it is definitely not a long-term solution for the development of the ceiling, and the complicated colors are not. The author believes that the functional gusset will be popular in the whole house ceiling. The so-called function refers to aldehyde removal, purification, smoke removal, dust prevention, and antifouling.

02, Diversified appliances

The ceiling is extended from the kitchen to the whole house, and the functions of the appliances must be diversified. In addition to heating, lighting, ventilation and other basic functions, environmentally friendly purification appliances and lighting will occupy a larger proportion, especially in addition to aldehyde, smoke removal, fresh air and other environmental purification host will replace heating to become a master.

03. Intelligent control method

The traditional integrated ceiling control method uses mechanical switches. As the ceiling enters the guest restaurant and bedroom, the control will be more toward the smart wireless direction. development of. The popularity of local area networks and networks has made remote control possible, and it has also made the intersection of smart homes and the entire roof. The crossover of the two is likely to produce a brand new industry.

04, Installation Convenience

The 21st century will be a century of professional craftsmen’s scarcity. The shortcomings of the implementation of the one-child policy for decades will gradually emerge in these years, and the craftsmen and crafts that have been passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years have repeatedly emerged. The scarcity of professional craftsmen, coupled with the fast pace of life, the convenience and speed of installation will be an important indicator of whether a product is competitive. We are looking forward to the birth of a new structure of fool-like ceilings, so that perhaps one day, consumers can DIY ceilings at home like many movies.

05, personalized appearance

90 has gradually become the mainstream of consumption, with the big stream is their taboo, therefore, “small custom ceiling will be a difference Competitive Strategy. Personalized design and order-based flexible production may be the next step for the company to practice.

06, Production Specialization

With so many materials, such a large number of different professional areas of electrical appliances, no matter which company is not competent. What to do? Find a professional manufacturer! Therefore, the spring of specialized ceiling materials and electrical appliance manufacturers is coming soon!

07, show big storey

The display is indeed a cost-conscious product. A good image requires a big facade. Even if it is a network merchant or O2O, it needs a big image store. Therefore, large, good store resources will be even scarcer. However, big stores mean big investment, and big investment does not necessarily bring big output. Therefore, the choice of the store and the choice of the brand will be a long-standing and outstanding problem for the franchisee.

From the inferred development direction, the big industry era of the ceiling is coming soon! Faced with this industry’s new enthusiasm, companies can seize the opportunity and fly away! Whether in products, processes, technology At the terminal or service, the ceiling enterprises can seek new breakthroughs to fly through the wind of the whole house ceiling and integration! (Source: China Ceiling Network)

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Voice of Peace and the Royal Caribbean People’s Music Dream okorder

On the afternoon of August 6, 2017, the much-watched Voice of Peace “ The Royal Caribbean Cup Middle-aged Singer Grand Prix in the fourth preliminary round of 2017, rekindled the passion in Shanghai Luwan, and sang the world!

This contest was hosted by Butterfly Star (Shanghai) Culture Communication Co., Ltd., and is a world-renowned Royal Caribbean International Cruise. Exclusive title and co-organizer. This is not only a high-level luxury music feast, but also a successful example of cross-border cooperation between art and business.

The 600-seat theater hall is silent, full of seats, and the sound and orderly management of peace is first class. . Especially when the voice of peace fans are proud and uniform, they shouted out: “When the sound of peace, you are the star slogan, the whole audience sounded a warm and amazing applause!

Founder of Peace Voice, Chairman of the Competition, Director of the Competition, Executive Judge, Excellent Speaker, Special Acting Actor Wei Qingling, Butterfly Star Ms. Butterfly Feifei, Chairman of Yan (Shanghai) Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and Ms. Fu Xiaoying, Head of China and North Asia Pacific, Royal Caribbean International Cruises, delivered an important speech before the competition to congratulate the cooperation between the Voice of Peace and the Royal Caribbean.

Ms. Butterfly Feifei said: Since the founding of Peace, more than a year ago, we have been working hard and doing it on the ground. Three things: 1. Based on ordinary people to run various types of talent competitions, to provide ordinary people with a large stage to showcase their talents; 2. Select and create various art stars, discover talents, package talents and transport talents; 3. Do a good job of cross-border cooperation between enterprises, work together to integrate resources, and do more practical things for the people.

Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Television, Honorary Chairman of Peace, Chairman of the Peace Voice, Mr. Zhao Yaoyang, Xinmin Evening News Community Edition Economic and Life Editor, Honorary President of Peace, Chairman of the Peace Voices, Mr. He Jiwei, former member of the Shanghai Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Minister of Organization, Honorary Chairman of Peace, Chairman of the Peace Voices, Mr. Zhang Jingguo, President of Danyue Group, Mr. Chen Xiaoguo, the general director of the Voice of Peace contest, “Master Professor Shen Nianci, the judge of the CCTV Starlight Avenue, the judge of the Voice of Peace expert, and the chairman of the Xuzhou City Musicians Association, Mr. Liu Qiang, is known as the soprano of the award-winning master. Singer, voice of the professional judge of Peace, Mr. Ge Ziman, dance artist, director of the Peace Sound Art Troupe, Mr. Xiao Baolong, living in Singapore, Chinese music, Lotte, director of the East China Region of CCTV Network, Mr. Yang Mingwu, president of Shanghai Hailian Culture and Art School, famous flute Performing artist Mr. Hu Jianming, the abbot of the first bhikkhuni road in China, Ming Da Da, the famous actor San Dezi Mr. Wang Zhiqin, Mr. Xu Bo, Manager of Shanghai Yihai Theatre, Shanghai Knows Public Welfare, Mr. Liu Yong, Shanghai Disabled People’s Art Troupe; Fire Phoenix Xigong Dance Team, and the Voice of Peace Jury, composed of 22 outstanding singers, attended and participated in the whole process. Watched this contest.

The whole game consists of 20 contestants, 5 singers and Phoenix Dance. Wonderful.

A round of free draws breaks the tedious pattern of regular games, making the atmosphere particularly warm, especially in In the final lucky draw, Royal Caribbean sent a luxury cruise gift worth $7,248 for the audience.

The audience said: Come to the Voice of Peace to watch the game, not only can enjoy high-level performances for free, It’s really worthwhile to experience the VIP-level service and get a big prize for a gift.

Especially the beautiful dance of peace, gorgeous lighting, programming, etc. are very professional, giving The audience is refreshed and passionate.

not only fully demonstrates the enjoyment and professionalism of the event itself, but also maximizes the sponsorship The brand value makes the sponsor feel that the cooperation with the voice of peace is very pleasant, very value-for-money and very memorable.

It’s not hard to see that after a year of hard work, we adjusted our strategic direction and hired famous Chinese music. Producer, music talent, Mr. Li Quan, the judge of the Voice of Peace expert, founder, director, planner of the Chinese Music Rankings, Chairman of the China Chinese Musicians Association, and Mr. He Li, the judge of the Voice of Peace expert, and other top masters of the music industry The voice of peace has become more mature, and she is growing low-key as a well-known brand of Chinese people’s culture.

Especially worth mentioning is that this competition has attracted a lot of media attention, CCTV network, Shanghai TV, Oriental TV, Xinmin Evening News, CPC Central Committee Half Moon, People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, Today’s headlines, Tencent Video, Sohu Video and other top ten media and a number of online media competing to report.

After the event, Ms. Butterfly Feifei, the chairman of the competition, took a group photo with the guests, and the judges took a group photo with the singer, shook hands and congratulated, and solemnly awarded certificates and souvenirs to the contestants to encourage them. Make persistent efforts, create new achievements, and let the voice of peace be the voice of the ocean, and enjoy the world.

In the past, for the sake of love, the voice of peace is spreading Chinese culture and promoting society. Love is our duty, and we will sing for the goal of ordinary people to dream!

Through on-site interviews, the community also The efforts of the Voice of Peace have given full recognition and high praise. Not only now, but also in the future, the voice of peace will warm the hearts of every ordinary people with the brilliance of love, and make the world more loving and harmonious.

Finally, celebrate the Voice of Peace “ Royal Caribbean Cup Middle Ages Singer Grand Prix 2017 Fourth Preliminary A complete success!

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How to use anti-static floor wax? How to repair old or bad anti-static flooring? Have you learned? okorder


1. Remove the original wax layer with wax water and a suitable wax pad, and clean with water.

2. After the ground is completely dry, use a clean wax to spread the product evenly on the floor, wait for about 30 minutes, after the wax layer is completely dry, then apply a second layer of wax, can be coated as needed Three to five layers of wax. Do not return the remaining wax to the original container.

3. Regularly add wax, you can use 1 part of water to 1 coat of anti-static floor wax.

4. Daily maintenance, it is recommended to use anti-static floor decontaminant cleaning, or use anti-static balance cleaner for polishing.

5. Grinding and polishing, polishing with more than 1000 rpm.

6. Save above 0 °C.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021721001005.jpg”>

Maintenance method is:

1. Remove the old anti-static floor surface veneer;

2, clean the old anti-static floor surface;

3, evenly cut the new anti-static veneer that has been cut;

4, evenly apply the cleaned floor surface;

5, to be anti-static veneer Glue, glue on the floor surface is dry and pasted.

If the surface of the original anti-static floor is uneven, deformed, or damaged, or the quality of the product itself, the floor can not be repaired. The anti-static veneer technology requirements selected by the customer are determined.

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Fat meat and strong food competition rules How does the flooring industry break through? okorder

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021755031525.jpg”>

The flooring industry has been in the country for nearly 30 years. The history of baptism, after the development stage of the white-hot, the development trend has gradually eased. However, this has not alleviated the severe market competition in the industry. Nowadays, the competition law of ‘predominant inferiority, weak meat and strong food’ is becoming more and more cruel in the market. Many flooring companies have been overwhelmed and have withdrawn from the floor stage. How can companies cope with the layered crisis in a tough competitive environment?

Strengthening innovation capabilities and taking a different development path

With the adjustment of the flooring industry, some flooring companies have also begun to develop from the single category of flooring like multi-category, such as wooden doors, wardrobes, cabinets, etc. Obviously, in the face of such a situation, innovation must be long-lasting. The part that the flooring company of the war pays attention to, trying to manage the overall renovation project, or integrating the resources of various industries is a new transformation. Using innovation to differentiate the development path is the floor enterprise. An effective way to improve competitiveness.

Undoubtedly, the market demand of the flooring industry directly leads to the fierce competition of the merchants, the market’s ‘shuffle’ of the bureau, which also promotes the concentration of the brand. The trend has emerged. In the development of the flooring industry, there are always fresh elements to join the industry. It can be described as the exhaustion of thousands of sails, the reorganization and deployment, the process of gradual maturity in this market, the market competition of the industry and the rapid development of the Internet. Transforming the transformation of the entire flooring industry has taken on new heights.

Strengthening product quality and opening up markets with high-quality products

With the maturity of the domestic flooring market, consumers are on the floor The requirements are gradually improved, and often the quality demand of the products is the king of the floor enterprises. The floor industry person once mentioned in the interview that if the company does not think about it from R&D technology, product performance and marketing model. ‘Bringing in’ can only lead to a more embarrassing development of the company itself.

This industry phenomenon, the entire floor In terms of field, the phenomenon of product homogeneity is intensified; as far as the enterprise itself is concerned, the product is likely to lose its continuous marketing power and brand building power. Find out its core competitiveness, control from the source, remove the middlemen, and increase profits. Incorporating this new spirit into the growth of the company, we can truly cater to the market, change the market, and even lead the market.

Release date: 2015/1/28 13:18:31

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Five reasons why wood flooring is better than floor tiles Do you know? okorder

In the process of home decoration, it is inevitable that when the opinions are not uniform, such as choosing wooden floors for indoor paving or paving floor tiles, the industry is also controversial. Today, I will help you analyze the five reasons why home improvement wood flooring is better than floor tiles, but it is not generalized. Negative tiles are negated. Owners can choose their own actual situation to decorate their favorite home style.

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The choice of solid wood flooring in the home is 诀窍 conventional defect identification? okorder

Solid wood flooring is made of natural wood. Natural trees vary with climate and environment. Even if they are the same kind of trees, they will grow in different places, and the flooring will be different. Therefore, in general, it is difficult for an ordinary person to accurately identify it. But some normal defects can still be identified.

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The choice of solid wood flooring has a conventional defect recognition

Texture: It is the standard for directly determining whether the floor is good or bad. The regular texture is beautiful and generous. If used together with crystal floor paint, it will be beautiful after finishing. Therefore, do not use those textures that are messy or inverted.

Color difference: This is normal. Even the best floor is also chromatic, this is the innate nature of natural products. Sexually determined, but the color difference should not be too serious. If the contrast is very large or it is black, please do not buy it.

Crack: High-grade floor is not allowed to have cracks. However, this kind of floor is not available to the general consumers. Cracks in the middle and low-grade floors are inevitable, but too big is not good. Some cracks are generated between the texture of the wood, and the cracks do not extend. Generally no problem, you can use it with confidence. However, some cracks are through the texture. Do not use this floor because these Traces will extend and have a great negative impact on the future.

Festival: that is, thrift, can be divided into live knots and dead knots. The former wood structure and surrounding wood Closely connected, there is no gap. The wood structure of the latter is separated from the surrounding wood, and sometimes the whole knot is detached, leaving a hole. As a natural product, it is impossible to have no knots, and the rational distribution of the knot will make it Wood products are more beautiful, but the existence of the dead knot is not so beautiful. The superior products are not allowed to have defects. The state stipulates that the live knots with a diameter of less than 3 mm and the diameter less than 2 mm do not fall off. Non-compact dead knots are not used as defective knots.

Bending: There are two forms, one is horizontally curved (C-shaped), this kind of floor It is difficult to correct, leaving an uneven gap after laying. The other is vertical bending (arching or lifting). As long as the degree of bending is not serious, it can be completely corrected when laying. Leave any traces.

Also, remind you that some floors are trees Made of materials and materials near the bark, beware of unscrupulous traders to increase the price of the grade. There is also a situation to note that some of the wood used in the floor is covered with a large number of insects, leaving a lot of insects, the wood of this floor is not very Well, some floor manufacturers even use the necrotic and mildewed wood as the raw material to make the floor. If the floor is cheaper, you should not buy it.

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