China’s manufacturing industry, what would happen? Xinhua News Agency reported that this research

Spring is getting stronger, all things blooming. Chinese economy has passed through the first quarter of 2019. The uncertainty of the external environment enhanced economy is facing downward pressure, what would happen to the manufacturing sector? Recently , reporter intensive research and feel confident, but also to listen to the troubles, touch the initiative to change the pulse. On the road to high-quality development, manufacturing industry is poised to move forward.
enhance confidence in: industrial policy and outlet spring superimposed positive in April, the global construction machinery industry event – the German “Bauma” in Munich opening, Chinese companies Sany excavators, crawler cranes and other equipment to be welcomed exhibitors the first day of orders and firm orders to over 100 million yuan. Following last year hit a record the best operating results, the first quarter of this year, Sany Group also continued rapid growth momentum. For the new atmosphere of enterprise, chairman Liang Wengen said that without the support of national policy, but also inseparable from the enterprise to explore the accumulation of years of intelligence. Guangzhou Best Group Co., Ltd. are Liu Wei, Jia are doing artificial intelligence , with more than 200 companies have business dealings. This year, we obviously feel the new changes, confidence and willingness to invest in the enhancement. Survey, many companies have talked about the new changes: the state has adopted to support private enterprise, tax cuts reduce costs, optimize the business environment, the effect of policies and regional economic integration in the show; 5G, artificial intelligence, industrial technology into the Internet and other new industries a new round of outbreak of new opportunities; open the manufacturing sector continues to accelerate, promote domestic enterprises collapsed high-end manufacturing …… superposition of various factors, business confidence improved. Intelligent Manufacturing Association, vice president of Zhuhai Truth, a quarter, Zhuhai intelligent manufacturing industry steady increase. This is because the industry itself is in addition to the outlet period, Guangdong, Hong Kong also benefited from a large Bay Area dividend policy, in particular the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge opened, the mainland and Hong Kong enterprises to make communication more convenient, many new investment opportunities. Macro data confirms enhance business confidence. In March, China’s manufacturing purchasing managers index (PMI) after three consecutive months below the critical point, returning to expansionary territory, rising to 50.5%, the production index and the new orders index rose to six-month highs. Survey, some companies also admitted that the worries and expectations, export-oriented enterprises by the external environment, is to re-invent new markets and growth; and upgrading traditional manufacturing industry due to environmental standards mentionHigher Cause CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , transformation cost pressure. At the policy level, many companies expressed hope that simplify tax cuts operating costs down, make better policies fall. Currently, the manufacturing sector is still in a critical stage of climbing over Hom, we interviewed most of the enterprises are actively as a positive strain. Transformation of a new trend: thaw, fission, fusion manufacturing Butterfly, in recent years has been when. In the survey found that interactive updating manufacturing industries and the service sector, such as growing speed Internet +, showing three trends: thaw – Zoomlion Company Limited, who is the representative of the traditional fields of engineering machinery manufacturing , is now in transition to set manufacturing and service in one enterprise. Zoomlion pay Ling, chief engineer, with the advance of intelligent manufacturing and information technology company, the company has created a series of MYOB, intellectual rent, intelligence sharing and other Internet industry vertical areas, providing safety equipment for the downstream customers, make an inventory of assets , commercial insurance and other value-added services. “Now some companies have been hard to tell whether it is part of the manufacturing and services.” After recently visited a number of manufacturing enterprises, Dean of School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University BaiChongEn said. Advanced manufacturing and modern service industry convergence is accelerating manufacturing business model in every aspect of transition, development, design, manufacturing, and other services can use to enhance the value. Fission – Water paint, water as diluent new building materials, paints compared to CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , with energy saving, low emissions and low carbon health, etc. CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the market prospect is broad. As a trade from the transition from industrial enterprises in the first quarter of this year, Hebei Chen Yang Group of water paint product sales doubled in recent years and continued the trend, the new intelligent production line began trial production, which enhances the morning sun in the high-end advantages in the field of industrial water paint. Chen Yang, responsible person, recently, in the trend of consumption upgrade, will introduce plant-based children’s paint, use of easily biodegradable and renewable plant, so that painting is more environmentally friendly. In recent years, emerging internal manufacturing innovation, green, sharing and other new industries; industry and enterprise are emerging new products, new processes; to speed up the market segments in which toIt is an important source of the release of endogenous dynamics of manufacturing. Fusion – With the deepening of the implementation of the Yangtze River Delta integration strategy, gather in some industries, such as aviation industry formed a Shanghai as the center, Zhenjiang, Jiaxing, Danyang and other support for the Yangtze River Delta aviation industry cluster. In the Pearl River Delta, the Pearl River in the east coast to build high-end electronic information manufacturing industry with the construction of the West Bank in advanced equipment manufacturing belt. Industrial agglomeration effect in reducing overall manufacturing costs and enhance innovation ability in the show. The initiative is: an effective plan to address challenges and seize the opportunities from business, from market research, manufacturing enterprises varies, and some have been developed to automation, intelligent stage, some still in the simple production, export-dependent stage. We can say that the development of high-quality manufacturing is a gateway, it is a survival of the fittest, new channels of the process. Currently, entrepreneurs talk about most is “to innovate!” With innovative, flexible response to market changes – Beijing New Building Materials research and development of products such as drywall compound wall, so the wall do not have to “build” direct “assembly” and environmental protection. Although the upper reaches of the residential construction market is not in the business cycle, but Beijing New Building Materials is expanding the company’s future through innovation. “We will further provide new supply, create new demand; further tap the renovation market, explore the international market; further from the manufacturer a single product, into a green building solutions provider.” Said Wang Bing, chairman of Beijing New Building Materials. Currently, changes in internal and external environment, but also for their strength, toughness test, pass across the high-quality development, the road will be wider and wider. Manufacturing enterprises, regardless of size, innovation and sense of urgency are growing, they are looking for their own way of innovation. Using innovation to grasp core technology – despite the current slowdown in the automotive market, but renewable and zero-emission characteristics of hydrogen energy by many automobile firms. “We are now developing the fourth generation of hydrogen vehicles, to further reduce costs and extend the life of the fuel cell system, improve the environment adaptability.” Vice President Foton Beijing Ou-hui Bus Branch Qin Zhidong said, mastered the core technology, also mastered the future of the initiative. Despite the difficulties some companies exist in terms of financing, cost, and human resources, but Enhancing “Internal Strength” has increasingly become the consensus. More and more companies, not just focus on “what the market should” “What I can do,” more concerned “I can do what others can not do,” which also made the future of China’s manufacturing industry can be expected.Enterprise economy is the most basic, the most active cell. Survey, the more deep into the enterprise, the more touch to the vitality and confidence. Meet the challenges and seize the opportunities of effective programs, from business, from the market.

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