Chinese robot industry may appear BAT it?

Start-ups around the world has never been broken, but can continue to adhere to the business, and finally embarked on the pinnacle of the industry’s enterprises, are few. Each flag mature industry, with industry giants are born, they are the industry leader in the true sense, their body mass to attract world attention, industry to influence their decisions, their talent to become the world’s people, who follow up and entrepreneurs to the acquisition of these industry giants as the final point of entrepreneurship. In the market development period after China’s reform and opening up, the Internet technology boom, with 1% BAT, ATM growth myth that China’s growing robotics company in this capital of more mature age, and finally what will become? Is it possible to like science and technology, like the Internet, produced with a huge market to lead the industry giants in the true sense? Such as the US or the Android Market, the ultimate giant Handmaid’s capital?
giant acquisitions, capital of capital for the game company, is entering the fast-track the optimal path, but often after several rounds of financing, unfortunate encounter sluggish market, poor management of the situation, the return of capital to accept the way, is also It is a business to be acquired. The acquisition for a large-scale molding business, but also for themselves the best way to supplement the lack of development, after the acquisition to have independent management rights are more in line with initial expectations of entrepreneurs. An important reason for US acquisitions, accounting for the high in the history of enterprise development, according to analysts, said the acquisition of mature capital giants frequently newborn unicorns, hinder the development of new industries and perhaps its 5G, robots, it’s difficult . Recently, Ford bought a small Michigan company called AGV robots Quantum Signal (quantum signal), the company worked, including the US military, including many customers to produce mobile robots [123 ], it has been hailed as the forefront of the unicorn AGV business areas. Their expertise is to build a robot vehicle remote control software, is also responsible for providing highly respected testing and simulation development environment for autonomous robotics and remote control systems. Ford said it wants to use its experience in developing real-time simulation of autonomous vehicle control systems and related algorithms to help build research and production of automatic driving Ford vehicles. Ford Motor Company is the largest industrial monopolies. The news release caused by a burst of US users lament, have said they have the potential to become an industry giant robot giant food companies reduced capital. US Robotics, beginning from concept, but now also has a very long history, the birthplace of the robot in the United States, 1962, the United States developed the world’s first industrial robot, after 30 years of development, although it does not slow , we can think of Aethon (SNF) Amazon Robotics (Amazon) Amazon Robotics (Kiva Systems), Ank and so a lot of well-known companies, but whether it is Boston Dynamics is to take over Softbank, or Rethink Robotics, Ank declared bankruptcy www. , or whether Aethon complete transformation surgical robot, as if this strong US business climate in the soil, but not grow a decent robot industry giants. The birthplace of the oldest robot, why can not the birth of giant robots ABB hair department as that? The gradual decline in the market are familiar with the history of US Robotics people know, in fact, in the early dividend by the second industrial revolution, the United States of rigidity in the factory automation devices have been very high proportion, we can meet most production requirements, for the amount of robot research and development of enthusiasm is not large, it also missed the best period of development of a new industry, but only a few at several universities and companies to carry out some research work, with the US unemployment rate was as high as 6.65 percent, the government worried about the development of the robot will cause more unemployment, and therefore will not invest, nor the organization to develop robots, leading to capital for investment enthusiasm of the industry is not large. The late 1970s, the US government and the business community despite the attention, but the technology road is still to focus on the development of advanced robotics research in the field of special robot software and military, space, marine, nuclear engineering, etc., resulting in Japan’s industrial robots come from behind, and in the application of industrial production and manufacturing on a robot quickly than the United States, formed a strong product competitiveness in the international market. Secondly, the proportion of the industrial structure in the environment of the United States, to a large extent affected the development direction of the industry the company, US Robotics has also created a status quo of today, thus leading to the first US robotics company called Boston Dynamics is more like a technology company, more than a robot company. United States 80% of GDP is composed by the tertiary industry, and industry (secondary industry increased value of US $ 3.6593 trillion) accounted for only 19.06%, the firstOnly 0.89% a sector (agriculture, increase the value of US $ 0.1734 trillion) accounted for. 2018 China (mainland) of the secondary industry was about 36.6001 trillion yuan, equivalent to $ 5.530888 trillion, about the same period 40.65% of China’s total GDP, China’s secondary industry is about 1.45 times the United States. But the United States said that industrial hollowing out, this statement is not right. At present the United States and China, as has a fairly complete industrial system, only the low-end part of the American system of failing to appreciate the low-end industries to transfer a large part of the Asia-Pacific region. Such as the automotive industry, the US high-end cars and heavy trucks world-leading, but the low profit low-end cars and trucks gradually shifted, and less employment, high-profit large American chemical or retain, for example, people are more familiar with Dow Chemical, DuPont, Egypt ExxonMobil, however, a large quantity of ordinary products the United States does not produce. American workers reached in the early eighties the highest number, nearly 200,000 industrial workers, and then all the way down China’s accession to WTO, the capitalists will have a lot of factories to low labor costs in the Asia-Pacific region, national workers gradually concentrated in the software and semiconductor industry , resulting in a low level of knowledge of the general public to benefit much. Therefore, this also led to the American robotics industry, most of them are beginning to move closer toward the service sector, such as Autonomous Solutions and Aetho, IAM Robotics, the content did not in a single field , which Autonomous Solutions involving agriculture, consumer, energy and mining, security, supply chain five areas, including automation of agricultural products, automatic parking, etc., as if not to take the side of the field point with the service sector, the business is simply not a robot . The reason the United States with a well-known entrepreneurs describe it, you want the United States to engage in a single industry, I am afraid that even a company electrical engineer software can not be found. Lead to the development of the robotics industry in the end, nor any company willing to do a simple robot. Yet the Bureau of China In Taiwan, but rarely Boston scholars such rich flavor business, cruel market is difficult to allow Boston this scholarly enterprise to survive in a place outside universities, research more robot-related businesses today and also how to fall towards the industry, how theory commercialization, the center of gravityOn enhancing product performance and market share improvement stage. Chinese entrepreneurs are often carried out at the University of project incubation, direct capital injection technology, a mature production and marketing business model, in the broad market fall is not too difficult to survive. As a simple example, Boston dog domestic modeled on competing products Laikago, after the successful development of the campus on the name “can be folded into a suitcase, stable walking under a variety of different road conditions in the ground, grass, gravel and other places “the selling point to sell, follow the simple structure, easy processing, functional and reliable design principles, according to SlashGear reported as early as 2017, when the price of $ 20000-30000, mainly sold to colleges and universities, hotels, science museums, technology companies Hall and other customers, their creative vision is as common as people make do quadruped robot smart phones and unmanned aerial vehicles, commercial deep breath. China Light Industry as well as the area was transferred low-end manufacturing, to a large extent also happens to grasp the development tide of intelligent robots and equipment. By means of promoting consumption, increase the enthusiasm of the plant, which pushed the overall development of the industrial chain, and Japan almost exactly the same. Large industrial and consumer demand in the Chinese market, but also subsequently gave birth to China’s domestic manufacturing industry giants, but also created a large number of small lightweight manufacturing plants, the huge demand for the B-side of the market, after technical analysis, latecomer quickly followed by imitation, but also led to the vigorous development of the robotics industry. Head effect obviously missed dividend of US development of , but no longer do business giant robot the possibility of a company want to grow, to face more problems, first of all the US market capital old gentleman will not give too many new business opportunities. Secondly primitive accumulation complete good old traditional manufacturing enterprises, interest groups gradually curing time period, but also to prevent the produce subsequent emerging giants. Meanwhile, the industrial giants of early American incoming gradually found industry trend is toward intelligent restructuring, huge profits of industrial intelligence equipment and first-mover advantage, induce their own have begun to incoming try, for example, Amazon and other companies, cross for them, the community is very easy, through independent research and acquisitions, just a few years time it will be the original market reshuffle, in the robotics industry is gradually catching up the talent market, the acquisition eliminate the poor production company. Currently Chinese enterprises have emerged robot straddling giantsFigure, but for the robot business, as well as the growth time. To a large extent, giant short of their professional degree and depth of research and development, much less have accumulated professional robot business for some time, talent and accumulated information accumulated in the industry, but also not as mere robots practitioners, but as time its capital, resources and talent to play after the outbreak of the gradual accumulation of precipitation, the strong get stronger and more willing and better able to put into research and development costs, with the difference getting smaller and smaller, until finally beyond. A direct result of this is that in the subsequent long period of time, the cost of cross-border giants will be getting lower and lower, the business enterprise faces covered more widely, enterprise scale superimposed barriers gradually become giants of capital advantage, emerging unicorn also difficult to cross growing grow into giants. At the same time, people are not enough to prop up small and medium entrepreneurs. Similar to the US this mature, stable in the capital market, the shortage of talent in the industry as a whole, the degree of concern for smaller companies naturally becomes very high. They tend to get through acquisitions, stock exchange and other means leading talent in an emerging field, so as to conduct research and develop new business areas, and can be easily modeled to buy the former technology accumulation results. Frequent cross-border giants, competition for talent is increasing the acquisition of one of the reasons. Ford as the acquisition mentioned in CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , Ford’s main interest seems to be to develop some autonomy experienced personnel, and the development of autonomous vehicles for road travel (including system and perception virtual test environment) very specific challenges required. At present, the number of SAIPS team has more than doubled, to 30 people, and relocated to a new headquarters in Tel Aviv, in its recent hiring of staff, the special attention of experts to introduce enhanced learning, hoping in full swing and robot unmanned market. Ford is also a blog post, he said Ford is not the first “sleep” of the company’s business, but has been closely watching the company and its experience in developing autonomous vehicle control system and real-time simulation and related algorithms, Ford to help build autonomous vehicles, transport-service platform and related hardware and software. Small businesses are giant robots seen frequent poaching of frustration. Who left the industry with Chinese technology companies have been fighting a giant display of muscle, Tencent Ali incoming shortVideo, incoming bike, drive away, and the acquisition of new companies, already is the norm of capital game, but China is still somewhat sluggish giants in the industry, or support the dividend policy, the recovery period after the capital injection stretched back the growth of new enterprises more time. But China seems robotics industry, China’s trade barriers really dropped a lot of isolation in the early giants of the original capital invasion, although obstacles in front of the capital giants such as the United States does is so strong, but some of this is similar to traditional industrial giants Ford, in order to things layout and intelligent manufacturing, has gradually begun cross-border in order to optimize the efficiency of the production line, for example, similar to the United States and other related industry giants have also started acquiring companies or autonomous robot robot layout, a single robot industry talent to the whole industry outflow situation began to appear, It can be seen this time and not too far from the arrival of the robot industry reshuffle. But a single robot intelligent manufacturing companies in the market to grow to become giant spared from war, is quite difficult, the whole history of the robot, pure robotics company Fanuc and ABB will scale molding, the end of the growth from weak corporate giants become independent road, then to the deepening of the brand, the head effects become stronger, become giant robots, robots for difficult Chinese enterprises can be imagined. Many US Robotics companies, with capital in retreat, the Big admission, the great development of the industry reshuffle in the process of mergers and acquisitions, many companies have also been deep plowing and transformation of intelligent manufacturing industries, and gradually toward health care, retail and other industries cut into the floor, finally able to rely on market areas of expertise survived, or were acquired by big companies, most unfortunately, probably in the distance into a single step away from the door of God, it was unfortunately defeated from within disjointed. Therefore, five to ten years the enterprise robot where to go is a matter had to consider whether segments of the industry, both for China and landing robot is a world wide but realistic proposition. In the moment facing a transition period, choose to continue to adhere to a single way of the robot in order for grabs, or deep into the industry, to create the industry reputation, it is true that Chinese enterprises to take the robot node in the transition had to face.

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