A quirky colorful coffee shop in Athens, Greece

Coffee is a refreshing drink usually in the morning (all day), this is the design behind the coffee shop coffix of studiomateriality, the coffee shop is located in Athens, Greece. The quaint space has a happy shade.
Bright blue with shiny floors, white wall tiles, pale pink ceilings and happy yellow stools.
A face light box is placed on the wall, above the bar, to accompany the guests to drink coffee.
In order to match the appearance of the “fashionable laboratory”, the staff wore white overalls and colored scarves.

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Inspired by traditional Romanian and Moldovan crafts

Designer Mihai Stamati and Maria Bubuioc collaborated on a project called Quintessence, which consisted of a series of furniture inspired by traditional Romanian and Moldovan crafts. The two explored their natural materials (Romania and Moldova) and how they were used by local manufacturers to create sustainable products.
Local craftsmen pass on technology through their families, from generation to generation, and by doing so, they maintain the life of traditional technology while helping these families continue to make a living. The collection focuses on the use of textiles such as linen, yarn, hand-woven hemp textiles, reeds and feathers, which can be paired with wooden structures. The result is a beautiful commodity.

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Just BE apartment is placed in two distinct buildings

Just BE is placed at the intersection of two distinct buildings, facing the quiet street side with balconies and full height glass walls that connect the apartment units to the surrounding environment.

This apartment building is located on a sloping terrain facing southeast and surrounded by trees. This is a great location for an apartment that makes it take full advantage of the terrain. It has an underground car park so there is no need to park around the building.

This apartment is still under construction, allowing its future residents to customize all aspects of their future home. Such opportunities are quite rare. The project was inspired by converted warehouses, churches and other similar buildings. The concrete frame of the apartment divides it into compartments, which can be changed.

Residentials usually divide each floor into several different apartments. But imagine how cool it will be if the whole floor is yours. The design of this residential building is 10 stories, each floor containing an apartment. Each apartment contains an outdoor space such as a private pool, garden or terrace.

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A loft apartment with a mix of French beauty and country charm

One ​​big problem with loft apartments is the lack of natural light. Architects and designers deal with this problem in a variety of ways.
This apartment is at 2013The year was refurbished, the main purpose was to open the apartment and let more natural light enter, making it look more spacious and bright.
Some spaces are connected to form an open floor plan, all functions can communicate with each other. A central corridor connects all Personal space. Although it is narrow, it looks and feels bright and open.
The kitchen is minimalist and discreet, to life The area is open. A small kitchen island bar separates two areas.
The beam is a beautiful feature that adds a touch of the village to the apartment and seamlessly blends old and new elements in a very pleasant way. Brick walls have similar functions, but do not significantly affect the decoration of the country.

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Beverage cart with top and bottom shelves

Usually, beverage carts have top and bottom shelves, but some models also have a third platform. This adds storage capabilities without having to affect the overall size of the cart.

Choose a small cart based on the type of interior design and space. For example, if you plan to use a stroller on a deck or balcony, you will want a more robust and weather resistant model.
Because this is not the most common or basic furniture accessory, we usually want to highlight it, so we look for designs with metallic decorations, interesting colors and contrasting styles.
You can try to evoke the charm of the past with gorgeous and glamorous designs, but without taking the wheelbarrow.

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Corkwood products

DesignerDaniel Michalik Created something extraordinary: a series of candlesticks made of softwood. This unusual accessory takes advantage of the natural properties of the material. Cork is recyclable, waterproof, resistant to mold and bacteria, and most importantly, heat and fire.

Adjust-a-Bowl is a cork bowl made of cork fabric that allows the user to adjust its shape to suit any need. These quirky cork bowls can store anything from fruit to cosmetics or accessories.

Another cool accessory is also made of cork, which can be used as a bookend or flowerpot. Nicole RundeDesigned. Cork bookends/The flower pot has a detachable plastic insert and a simple geometry. They can also be used as pencil holders.

made from natural cork pellets, this photo shelf allows users to use pins and other photos and other things to make it a perfect place to place small personal items.

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Japanese architects add an eco-friendly “cultural village” to Portland’s Japanese garden

Designed for the first time in 1963, this Japanese garden in Portland is known as “the most beautiful and authentic Japanese garden in the world outside Japan.” Today, due to the three-year construction of Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, the 9.1-acre garden has been expanded by 3.4 acres. Together with the curator of the garden, Sadafumi Uchiyama, they designed a new “cultural village” that includes three green roof structures.

The Cultural Village emulates a traditional Japanese front door. The three structural designs around the courtyard are naturally focused. Kuma explained that he “is aimed at a cultural facility like a village, suitable for a human city that blends with nature”.

The three buildings are the Jordan Schnitzer Japanese Art Learning Center, home to libraries, galleries, gift shops and classrooms, providing visitors with a place to immerse themselves in traditional Japanese culture and culture. The second building is a garden offering horticultural seminars, while the third hillside café offers extra leisure and spectacular mountain views.

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Rotterdam office relocated to renovated historic building

Finance technology company Bridgevest moved its office from the center of Rotterdam to Veerhaven. They chose the 1890 building and invited the Tomorrow studio to renovate, bringing a light and colorful design plan to keep the historical details intact. The building used to belong to the bank, and the bank owner and his family used to live there – there is a safe under the building.
Historical elements are preserved, and contemporary elements add a new layer to guide the company into the future. The Tomorrow studio thoughtfully merges the needs of the past with the studio and uses visually appealing furniture and lighting, a fun tones and a unique custom wall rug.

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New outdoor furniture collection

Spanish outdoor furniture company POINT has been in existence for nearly 100 years, producing high-quality collections, focusing on craftsmanship and modern design. Their new perspective enhances the idea of ​​outdoor furniture, resulting in durable, comfortable and functional pieces. There are three collections here.
PAL is a modular system with a sturdy teak platform that supports the cushion assembly. The endless combination brings a comfortable, relaxing setting to a modern outdoor living space.
HAMP is a collection of modern recliner pieces with timeless features that provide a laid-back feel. The wooden frame combines upholstered and woven side panels, and the collection can be used in any environment.
ROUND pairs the wooden base with a round woven frame and a comfortable cushion. In addition to all types of seating, it also has rectangular and square dining tables, wall-side tables and coffee tables.

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Budapest small apartment designed for travelers

nameAIRBN’P, this30Small square Budapest apartment is made up of Position CollectiveDesigned to provide a fun place for those visiting the area. In order to maximize the compact space, an elevated plywood platform is integrated into the storage space in a modern way,.

The platform has a double bed with storage below. Behind the bed, the entire wall has a configurable system with removable hooks to hang the shelf.
The storage wall extends to the cabinet above the kitchen.
The owner of this apartment decided to turn it into a short-term homestay because the city has become a popular tourist destination in recent years.
Although the scale is small, the apartments still feel spacious, because they came up with clever furniture solutions, using gold It is a pipe hanging clothes, not a huge closet.
Sandblasted glass windows are installed in the bathroom and main living area to introduce natural light into the bathroom.

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